Annoying Orange Let’s Play Temple Run 2!

Annoying Orange Let’s Play Temple Run 2!

-Hey-hey, everybody!
[sighs] I was thinking about
not making a video today. Then I remembered,
when it comes to playing games, I’m always game!
[laughs] All right, let’s play. “Temple Run 2.
Take the idol if you dare.” Hmm. I don’t know.
That’s one ugly-looking idol. Do I dare? Do I dare? Yeah, I dare. Aah! Giant demon monster! Get away!
It wants to touch my butt. Let’s get outta here!
Ooh, a rope. Oh! Oh, I thought– I thought touching those
diamonds was gonna hurt me, but it didn’t.
[sighs in relief] Whoa! Jumping– wow.
That was crazy. I guess jumping over holes is probably the way
to go in this game, huh? Yeah, all right.
Jump the bridge gap! Whoo! All right. Oh, I’m coming in– Ooh, look at that dive.
All right. Yeah. I think the
point of this game is to keep the
giant demon monster from touching your butt, right?
Right? Let me know in
the comments below. What’s the point of this game? Is that the point?
I think it is. All right. [singsong]:
Jumpin’ over rainbows. Now I’m on a luge. Slidin’ on my back,
gonna win a gold medal. Makes me think back to
the movie Cool Runnings. Ah! I guess those guys
were on a bobsled, but it’s still similar, right?
[laughs] I guess it’s supposed
to be river and not ice. Hopefully there will be
an ice section coming up. I think that’d be pretty “cool.”
[laughs] “Cool Runnings.”
[laughs] Cool. Whoo-hoo! This is like the best
Slip ‘n Slide in the world! I love it.
I can do this forever. [humming] ♪ Slidin’ on my butt,
slidin’ on my butt ♪ ♪ Slidin’ on my butt ♪ Hey, why does everything have
to do with my butt in this game? [laughs loudly] ♪ Slidin’ on my butt,
slidin’ on my butt ♪ ♪ Let’s slide on my butt,
let’s go ♪ ♪ Yeeaahh, sing it, all right ♪ Oh, dodgin’… whoa! What are those? Blue diamonds? I love blue diamonds! Blue’s my favorite
color of diamond. Aah! Whoa! That giant coin– oh no! Aah! Get away from me! Demon monster, get away!
Don’t touch my butt! Just go around me. Go around. Just pass. Do you have road rage?
Why are you trying to– just get away. Go around me. Oh, yeah. Oh! Turnin’ that. Turn that corner
like a master pro. Oh, yeah! You ever notice this guy
rides really high in the water? I mean, look at him. It’s like he’s made of
Styrofoam or something. That demon beast
better not eat him if he ever catches him.
Otherwise, he’s gonna be eating Styrofoam. That’s not something
you should eat. That’s gross. That’s grody! Whoo-hoo, back on land, where I get to jump
like a ballerina and run face-first into
every corner I encounter. [laughs]
You know? They should make a movie
about Styrofoam ballerinas. I’m gonna go ahead and let you
guys have that one, audience. Somebody make a movie
about a Styrofoam ballerina. Go! Do it now.
[screams] Sudden demon beast! Oh! I almost peed my pants…
if I were wearing pants. Aah! Get away, demon monster! Stop trying to touch my butt!
Get away! Get away from me! Go around! Gettin’ excited.
Okay, grab that coin. Oh, yeah! Little green
slimy stuff, what is this? Get it off me. Ew! It won’t get away!
Is it ectoplasm? Is this Ghostbusters?
What’s happening? I don’t even know.
Just keep running. That’s what my mom
always used to say. “Just keep running.”
[laughs] ♪ Run, run, run, run, run ♪ ♪ Run, run, run,
run away from your feelings ♪ Ooh! Magnetic.
[giggles] All right, here we go. Whoa! I’m in a mine cart. I’m Indiana Jones. [humming
Indiana Jones theme song] [burps, laughs] [continues humming theme] [burps, laughs] Although I don’t remember
burps being in that song. I think it just makes it better.
Don’t you guys think? Oh… here it comes. Whoo-hoo! Longest
rope-slide in the world! Wow! Man,
it’d be great having hands. If I had hands,
I’d never get anything done. I’d just slide down
ropes all day long; that’s what I– whoa, whoa! Now I’m back in the mine cart.
Oh, my goodness. Aah. Does that make me–
I don’t even– [mumbles] [takes deep breath] Things are getting crazy here. Everything happens so fast,
I can’t even say anything. Here we go. Whoo! Back on land!
There we go, aah. Whoa! Jumping! ♪ Running through the goldmine ♪ ♪ Now I’m back on foot ♪ ♪ Jumpin’ amidst
a mass of gold coins ♪ Ah, yeah.
♪ Slidin’ down the giant rope ♪ Oh, high score! WHOO-HOO!
All right. I like the sound it makes.
[imitates chime] I think that’s my favorite
new sound effect. [imitates chime] [chuckling]:
Yeah. Oh, and we’re back in
the water once again. What happens in the water? This! Whoo… ♪ Slippin’ and slidin’
all day long ♪ ♪ Slippin’ and slidin’
as I sing this song ♪ All right, giant demon monster, you will never catch me.
You will never, ever catch me, and you will not touch my butt,
okay? [giggles] ALL RIGHT, HERE WE GO!
Whoa! Yeah, giant rope-slide. Whoa, I missed– oh, man.
Faceplant. [sighs deeply] Something colorful
and I wanted it. Whoa, I’m back on water. I warped. I warped to water. Wow. That was crazy. All right.
♪ Slidin’ down the river ♪ ♪ Slidin’ down the river ♪ ♪ Slidin’ down the river ♪
[yells] [giggles]
How do you like my song? I call it
“Slidin’ Down the River.” You like it? You like it?
You like it? You like it? ♪ Run away from
your feelings– ♪ [screams] [grumbling]:
Aw man, I– [mutters] All right. What’s in the
chest for me this time? Whoa, mystic rocks? That’s what I’d yell if I went
to watch a band called Mystic. Mystic rocks!
[laughs] Maybe I should start
a band called Mystic. What do you think? Well, hope you enjoyed the epic
adventure that is Temple Run 2. As always, leave me
suggestions for other games you’d like me to play in
the comment area below! Do it! Do it now!
Write as many as you want! Just do it! Come on! Just do it! Hey, and can you
beat my score? 1.776 million points!
[laughs wickedly] [high-pitched whoop] Makes me excited.
[cackles] All right, can you do it? I can do it. Can you do it?
I can do it. All right, guys. Later! Aah! -…Marshmallow #1, and easily passing
Marshmallow #2– [body splattering] Oh, my body’s flying
through the netherworld. FAILS! All right,
back from the netherworld, and this time is a guaranteed level-finishing victory.
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  1. Now you know what's the point of Temple Run Annoying Orange you can start running away from the big mistake and liver my name is Darwyn if you don't know

  2. I run away from giant cyclops demon monster with glowing pink eyes with purple fur and violet stripes with sharp claus
    Katherine Rehg

  3. The glowing green shield is a process health system. (If you got that,That means you are really Lucky)You always saw that because if the beast was near. You will saw that health system shield . The shield is one of the useful gear.

  4. Does any body else realize that he can't play with no arms and hands and he doesn't have arms and hands

  5. It's not to try to get you to not eat get your get you eating in the game you supposedly told me to not get the all coins in Norwalk on musically

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