Appetite After Bariatric Surgery

You know, needless to say at 265 pounds I
was hungry all the time, and not only that but I’m also in food service. So, I run cafeterias
inside of businesses, so I was around food all day long. And, the great thing about the
surgery is that for me, I was no longer hungry. And, you know I have to actually think about
eating now, and I’ll have you know like a health bar or something in my car and go,
“oh yeah it’s 3 o’clock, I need to eat something.” So that’s probably been the biggest chore
of all is to remember to eat 5 times a day. And, you know that’s probably another thing
too, that you know when they say eat 5 times a day it’s not like you eat 5 meals a day,
because for me I’m on the go all the time. I travel all over the state. And, I was a
bit concerned about, how am I going to eat, you know I probably have the worst diet of
anybody. And, but you know the dieticians here and everything, they make it so easy,
that you know, you tell them what you like to eat and they’ll formulate that for you,
and make it work within your schedule. So, it’s nothing but a win-win situation on all

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