Bed bound saga | Amberlynn talks food trip, 600lbs, and lying | Commentary

Bed bound saga | Amberlynn talks food trip, 600lbs, and lying | Commentary

Olá Pessoal, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video We’re going to dissect Amberlynn’s “denial and delusion” video and I have so much to say, so let’s just jump to the footage. Let’s go! So Amberlynn starts this video by saying that she was following a YouTube account that started making videos about her. She explains that the latest video by this YouTube account was hurtful because they put into question how truthful Amber was when she admitted to being bed bound about a year ago. She then spends the rest of the video explaining why she lied about being bed bound and why she is in a different position now. Let’s watch! So… Basically, what amber is saying is that she couldn’t lie about being bed bound because she didn’t know that she was bed bound in the first place, and that she never tried to hide her situation from her audience. But in her latest video before this one, she did say that she was hiding being bed bound and that she would only vlog when she got up to pee. I think that Amberlynn had the intention of receiving praise from her audience for admitting that she was bed bound as it would make it seem like her recent achievement was much bigger, but it kind of backfired. The message that we got was that we shouldn’t trust what she says, but rather believe what she shows, which quite literally means we shouldn’t trust what she says even now. She’s actually Invalidating her own words, and admitting that she was lying by omission, and that she was trying to make her audience believe something that wasn’t the truth. Amber not only tried to hide how immobile she was, but she also fought in every single video with her audience, telling them that they didn’t know anything, and tried to convince them of something that wasn’t real. In many of her videos she actually wanted to make us believe that she was making progress and that she was very proud of how well she was doing. And even now despite indirectly admitting they were right. She never actually vocalizes that nor admits that she refused to listen to their opinions. She wasn’t honest and it seems to be a pattern. Something that creators started to pick up rather quickly. It’s how she’s always hiding convenient information to lead us to believe something so that when she’s called out for it she can try to normalize her actions and put up some excuses. That way she can shift the blame on her audience’s interpretation of her words rather than placing the blame on how vague and deceiving her words were. It’s a similar situation to what happened with freshly when she conveniently hid the fact that she was hiring the service, or when she chose to hide her weigh-in dates to make it seem like they were recent. Somehow though, she doesn’t see that she’s telling her audience that they were right for doubting her from the get-go. The conclusion I had with her words is that her audience is always two steps ahead of her. They spent months saying that she was bed bound, while she spent months saying that she wasn’t and in the end her audience was actually right, and it took her months to keep up with her audience’s perception. But somehow, Amber still believes that she won. Who is “we”? In this clip, Amber says that she’s probably still in denial about many things, and I agree. Just the fact that she keeps projecting her own mistakes to a large group of people that we don’t know about in a video about HER journey and HER alleged lie and saying “we” instead of “I” already says quite a lot. Amber is blaming so many people when this should have been about her. “I lied because I couldn’t see the truth and because I was in denial and because I am stubborn and I have a hard time listening to criticism even when the criticism is nothing, but the truth” You know something along those lines… Another moment in the video when this becomes clear is when she starts to list the reasons why she wouldn’t fit in the car properly. Notice how she still says that she couldn’t do it because she was retaining water or because of her leg. When in fact she can’t fit in her car because of her weight, no excuses. Watch: I added this clip about the vacation because I did videos about this trip and if you remember Amber made this trip right after she gave up on her doctor’s diet and went back to Weight Watchers. She even recorded a weight loss update video while on vacation explaining why Weight Watchers is incredible and how it was teaching her to eat healthier. At the time I questioned how this was possible when she had a food trip instead of a vacation. Many people also questioned the fact that they stayed on the hotel’s bed for the whole trip. Back then though, she gave a thousand excuses. She said that she was eating well and healthier, that she was having fun and that things were great. Now she says that she was indeed eating her heart out, and that she couldn’t move. So yet again, she’s admitting to fabricating an alternative reality with her vlogs, and indirectly admitting that we were right. I think for many of my videos on this channel I suspected that Amber was creating narratives and fabricating things, but if you watch me for a while now, you know that I always hoped that I was wrong. It’s one of those situations when you’re frustrated about how deceiving she was back then but also even more frustrated now that she admits to it in the calmest and usual way, like it wasn’t a big of a deal. It feels like in two months from now Amber will say that she was lying now in this very video, too… Honestly, I won’t say much about this whole 600lbs situation because honestly Amber is unhealthy being 570 pounds and she would be unhealthy being 600 pounds too. This number, the 600 pounds, became a proud and an ego thing more than anything else. There is a chance that Amber got to a higher weight but never saw it on the scale. If you guys remember she gave up on the 100 days of weighing in because she was gaining weight and she was quite scared at the end of that challenge seeing the number go up. So it’s more than likely that when she felt that she was gaining weight quickly she would stop weighing in, do a diet for a few days, lose a few pounds, weigh herself and there she was back to 570 pounds. So to me, it’s a lost cause it’s just pointless. To me, It matters the most that at the end of the last footage Amber pretty much confirms our theory of why she brought up the bed-bound debate back. She says that she would love to say that she was bigger so that she could claim that she lost more weight than she did, and this is exactly what she is doing but with the whole bed bound situation. Amber is talking as if she lost 200 pounds and had a self realization moment. She believes that by admitting to these things now her audience will start to trust her words more and understand that she changed, but this isn’t the first time this happens either. Every single time Amber had a bad moment on her channel we got these self-aware moments right after. It happened with the shrimp mukbang thing, also in early 2019 when she was losing weight too, in early vlogmas, It happened just a month ago when she announced her weight loss. Then this self-aware moments are short lived and soon we go back to see the acts of revenge, the mukbangs again, and shadiness and all that that we just love to watch.But honestly, what else can we do other than watch the current season at least while it lasts….

