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  1. Great tips littered throughout this video if you're going to attempt barefoot running. You'll learn real quick whether your form could use an overhaul!

  2. que tal una fascitis plantar o desembocar en un espolon calcaneo? tiempo al tiempo…la juventud todo lo perdona y la edad todo lo castiga… si corres sin zapato que sea por arena hierba o lo mas tierra poco dura… salud y cuidaros

  3. Gran vídeo. Mis dos rodillas lesionadas en 2010 ¡desgaste!, nadie sabía la solución y creo que por eso lo llaman condromalacia, dolor 24 horas!!!. Pues llevo unos 9 meses corriendo descalzo o minimalista y resulta que de esta forma no me duelen las rodillas…para mí ha sido la solución, sencilla, barata y rápida. Ánimo.

  4. hehe~ one of the benefit of running bare~ you are training your focus as well~ I'm a barefoot runner as I run I have run very careful to focus on the front and the road condition.

  5. FYI – this video is good for showing what good running form looks like. Although I wear shoes, it really helped me out.

  6. I use to run like this but then my dad was like "walk like a man!" I was "STFU dad" but being an asian son I didn't actually say that. now after I watched this again its starting to come back to me. I think of it like running like those Elites in Halo

  7. Just a cautionary tale, but these guys have been doing this for a loooong time and built up to it slowly. The first time I ran barefoot, I went a mile on blistering hot pavement in 100 degree weather. My feet were hamburger when I was done and I limped around for 3 days. It takes time and effort to develop callouses and proper technique. Be forewarned!

  8. You're right!!!! I'm glad we invented grass and dirt and sand, I just can't take that damn hard asphalt and pavement roads stupid nature puts everywhere!!!!!! -_-

  9. It takes time for your feet to get used to barefoot running. Our soul should gradually thicken (between 1 – 2 months) with regular training to withstand blisters, splinters & different uneven surfaces.
    Don't go out running barefoot like crazy sp if you're overweighted without seeking medical advise.

  10. What about broken glass, nails, zero shock absorption, hot pavement and rocks ? When God made man, there was no pavement. Feet are designed to travel on dirt and grass.

  11. This video inspired me to go running barefoot, been wearing Vibrams since April. Just got over a bout of Achilles Tendonitis. Barefoot felt GREAT!!!

  12. That's normal, it takes a couple months of running barefoot (starting short distances and incrementally increasing them) to develop pad growth and literally turn your feet into something similar to the paws of other land mammals. The burning is the tenderness your skin feels due to the fact that you wear a shoe most of your life and your skin is still very sensitive and weak.

  13. Nah you just need time to build strength in your legs and also "barefoot form" and you can run barefoot all the way, without injury.

  14. OMG, this was amazing! never seen anything liek this. I'd like to run barefoot one day, but just got these cool New Balance 890v2 and they look awesome! Running barefoot looks a little creepy…

  15. If the people in this video are without shoes, are they idiots? No, you're simply an ignorant troll, and uneducated at that as well.

  16. Yeah, the natural human body is pretty creepy, huh? It's almost terrifying imagining a world where we just were what nature intended us to be. That's why I only wear high heels.

  17. You probably did it wrong. I'd hate to say you're an idiot because you can't do what your body was born knowing how to do, because it's really not your fault, but seriously–consider having a more open mind to things outside of your comfort zone. And don't jump into something you don't fully understand and then discredit it to people on the edge of taking the "plunge." That's what got us into this sneakers crap in the first place.

  18. It's kind of like the Matrix when Neo is awakened from the Matrix, and he asks why his eyes hurt, and Morpheus replies that it's because he's never used them. It's so sad how few of us have been able to experience the beauty of our natural form to its fullest capacity due to societal norms (most of which are entirely insane, in my opinion).

  19. Go to a park or go to a road that doesn't have broken glass and nails littered about. I run in the city streets of Atlanta, Pensacola, and Seattle, and I've never stepped on broken glass (I avoid it by watching where I step), I've never seen a single nail (and Atlanta is like a constant construction zone), and on pavement. I've never had a single problem barefoot. It's when I put on shoes that I feel pain. Rocks kind of suck, I will confess, but hot pavement is easy to build resistance to.

  20. It sounds like you're almost gripping the ground when you run, or not flexing your foot enough. When I wear vibrams I get blisters right under my toes, but I think that's because my toe pads are too thick and they rub too much. No vibram models really fit my foot well :c To me it sounds like you're running with a bit of a "clenched" foot. I would try some exercises to stretch out your toes when just sitting down, and try to replicate more toe splaying as you run.

  21. @Hugh G. Rection who is running wrong, the guy in the video? If he's run over 100,000 miles with no problems I'd say he's probably doing it right.

  22. Wow, something I commented on 7 months ago. Feels like such a long time. Of course in that time-frame I have learned more.

  23. That's why I don't like commenting on these videos because there are so many fucking idiots out there. I've been running for over 50 years. I was a world class sprinter in my 20's. I know a little bit about running properly. The tips in this video are good. However, many competitive runners have to give up running in their 40's because of leg and back problems. No matter how your foot strikes the pavement, almost all of the shock goes up you leg and through your entire body.

  24. On grass and dirt, a good bit of the shock goes into the ground. I just didn't conjure this up. I was originally made aware of this from my podiatrist. He read me the riot act before I destroyed my knees and back like some of my friends and running mates have. 80 to 90 per cent of my running is done on grass or dirt. At 56, I have no joint problems. I really don't care if you run on pavement. Run of hot coals if you want, you stupid fuck.
    I'm just stating face.

  25. If this Doctor has run all these miles on pavement, more power to him. I probably has great genes or something. His experience is definitely not the norm. If you have been active in the running world, you would know this.

  26. Baseket2ball12 The issue here is not what you wear. It's the surface you run on. Go barefoot . Wear whatever you want. Just avoid running on hard surfaces. I am sorry you are in pain. You will be in even more pain if you continue to run on pavement. It's not even debatable.

  27. I guess there is no such thing as loose gravel where they are from…. and DAMN those are some short shorts >.<

  28. damn wish we all had perfect roads and sticker less grass lol but I barefoot run where ever I can

  29. Nice. But to anyone else trying to make the transition: take it slow. As in "I don't even feel like I'm trying" slow. Muscles take a long time to develop, even if you feel like you've made progress in just a few days.

  30. Just notice that there was no clunking noise while he was running , bare feet are the quietest , and there was no first heel strikes . gs

  31. Brilliant form. The way humans were meant to run. It hurts my heart most people are so dim-witted they truly believe humans have waited millions of years for Nike not even realizing our ancestors have run 400 miles without stopping from the greatest of all earthly disaster.

  32. Ooo OOO I want to join in on the fear mongering! Shoe running causes sudden death and barefoot running is proven to give you wings!

  33. No one on the planet can run Barefoot Like I can, all the rest who attempt it are just pretenders lol. Check out my vids and see for yourself.

  34. Today I tried barefoot running first time in my life. To be honest I was afraid of it . But my experience was very pleasant. Pain in my knees went away immediately.
    P.S. I ran 6km barefoot without any injuries

  35. I'm so glad to see normal people walking or running barefoot for pleasure … It's a wonderful gift from our Nature mother,
    I thank to all ! ^____^

  36. Your foot didn't evolve anymore than a cell phone did. REPENT and stop being foolish with that demonically influenced stupid logic

  37. Handsome nab, athletic, great feet! As someone who used to do a lot of barefoot running, it is great to connect to nature and the earth, and strengthening to the body!

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