B12 With Methylcobalamin | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

B12 With Methylcobalamin | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

I know I’ve done B12 videos before folks,
but hear me out. I really have to address it again. People ask me “Michelle, why the
heck are you so sold on methylcobalamin B12 and I have to say well methylcobalamin with
the M is activated. It’s ready to go in your body. Most supplement companies are utilizing
a very easy to get and inexpensive and synthetic form of B12 called cyanocobalamin with a C.
Remember, you don’t want the C. You want the M. Okay? Methylcobalamin B12. This is the
active version of B12. Now why is it so important for weight loss
surgery patients to make sure to get this methylcobalamin B12? Well B12 has been shown
to be deficient in a lot of postops. So I want to address it now. It’s super important.
Please make sure you’re taking a high quality B complex. Alright? So the B complex will
already contain B12. Now there’s eight B vitamins in the B vitamin family. Make sure that the
B12 in that B complex is indeed methylcobalamin. Your B complexes could be named B50, B100,
or just plain B complex. Something else to consider about methylcobalamin
B12 is that many folks, or 40 percent of the population or more don’t methylate well. So
it’s important to get the methylated version of B12 so that your body can utilize it immediately,
instead of having to methylate it. Postops are typically low in B12 anyway. So it’s really
important. It’s already bio-available and ready to go and gets into your cells immediately. You can take capsules, sublingual drops, sprays,
transdermal skin patches. There’s some wonderful delivery systems. Now let’s talk about injections. So many patients
say “Michelle, I get a B12 injection.” I say “Hey that’s awesome! That’s great. I know
you’re working with your practitioner. He’s measuring your levels of B12 and that’s fabulous,
but please ask your primary care physician or your pharmacist if the B12 that you are
getting is indeed methylcobalamin. Most likely it’s still cyanocobalamin and you can request
methyl. Okay? Thanks for watching. If you have any additional
questions, check out our YouTube channel, or check out our website at www.blossombariatrics.com. Have a healthy day!

11 thoughts on “B12 With Methylcobalamin | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

  1. how can I get a Dr to prescribe it?
    no Dr in my area can prescribe it, not the natural form. I had gastric bypass surgery over a yr ago and now I suffer from B12 deficiency. I get every 3 months the other synthetic form of B12. I'm not satisfied. Please let me know where can I get the natural form of methylcolabanin injections.

  2. …just eat organic liver one time a week and you need not spend money on the B.S. over priced made in China crap vitamin supplements !..the vitamin supplement industry is such a fukking hype ..they have a cure for everything same as big pharma !..its all money ! not your health..they want your money !!!

  3. I went thru some of these symptoms myself. I tried methylcobalamin injectable which I found online much cheaper and it worked wonders for me. Try VitaminQuick.com

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