– I woke up in the hospital, almost dead. I had, they said I had severe sleep apnea and I didn’t know it was deadly, and they was like you need to change, or you’re gonna die. So, and I’m not a quitter. So, that’s when I changed. I can’t eat as much.
– [Interviewer] Okay. I mean the cravings and
stuff are still there. They were gone for a while, but I mean it’s all back
to normal, honestly. But I mean, I still, it’s a lot easier to not overeat, it’s a lot easier. On September 19th I weighed 520 pounds. On September 26th, the day of the surgery, I weighed 500 and, I weighed 501. It’s amazing. I couldn’t go, like I
said, when I first started I couldn’t go 10, 15 feet
without getting winded, having to stop and catch my breath. Now I can go ’til my feet hurt, you know? I just, I can’t believe I
let myself get where I was. Don’t give up. The surgery’s not, it’s not easy. I mean I looked at it as a
cheap way out, a easy way out, but it’s been tough. It honestly has, but just don’t give up. A better life is waiting
and just don’t quit. www.meedicalcitynorthhills.com

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