Berberine – The Wonder Herb for Diabetes

Berberine – The Wonder Herb for Diabetes

Hi I’m Dr. Mark Stengler from the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine. Many of our patients and many of my readers and viewers asked me a very common question. What supplements are alternatives to pharmaceutical prescriptions for diabetes? It depends how well your diabetes is controlled. There are certainly some patients we see their blood sugar so out of control that they need medication, at least for a period of time while we help them lose weight or address under, other underlying causes why they have diabetes. Sometimes we have to use a combination of things. But one of the supplements I commonly use with patients because it has such good research is what’s known as Berberine Sulfate. Berberine Sulfate is an herb that’s been used in studies showing it reduces blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In a study published in The Journal “Metabolism” a mainstream journal, researchers gave adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, five hundred milligrams of either Berberine or the common diabetes drug Metformin, three times a day for three months. Researchers found that Berberine provided similar results to Metformin in terms of the regulation of glucose metabolism and fasting blood glucose. And Berberine reduced the amount of insulin needed to turn glucose into energy by 45%. In addition, those taking Berberine had lower triglyceride or fats in their blood and total cholesterol levels than those taking Metformin. In a separate study, researchers compared people with type 2 diabetes who took either 1000 milligrams daily of Berberine or daily doses of Metformin or Avandia. After two months Berberine had lowered people’s fasting blood glucose levels by an average of about 30%. And improvement or the Avandia group. And almost as much as the Metformin group. Berberine also reduced people’s hemoglobin A1C, which is your average of about three months of your blood sugar average by 18%. Equal to the Avandia group and almost as good as the Metformin group. In addition Berberine lowered serum insulin levels by 28.2% lower triglycerides by 17.5%, and actually improved liver enzyme levels. And lastly a 3rd study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers found that in type 2 diabetes people who are given either berberine or placebo The Berberine group had significant reductions in fasting and post meal blood glucose, triglycerides, haemoglobin A1C, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol. And on average they lost five pounds So you can see one the more credible supplements people can use that has good science behind it good safety is Berberine and I use it quite commonly with my patients. I hope you found this helpful. For a complete list of treatments offered and conditions addressed at this Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine, Please visit our website. Call, or email the clinic with any questions you may have.

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  1. Doctor, which berberine form to use in supplements?!?
    Plus if you could recommend a brand for us to use.
    And what is the optimal daily to use for diabetes type 2
    Thanks 🌹👍

  2. Hi from France ! Many thanks for this video. I was looking for Berberine informations.

    What part of the plant have those good effects ?

    I am looking for organic Berberine with no sugar, ni malto-dextrine, ni other carbs (as rice flour or other), ni cellulose, ni Magnésium stearate, that is to say, only Berberine and I have not found.

  3. Thanks, Dr stengler for this very informative video. What if 1000 mg metformin isn't quite doing the trick. What do you think of combining metformin and berberine?

  4. I’m taking 500mg of Berberine three times per day, along with a Chromium supplement and ingesting a good amount of cinnamon like in my toast or in my coffee at least three times per day. You know how they say not to pay attention to how much your scale says as you do the way you feel and how your clothes fit you? Well, I’ve gone from nearly 300 pounds to 262 pounds in almost four months. I feel better, I get more restful sleep and I’ve gone from wearing a 46” pants and a 3xl shirt to wearing a 42” pants and can almost fit into a 1xl shirt. Even my feet don’t feel so crowded in my shoes. I brought my A1C down from a whopping 12.2 to a 6.5. My eyesight isn’t blurry anymore, my feet don’t hurt or tingle anymore and overall I feel Great! I have another appointment with my VA Nutritionist soon and I know she’s going to be really pleased with the changes in my health. As of right now they have me on 18 units of insulin nightly before bed. I’m pretty sure they’re going to be reducing it when my blood lab work comes back. *I look at things this way; I used to live in Asia. For Eight Years while there my health was so good, while I was even body building that my body mass was only 4% body fat. I ate like a horse, slept like a log and was a Storm Trooper in the sack. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the food they sell in grocery stores here in America is Nothing but Poison. So now I only do my shopping for natural, Whole Foods in the local Asian Market, along with all of my herbs and supplements. If you are Truly trying to get healthy I strongly recommend you do the same. Also, stop heating/ cooking your food in a microwave and stop letting your food come into contact with Plastics. ALL plastics. There is poison in plastics which make and help Keep you a diabetic. Google/YouTube it. Replace all of your cooking utensils with wood and or steel. Also, throw out all of your Aluminum cooking pots, pans & utensils. Get a good magnet and if it sticks, keep it. But an Iron skillet and iron pot. Do all of your cooking in that. Use a metal utensil when stirring or mixing. You’ll be leaching a minute amount of the iron into your food and help keep your body rich in iron which helps your blood vessels carry more oxygen to your cells. If you find anything I’ve said here to be wrong or you’re a skeptic, do your own research. I actually used to be 346 pounds and since I’ve learned a little more each day, keeping my nose to the grindstone I’ve lost over 80 pounds. Good luck everyone.

  5. i have tried this 3 times a day for 7 days . I have type 1 diabetes and was open minded about it . there has been no change in my blood sugars other then 2 lows during execise . any insights but would be useful .

  6. Mark, I bought a number of herbs including Berberine, Jiagoulan and Nicotinamide Riboside. First of all, my dad's A1c was 6.3 prior to starting berberine. He's pre-diabetic. He took it for about a month before his blood work is due in December. Then it show it was 6.2. So I thought Berberine was useless, but decided to send it back by the end of the thirty days I bought on Amazon. I sent it back, and got my money back on March 14 of this year. Then on March 31 during his next blood work, his A1c came down from 6.2 to 5.9. Now I think I made a mistake sending berberine back. I just re-ordered it and he's taking them again since yesterday when he started back on. Could it be that Berberine is the answer?

  7. But does it reduce insulin *resistance*? I mean, I would imagine it does if it reduces overall insulin levels…but the worry I have (purely theoretically, you understand) is whether the mechanism of berberine action is merely to 'force' more sugar into the cells thus, in a sense, artificially lowering glucose levels..but at the expense of raising insulin resistance (which is the real disease 'culprit').

  8. I’m type 2 and on metformin & new to insulin as well!! Could it be possible to help me with weight loss and improving glucose so that I can get off insulin? I know to talk to my doctor regarding this but just asking your opinion!!

  9. Hi i heard that berperine is not good as it does not allow absorption of the nutrients . It bypasses stomach goes into liver . So you do not absirb the nutrients of the food

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