Belly Bonanza – The Digestive System / C’est bon pour le bedon – Le système digestif

Starring: Blueberry! Green pea! Fibre! Hi, I’m blueberry. And I’m a green pea! We’re the frozen kind. We were just hanging out in this yummy salad, but we thought we’d tell you our story! We’re going on a trip. Yeah, it’ll take us 2 to 4 days, maybe. I can’t wait. This kid is going to eat us and we’re going to make him healthy! Yeah — oh, here comes the fork! Wheeee! Hah ha, it tickles! This is the first place where we get to work. Yeah, while this kid chews us, the good stuff we’re made of gets broken down so his body can use it. We have to get crushed first
— so we’re going to change shape. Oh, here it goes! Now I’m a bit loose and goopy! Me too! Look at me really close up — you’ll see that I’m made of super small bits that were stuck together. I hope he chews me well. The more he chews, the more I can spread around! Yeah, we mix with the watery stuff in the mouth,
called saliva — – hey, saliva! – — to spread out even more. Hey, the big slide is coming! I’ve heard about this. We’re going down the esophagus now. It’s a long tunnel down to the stomach. Wheeee! Why isn’t the stomach near the mouth? I don’t know, but lots goes on in the stomach — maybe it needs space. Yeah, it sounds like a party going on — I can hear it now. Hey, it’s a pool party! Ah… Green Pea! You’re dissolving! What is this stuff? This is the stomach acid. It breaks down the food into mush, and the good bits in the food will be released. Really? Yeah, I’m breaking up! Isn’t it great? Now I can spread out all over! Now comes the really long tunnel. I’m going to call it a tickle tube! Why? Look close — this is the small intestine. It has little fingers called villi that tickle
me! Those aren’t fingers. They help us spread even more. Look really close —
parts of us are being sent somewhere. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Yeah, and since we have some things a body needs — called nutrients — I think we’ll get to hang around for a long time. Which organ do you want to be sent to? I don’t know, but my favourite is the heart. Yeah? Mine’s the liver. Why? Because he’s the guy that chooses us nutrients. I want to be on his good side. What? Yeah — this blood passes through his tunnels and he decides whether or not we stay — so look sharp. Well, I’m a Vitamin A.
And I’ll be here for a while. I’m a Vitamin, too…
but I forget which one. Oh, oh! Oh! I’m an amino acid, he’ll choose me for sure. I’m fiber. … Ooooh, fiber? What? You go to the – other – place. Really? Is that bad? Oops, sorry, we have to go! Oh, we’re in the bloodstream. It’s the super-highway of the body! Wow, this is the best place! We can go anywhere from here. Where are we going? Probably to the organs now. I can’t wait, it’s taking forever! What do you think will happen to fiber? Oh, he’ll stay in the intestines — the villi won’t pick him — he’s bulky. Is that bad? No, there should be lots of other fiber with him… I’m from a blueberry, and a blueberry has lots of everything — vitamins and fiber — so he won’t be alone. I’m from a pea,
and he’ll have parts of me there, too! But where does he go? The villi will push him down the long tunnel of intestines until he packs together with other fiber. Fiber has an important job — some food gets in the body that isn’t good for it. What? Really? How? Oh, people eat it — and not everything in the food
can be used by the body — so the body has a way to get rid of
unwanted parts of food. And fiber’s job is to carry that stuff out! So, you mean fiber’s leaving the body?! Yeah, he bulks together with the others, and helps get rid of all the stuff the body
doesn’t need. So… he’s gone?
I feel like a part of me has left. Yeah, but without him doing that, we’d be fighting these mean bits for space around here! And it would make us all sick. Wow, fiber’s a hero. I’m so proud of fiber! Hey, we’re stopping! So, where are we now? Looks like … whoooah! We’re in his brain! Wow! We must be really good vitamins! Every vitamin is good for different parts of the body. We must be good for the brain. So, we did it! Let’s go help the axons fire,
and tickle some nerves! Or let’s help think something! Or we can help make up a dream! Bye!

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