BASIC Rowing Workout for Fat Loss

BASIC Rowing Workout for Fat Loss

49 thoughts on “BASIC Rowing Workout for Fat Loss

  1. Nice tips, again. I like the garage fitness videos. I think you forgot to disable the blurring after the street scene, blurred nose! Some good comedy elements too haha.
    Also – unfortunately – you can't outrun/outrow a bad diet. Diet is 80% of losing weight – I know from experience…

  2. I love the fun and play in this video. I have a question though: can you tell me about the “science” behind taking 8+ minutes “off” on these intervals? Even 4 off seems… kinda like a waste of time. I understand recovering for a minute or two, letting the heart rate come back down, but 8?? Can you explain why?

  3. I waited soooo long for that video. 🙂 Thank you very much. I'll give that workout a try and see I can a) get my rowing mojo back (lost it somewhere along the way this spring) b) use it as a kickstart to get back into better (eating, workout, …) routines. I have still ~15kg to go (already lost ~55kg). As always: Thanks Shane. 🙂

  4. Only you Shane can make fat loss fun & funny!! Grateful how you continue to hit the basic points. Makes the rower a better tool👍👍

  5. I really enjoyed this video. Very funny and informative. I am also restarting the Stonglifts program. I want to intersperse them: lift one day row the next. Is this doable? Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Went to your shop area on website. Did not see the shirt your wearing in this video. Is it available? Thanks for the video

  7. I found this so helpful. No one ever showed me how to set the intervals. Didn't know the machine could do this. I really like your other workout when you row with us and the intervals. Thanks so much!

  8. One question, because you mentioned that your legs should work more. I am a 6' 3" guy, 265 lbs with around 31% fat in my body. I did basicly no workout for the past year, but my work required me to walk and kneel a lot. I noticed that when I started rowing, my back and shoulder muscles started to get tired very soon but my legs didn't even feel the load after 30 minutes. Is it possible that I do something wrong, or is it that my leg muscles developed more due to my heavy weight being carried while my arms remained weak because of no exercise? Can I somehow determine that my technique is correct even if I feel I do it right?

  9. Thanks a lot for the motivation and your understanding towards the difficulties concerning weight loss! I've written down your instruction on rowing intervals, and I'll try it out on Tuesday next week;) I've had a decent weight loss over the last month or so (about 6kg weight loss), but I recently hit a plateau. So now I'm shifting my calorie intake to be more spread out during the day (my daily intake is about 2000kcal total distributed over 3 meals). And with this exercise as well (+gym and bicycling of course) I believe I'm on the right track;) Thanks again!

  10. Thank you 🙂 rowing is the first work out I've actually enjoyed and wanted to do every day. Already I feel 100x better but I'm glad to have a guide to help me do it right!

  11. Wow, your videos are great! No background music, no annoying "Hi, guyyyyyssss!" ha ha Learning a lot from you and laughing, too. Thanks! 🙂

  12. Thanks for your videos. …I have only started 2 days ago and wanted to check if what I am doing is right. …I didn't choose a workout, I only put just rowing and did 2000 m for the first day and the second day I increased the distance to 2500 m. I felt really good after the workout and hoping to increase the distance every day. Please advise if this good is a good method to start with or not. .. Thanks again

  13. Loved what you said! Awesome advice especially about the Everest guy! Thank you. I am doing it to gain strength. Could you advice a training rowing routine for me? I commit 15 mins daily so what should the workout be like? Thanks!

  14. Thank you for this and thank you for the words of support.. they mean a lot! Looking forward to doing this workout tomorrow at the gym.

  15. I just bought a rower for weight loss intention, and this is the first video involved i watch. You seem a nice guy, im gonna subscribe, Thank You very much.

  16. You may have solved a problem for me. I have taken up the rower until I can get back in the harbor when it warms up a bit. I have been rowing for a few weeks and am now at twenty five/minute and one hour and a quarter, three times a week. The problem is I want to do it every day and am having a hard time working up to that as I am exhausted the next day. Oh, also I run, bike, practice Tai Chi and do floor exercises every other day. I will try this interval training. Do you think it's better than just straight rowing? I will appreciate and edge you can give me. By the way, I am sixty, if that makes a difference. Thanks and great video.

  17. Just got a Concept2. I work from home and need to lose at least 100lbs, but I'm 6'4 and pretty athletic. How many time's a day would you suggest I do an interval? Ending at 4min and going back down is doable and really gets the heart going but doesn't wipe me out.

  18. Nice video. I'm an avid cyclist. I've been including rowing in my off workout routines for the past couple of weeks. Today I made 5100meters in 20 minutes. I felt so good. I did it non stop. When I got off the rower I was sweating like an animal and people at the gym looked at me like I was crazy. I'm getting up at 5am tomorrow morning to do 25 minutes before work along with a lightweight training session afterward. Get your row on.

  19. I am ready to seriously try and drop weight, You are very helpful thankyou.
    Starting row #2 and found your video.
    on the "off" intervals do you stop rowing or just reduce the intensity?

  20. It's hard to express my thanks enough for not only your informational videos, but the incredible and sincere encouragement you give your viewers. Thank you

  21. I love that you use your machine barefoot. I wondered if it was safe because i hate putting on my shoes. Totally going to hit the concept 2 barefoot and see how it goes.

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