Bariatric Patient Story

Bariatric Patient Story

– [Donna] I’m Donna Barker I’m the Director of Ethics
and Regulatory Compliance, MidAmerica Division
Physician Services Group. I’m also a patient of
our physicians’ here. I feel privileged number one; to work with our doctors on both sides. It’s a long journey you don’t just come in and make the appointment and say okay I’m going to schedule
my surgery on Friday. Helping us get with the
psychologist, the dietitian our primary care doctor’s involved. It’s just been a full program if you’ve got a question, you call and they answer. – I think caring for my patients is a real privilege. We get to be part of their life a huge transformation in their life and in the end it becomes like being family with them. – [David] She was very supportive. She told you what was going on, what was going to happen, what you needed to do. She will tell you if you’ve
done something wrong. She’s very nice at how she
what needed to be done, how I needed to do things, what was going to happen in the future, what your getting ready to go through. My goal was to lose weight. I needed to for health reasons. Something needed to be done and I could not lose weight on my own at all. – [Donna] David had health
issues, I had health issues so when Doctor Fearing said well we could help you, why not do it together. – Once we have a patient
scheduled for surgery, that’s usually about two
weeks prior to surgery, somebody for the hospital
will actually call you and get you scheduled for a pre-op class. And during this pre-op visits, we have the whole team, so we have pharmacy, we have dietitians we have physical therapy, we
have the bariatric coordinator, so we have this whole team waiting for you to help you through this journey. – We make a difference
in people’s lives by helping them achieve
their goal of weight loss. And so that is through surgery but also through mentoring them and changes in lifestyle habits. – The little things that
you don’t think about that your weight played a part of okay, I can’t sit in that chair anymore but you can sit in that chair. It used to be you have to find the chair that you thought you could fit into. Now you can just sit in the middle of a movie theater and not worry about it. – We are here to support them. We are here to help them in their journey for weight loss. I always tell people that going through this journey is nothing to be ashamed about, it’s something that we
do together as a team. – [David] My knees quit hurting I’m on very, very little medicine at all of any kind now. I have three or four doctors I go to every three or four months. I just rotate my doctors. And every one of them just totally amazed at everything that’s gone on. The hospital’s been great to work with, Doctor Fearing’s been great to work with. It is very positive and
I’d recommend to anybody. – [Donna] It’s changed our lives. Practice is a great support system. So we support each other, then we got the whole practice, so it’s been awesome.

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  1. I really am thinking to have this weight loss surgery my Sister had her surgery 3/19/18 & she looks and feel great…..

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