Bariatric Surgery   Weight Loss Options for Obesity at McLaren Port Huron Part 5

Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Options for Obesity at McLaren Port Huron Part 5

Welcome back to today’s health in this segment, I’m speaking with program coordinator for the bariatric center of Michigan at McLaren Port Huron Nicolle Murphy Nicolle, thank you for joining us today. Good morning Now tell us more about the bariatric center of Michigan how does it differentiate from any other bariatric program? Well, we have an awesome program. We have Because it’s located on the site of our Hospital McLaren, Port Huron we have access to all of its services, so if we should need anything like infusions or the emergency room or Anything like that. It’s all accessible for us, and we have a dedicated group of surgeons who? have a lot of experience they provide seminars for a patient in the very patients in the very beginning and that provides them with all different information about the options they answer all the questions that they have and we have a great staff a dedicated dietician our nurses and They provide education before surgery we go and visit them after surgery and then we see them six times that first year after surgery so we really build a relationship with our patients, so We have a great staff we have great leadership that will help us in any Form we need if we need supplies if we need new equipment if we need just support in general they’re there for us, so I Believe we have a very good program all of our our surgeons and our staff are dedicated to the program and Compassionate and and want nothing but success for our patients. That’s awesome now I understand that this program has a certification. Can you tell us more about this and what is involved in achieving the certification yep? We’re accredited through the MBSAQIP which is a combination of the American College of Surgeons and the MBSAQIP Which is the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) of the American College of Surgeons and are dedicated to making sure that patients that have bariatric surgery are Educated; that they are safe; that we’re providing the best standards of care that we can for them And to be accredited, They do a site visit every three years and the years in between we send in submissions to make sure we’re meeting all their standards and We have to make sure we have the right equipment for patients that the doctors have continuing education Credits that the staff is well versed and everything that we have access to an ER and ICU and the O R and that Everybody is on board with everything that keeps our bariatric patients safe, so It’s a quite a process to go through, but once you receive accreditation through them It really makes you above and beyond the other centers because you know you’re doing everything Top-of-the-line, so Nicolle now what are the benefits to patients who choose to have their bariatric procedures at McLaren Port Huron well I just believe that we we built such a rapport with these patients with some of these patients Have a year or six months of a journey before they even get to surgery so they need help You know getting referrals or they may need help going through the insurance requirements, so we really try to facilitate that for them And then during surgery that they have their surgery and we go over and visit them make sure they understand what needs to be done after surgery because The bariatric surgery is just a tool for them this is a Lifelong commitment so we know that we’re going to be seeing them for years to come so we want them to be successful We want them to understand that you know that we want them to be empowered to know that they really Kind of drive this car you know that we’re giving them the tools they need But they’re the ones that are going to be you know in charge of their success And we’re just there to you know empower them to encourage them to educate them and to keep them safe along their journey So I’m proud of our facility. I’m proud of our team and We want nothing but success for our patients so Nicole this has been great information. Thank you for joining us today. You’re welcome and Thank you for watching if you have questions need physician referrals, or have a suggestion for topics You’d like to hear more about you can contact us by calling health access At 1-800-228-1484. you can also watch today’s health, request a copy of our program and access other reliable healthcare information by visiting our website – As Always tune in next time to today’s health. today’s health is brought to you by McLaren Port Huron

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