Assimilation of Nutrients – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Assimilation of Nutrients – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSE and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. hello students today we are selling chapter human nutrition in that we are selling topic Assimilation of nutrients now when I say Assimilation it simply means accumulation of nutrients or just putting together all the nutrients what’s that let’s study about it to it. Assimilation of nutrients now once the process of digestion begins and the process of digestion basically breaks down all the complex molecules into simpler compounds once that is done the process of assimilation starts now Assimilation could be simply said as resynthesizing or just putting back together all those molecules to form a bigger molecule which your body is going to use like formation of proteins or polypeptides formation of carbohydrates lipids now whenever Assimilation takes place the Assimilation makes shows that all the fat molecules which are extra are stored inside liver all your minor and cells which were not used or not required by your diet or not aided by your body at this point of time has to be stored somewhere and certain molecules like carbon dioxide which has to be removed which can never be kept inside your body so the excess of glucose or the end product of carbohydrate metabolism is as glucose a simple sugar now that reaches the liver by hepatic portal vein and inside the liver what happens is this excess of glucose is converted to glycogen so totality we can say a simulation looks forward of food materials by keeping them when they are not required or basically simply storing them when they are not required and then you reuse them whenever they will be required or later it is an anabolic process anabolic means addition process by which absorb nutrients enter into your cell and involved later for use assimilation of nutrients it means taking care of those nutrients which the body doesn’t need right now but it will eventually use it later on basically trying to restore those nutrients in body it could be fats in the case of fatty cells of glucose or amino acids for that matter now assimilation of nutrients is basically a anabolic process by which you absorb nutrients enter into cell it once they enter they are involved in the metabolic process further that is to resynthesize complex molecules like proteins it could be a lipids or fats or carbohydrates now the end product of carbohydrate breakdown is basically a glucose a simple sugar which reaches liver by a hepatic portal vein and once it reaches there in liver excess of glucose is basically converted into glycogen the amino acid that actually reached the river by a hepatic portal pins where surplice a minor axis gets deaminated – India minitek it means eventually break down for destruction the minor acid which were eventually not required as a source of energy by you on that particular day now separated amino acids are also converted into urea form but combining with O CO 2 and this has security or removed out from your body in the form of urine some facts are stored in the liver and your pool even your adipose tissues now adipose tissues could be a thighs buttocks all those regions as we were studying that some facts are stored inside a level now fats which are stored inside liver those could be your saturated fatty acids unsaturated fatty acids any one of those also any postition store extra amount of fats we all know that one gram or 1 tablespoon of any facts will eventually give you 9 calories that’s a huge one now this facts sometimes enter in the composition of the cell organelles now when I say cell organelles remember phospholipid bilayer now those phospholipid bilayers are the molecules that are present inside the cell they basically have a head structure as well as obtain that allow the entry and exit of the molecules they could be hydrophilic hydrophobic and those are made up of fat molecules of neutrals now some fat molecules are also used as a source of shame if eating fats gives you 9 kilocalories then facts could be said as the one of the sources of energy or one molecule which can give you terminus amount of energy so basically doing a simulation what is done is that when fats have to store this is loop forward whereas your proteins and a ghost or whatever proteins are required for body building I eventually use and finally they undergo the amputation or they have to be removed out in the form of urea from the Union and carbohydrates are basically store by the process of eco neurogenesis so students in this part of the chapter we came across a simulation of nutrients I hope we are very clear with this concept thank you

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