Anatomy of Small Intestine – Part of Human Digestive System – Human Digestive System

Anatomy of Small Intestine – Part of Human Digestive System – Human Digestive System

the next part of Alimentary Canal is Small Intestine now the names of Small Intestine is given on the basis of its diameter the diameter are Small Intestine is less compared to large Intestine but small intestine is a longest part of elementary canal the length of Small Intestine is 6.2m
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generally exam they why ask you Small Intestine being the longest part called Small Intestine the answer is related to that meter the diameter of small intestine is less compared to large in Intestine now speaking about it small intestine is divided into three parts duodenum jejunum and now let’s see what is the decision of each part speaking of ordinance it lacked in brought moments twelve fingers structure so twelve finger structure is called a doorman so the length of the ordinance is 12 finger of your hand now to the widest part of small intestine and also the beginning part next is Jaden Jaden is the longest path but it is smaller compared to alien it is longer compared to the ordinal but smaller compared to alien the length of jejunum is 2.5 meters and the length of alien is 3.5 meter Dworkin is 25 centimeters so when you add two point five meter 3.5 litre and 25 centimeter you get approximately six point two five meter so this is how the length of small understand is calculated nothing speaking on an organ of Judaism and aliens they are quite structured convoluted structure present in our abdominal cavity the inner lining of all the three are concerns of villi nice structure the gulanite structure helps to increase the surface area for absorption now I will show you with the help of diagram how to realize loop now this is finger-like prediction basing on the inner lining of small intestine the fingerless predictions are called a builder window you can see internally it has a supply of vessels both the vessels lymphatic as well as blood vessel supply is present inside the villain now what is the function of the life will I increases the surface area for absorption now you can see the spin student where it is simply a tubular structure it got only this much surface area for absorption but when the structure is increased like this if they have a structure like this then it is increasing this surface area compared to your hand when your hand is without finger it goes on with this work surface area but if there is a painter light prediction bill and you can see this is the surface area for absorption and this is scented presence of the light increases the surface area for absorption of nutrients one important thing complete digestion occurs in small intestine because almost all nutrients are absorbed in small in the sense not speaking about some other things with a visit is small in distance there are faces of some intestinal glen their essences of some lymphatic cleanse now intestinal gains are present between to build life if this is one we like this is another villi over you you can see two opening the first opening will be four the intertidal Glen now one of the function of industrial glass in this kernel gland secretes in the channel juices now what which is the second opening and for what’s over the second opening is present the second opening is for the lymphatic gland and the lymphatic gland which is present and small in this time is left field blend now what is the function of lacteal gland student you also in your body sets get deposited very easily but there is one organ where the Fed doesn’t get deposited and that organ is small intestine just imagine student is small at the time he’ll fetch the position on its surface that is on will life what will happen so if there is a better position on the life absorption of nutrients will be blocked that is why over your there the business of lacteal gain which destroys of it absorbs all the facts and convert it into cholesterol which is used for the formation of lymph last year again is a type of lymphatic organ now this is all about structure of small understand thank you very much to do

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