Arteries of the Small Intestine (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Hello everyone! It’s Megan from Kenhub here, and welcome to
our tutorial on the arteries of the small intestine. During this tutorial, we will mainly be focusing
on the image you can now see in front of you which is an anterior view of the abdominal
cavity. In this image, the abdominal wall and some
organs such as the transverse colon, the pancreas and the stomach have been dissected away. This has been done to give us a better view
of the small intestine and its blood supply. We will start off by looking at a few arteries
in this area which don’t supply the small intestine. You may wonder we’re doing this but these
arteries are in close proximity to the small intestine so they’re important to know about. The first artery we’ll look at is the splenic
artery. Here we can see the start of the abdominal
aorta after it pierces the diaphragm. The first main artery that branches off the
abdominal aorta is the celiac artery which then gives off three of its own branches. The one branch into the left here is the splenic
artery. This artery is the largest branch of the celiac
artery and it supplies the… Hi guys, as you can see, this video is a preview
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