Being Thankful For My Weight Gain-My Weight Loss Story 2019

hey guys back with another video today
I’m talking about being thankful and being thankful for the wait let me fix
this something is not right with my lighting and being thankful for my
weight gain because I have always been small and when I started picking up
weight in 2016 which was maybe the last month or so of 2016 I had noticed I
picked up maybe 10 pounds I didn’t know exactly how much I weighed at the end of
2016 because I didn’t weigh myself because like I said again I didn’t have
a weight issue so pretty much I was gaining weight the whole year 2017 I
ignored I think it was October 2016 that I had picked up maybe 10 pounds I
ignored it and I continue to go into the new year January 2017 and I was eating
and eating and I had got up to my max weight of 88 pounds a little bit over 88
pounds I keep saying 88 pounds because that’s what I’ve been telling you guys
that I at least want to lose but it’s roughly around 92 pounds or so that I
gained in a year so me being on this journey now I wasn’t overweight for two
three four years I was only overweight for the year of 2017 and started my
weight loss journey January 11 2018 and now we’re here in
2019 and I have less than I’m not gonna tell you guys cuz you guys will find out
when my juice cleanses OVA but I don’t have that much weight to lose
and you know I’m just grateful for the fact that I gained weight because people
don’t understand whether you’re skinny or fat we’re sick our bodies need to be
cleansed out especially the liver because that cleans the blood and
regulates the kidneys and the limp that Phatak and the deliverer is dirty it’s
going to push out dirty blood in that blood and all that fluids that go into
the liver are going to go into the system system in the tissues of the body
the lymphatic system our brains and everywhere else and cause different
ailments that medications are only going to suppress they’re not going to fix the
problem at all and make the hole bigger because doctors are going to give you
stuff to suppress the elements in set of treating the underlining problem so when
I was small still back in 2016 and I was still small back in the beginning of
2017 I was still sick because I was having brain fog trouble sleeping panic
attacks anxiety and twitching because of a dirty body a dirty liver
dirty blood dirty lymphatic system everything needed to be cleansed out but
I looked okay on the outside but my body wasn’t functioning properly in the
inside so if I did not pick up this weight gain in 2017 I would be probably
not here too much longer because I have done a lot of stuff in my past life and
we have to understand even though you’re not doing maybe some of the bad things
you were doing then the body still cried and the tissues you know stuff that we
did prior and you know it just manifests from there and then this is how we
create things like cancer diabetes high blood pressure cholesterol and things
that assign like killers things that if not treated and I don’t mean what
medications but on a whole holistic path you can potentially not live a
productive life the time that you could be here could be cut short and sometimes
it’s kind of scary how me gaining weight was a curse but yet again it was a
blessing because it taught me not only how to lose the weight this time around
but to detox and heal and what I brought away from this weight loss journey is to
always for the rest of my life be on point with the detox in the healing part
because that never stops because we’re human is gonna be days you’re gonna put
something in your body that’s going to accumulate back into the system that you
have to be able to cleanse out on a daily basis so I don’t want to make this
video too long please subscribe to this channel like if she had this video and
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