Anatomy of Stomach – Part of Human Digestive System – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Anatomy of Stomach – Part of Human Digestive System – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

The next organ which you are going to start children a Stomach according to the Alementary Canal sequences. the study Stomach in three parts fist is location this description and then function a speaking about location of Stomatch, Stomach is located just below the diaphragm in the abdominal cavity of our body it is on the left side of the abdominal cavity extremeness so what is location of Stomatch it is located in abdominal cavity bellow types are on the extreme leavs. Next is description now first I will describe the shape and then I will describe the anatomical structure of the observe this diagram carefully now speaking about the shape of stomach stomach is J shaped organ you can see it is appearing as a j-shaped alphabet next one of the parts of summer stomach consists of four parts before that some of the widest part of elementary cannot now Thomas consists of four parts Wendell’s idea body and by louis pot again i am repeating summer consists of so part fundus cardia body and pie role in the spread not refined out there are the four parts see now this part is under the bulging part of the bulging pot next is idea so just below funders the region is coded the idea vo favia we have the major part is coilette body and a part which is showing the anatomical structure starting from your till your it is biology of pyloric region not speaking about the presence of paint their muscles and stomach there are two painted muscles present and stammer at the beginning and at the end over here there’s one thing to muscles over here there is one spinto muscle now you can see it’s labeled over your pyloric sphincter muscle now what is the function of painted muscle painter muscle regulate flow of food the next part of our body required how much food that amount of food need to be passed on whole food cannot be passed at a time Showtek perception amount of food is fat and this thing is regulated by Cintas muscles how much would need to be first that is a function of painter muscle the painter muscle that is person at the end of Chalmers is called pyloric sphincter muscle not speaking about the internal structure or the anatomical structure Optima you can see over here first of all the internal layer of Thomas consists of epithelial tissues now this epithelial tissue is surrounded by muscular tissues and that layer is called as muscularis externa this muscularis externa is nothing dirty muscular tissues arranged in preformed it and on the basis of the arrangement they are named as you want it to it earlier circular layer and probably kill you longitudinal built crash and the horizontal striations you can see circular means it will be circular and structure and last one is oblique means land so according to the arrangement of the various muscular layer they are named as longitude a circular and oblique now some of also show two curvature the two curvatures are lesser curvature and higher curvature so little curvature is this part which you can see and higher curvature is this part of greater curvature so this is all about the structure of term now the function of stomach first of all pundits switching on/off funders centers is Tokyo which consists of gas so the gas form is Thomas is stored in fundus layer so whenever you feel teaching in your summer part it is jungle which starts aching find this the pain arises in sandals next we have the function October s it is related to the enzymes released by the Tama so the functions are carried out according to the enzyme released the last one which you went to study related to thermal is functions of summer the functions are related to the types of chemicals secreted in trauma now there are three chemical ticketed in summer the name of the three chemicals are its ear gastric juices and pepsinogen now let’s see one of the function of this three chemicals also mucus is released in stomach let you know there is a type of gastric juice and along the steps in the gin there are more get two juices are released with a college throw any and rotation now let’s see the function of this vestige juices first of all the same function of HCl now set in case of stomach the measure which is required for partial digestion note that possible dietitian is spelled out in stomach complete digestion is carried out is small under strength in order to complete this partial digestion process stomach require acidic medium and alkaline medium is required by intestine and just comparing it remember this thing so speaking of Optima dr. pol condition of life or stomach is acidic medium for digestion so that purpose is secretive there is also other function of a chill because of presence of x’l pepsinogen get converted into steps in never the function of Pepsi let’s inhale in digestion of cruelty also in presence of a is throw inning gets converted into venom now what is the function of winning winning by a is the protein AC present in milk so let’s see how it is done [Music] now this is the reaction get out in stomach now speaking about what happens to carbohydrate that were hydrated is taken into mouth is 70,000 digested in mouthpieces so the remaining part is converted into why pose in stomach so carbohydrate is converted into mass of glucose now then this function is carried out because of exhale the inner lining optimist can get affected or injured abroad so we need to protect the inner lining of Tama for that purpose mucus is secreted so along with HCl when the mucus is secret each the medium is maintained FN is the inner wall of stomach is also maintained so this is all about function of summer you’ll be completed description of summer thank you very much student

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  1. mam renin is present in infant to digest milk is renin is also present in adults also
    then what is the difference between renin and casein

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