Bariatric MRI Option Offers More Comfortable Scan

Bariatric MRI Option Offers More Comfortable Scan

Debra Beauregard came to CDI expecting the
MRI she needed would not be easy. “They wanted to check on the lesions. I had
a stroke this summer and it seems to have accelerated the MS.” CDI technologist Melissa West says the design
of the high-field open MRI is good for claustrophobics, as well as a bariatric and bed-ridden patients. “The table limit is about 660 so it is able to
accommodate someone of her size.” This isn’t Debra’s first MRI. She tried
a traditional scanner once and, for her, it wasn’t comfortable. “Very bad. They put me in a closed one and
it feels like being squished.” There are no sides on the high-field open
… which helps with air circulations and allows for natural light … both offering
a more comfortable scan for many patients. “I feel like there’s air around. I’m not closed in tight. And they can see if anything’s wrong with me.” Relieved that the scan went smoothly, Debra
was grateful she found an open MRI option and that Melissa was there to help her through
it. “Good I’m glad. You did it. We did it
together.” “You feel like you’re going through it
with the patient. Like you’re a team and you’re doing this together. And it’s a
huge accomplishment when it’s done. So you know that you did right by the patient and
that you were there with them getting them through the test, so if feels really good.”

2 thoughts on “Bariatric MRI Option Offers More Comfortable Scan

  1. I thought I was getting an MRI today for larger patients. But it wasn't. It was torture. I almost lost my mind. So scary! But I made it thru. Hopefully I'll never have to do it again, but if I do I'm going to look for one like this.

  2. I went to a stand-up type MRI I'm 6ft like 310 and football player type built so I'm wide at the shoulders. After 5 minutes I left. i was basically wedged in the stand-up thing I mean I don't get why they can't make them wider. This looks a little better

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