31 thoughts on “Bed bound saga | Amberlynn talks food trip, 600lbs, and lying | Commentary

  1. Hopefully this video ends the bed bound saga! I have a difficult week coming up, but i'll try to post a video mid-week too, i'll try my best. There's subs too and now I go rest for the rest of the weekend. I'll come later to chat in the comments so tell me what you guys think of the whole situation!!!

  2. It's absolutely disgusting how excited she gets over food. It's a huge red flag that food is her only joy in life.

  3. “I didn’t lie to you! I just refused to tell you the truth and made tons of excuses before eventually being forced to tell you the truth! That’s denial, right??” Sigh. All she does is lie. She’s so frustrating. And I think since she started sharing her weight and her “journey” on YouTube again she’s stalling and gaining weight. Why not just take a long break and come back 100lbs lighter? Oh wait that would require her to go without attention and would require her to actually lose weight.

  4. Why is everyone(orko tv,Alex is shook) calling her our Former babygorl? What happened to make us Babygorl-less??

  5. YOU👏WILL👏NEVER👏BE SUCCESSFUL 👏UNTIL YOU ADDRESS 👏YOUR👏MENTAL👏HEALTH!!!!!! anyone ANYONE who has lost massive amounts of weight WE all have something is common…..We WORKED on our Mental Health

  6. Yeah she is clearly still in denial, and therefore lying to herself and audience. Is some of it subconsciously ? I’m sure, (I’ll give her that) BUT more of it is intentional.

  7. That whole thing with the cup debacle from Walmart and when Becky bought all the stuff from the dollar store but she acted like she went and tried to play it off like she filmed even though everyone called it out ( the pink plate bullshit for Eric’s party she tried to play off like it was something she always wanted ) she was intentionally hiding Everything at that time.

  8. I just watched the movie Big Fat Liar again on netflix, it was one of my favorites as a kid. Now watching this video Amber is literally The Big Fat Liar. She sucks and will never change. Natural selection.

  9. The what I eat in a day is likely learningtobefearless. That being said, fearless is morbidly obese, but she isn’t ALR. Amber needs to be responsible and speak for Amber.

  10. Is anyone else sick of her labeling all of her failures/problematic behavior as just another part of her ~journey~ ?? I'm so tired of her using that word. She wants to be an inspiration so bad.

  11. Well, I'm here again wondering why nobody mentions the fact that she looks bigger now than when she hit 593.6 elbees. And I've been saying, she's over 600, has been for long already, her weigh ins are all blotched.

  12. Amber lost weight because she had a severe bladder infection that lasted through 3 rounds of antibiotics and then got tonsillitis.
    She didn't change her eating habits. She didn't start or keep an exercise routine.
    And now she weighs in at the same weight in March that she was at the end of January.
    So she's going to be doing the same thing she's been doing which is steadily gain bit by bit and gaining/losing the same 5-20 pounds.
    If she stops the "effort" she'll gain more.

  13. If she reached 572.4 lbs then being proud that she is not a 600 lb Gorlbeast is pure semantics I mean come on really ? She is nimble of foot the way she tapdances around the reality of the truth like a blimped Fred Astaire

  14. Who told this girl she was bed bound? She was not bed bound. She left her bed, therefore she was not bed bound.

  15. The fact that she thinks she is no longer in denial is delusional! She CANNOT come through denial WITHOUT professional help!!

  16. Can anyone confirm this 'swollen/sodium" excuse she gives? Can someone really swell up so much from just eating a little to much salt or has she invented a cause of her weight gain peaks and valleys?

  17. How dare she speak for anyone but herself. She can’t admit she’s lying so to me everything she says is a lie. She’s not in denial… she knows damn well what she’s putting in her mouth & lies through her teeth about everything. She’s just a habitual liar

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