Hi, I’m Paul, and I am a patient in the
Reliant Medical Group’s Bariatric Surgery Program. My experience with
Reliant’s Bariatric program was a very thorough, and in-depth, step-by-step
process, going through, making sure that I was healthy enough, physically, mentally,
and ready to to approach the surgery and get the surgery if I was interested in
it. My recovery was very quick after the
surgery. I was up walking in the hospital that night, went home the next day, I was
thankful I didn’t need any pain medication, and was able to continue on
with the program as planned. As for me, the weight loss was very quick, going
through the surgery. I lost quite a bit, and I’m currently down, around 175 pounds. What surprised me the most about
Reliant’s Bariatric program was their attention to detail, and how focused they
were, to make sure that all aspects of physical and mental health were there,
and on point to make sure, that I was ready to have the surgery, and I would be
able to succeed once the surgery was done. The advice I would have for anyone
considering the bariatric surgery is to definitely talk to your doctor and the
team available to you. In talking to the Reliant team, they were able to guide me
as I made my decision as to whether or not I wanted to have the surgery, and
made sure that I had the right foundation and building blocks, so that
the surgery was a success when I decided to have it. If you are considering
bariatric surgery at all, I would recommend that you attend the Reliant
initial meeting held at St. Vincent. It’s held monthly and they give you all the
information as to what the program looks like, what steps will come, and from there,
you can even begin your journey into the program, even if you’re not sure if you
want the surgery, to see what the program will hold in
store for you.

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