An Awkward Moment at the Gym… | An Animated Short

An Awkward Moment at the Gym… | An Animated Short

So, the other day I wake up early and I’m so pumped to go workout! I put on my pop flex, slip on my Nikes, throw my hair up in a half clamshell bun situation, and put on some winged eyeliner, cuz you never know who you’ll see at the gym. Once I get there, I navigate my way towards my usual workout spot on the gym floor. I mark my sacred territory with my water bottle and my towel. Why sacred? Cuz it’s kind of like one of those elite parking spots where cars can’t park to your left or to your right because of poles or bushes or something. So you get a grand single space to yourself. In my case, there’s a wall on the right and a machine on the left so I’m fully protected. Anyway, I’m putting my headphones in and tightening my ponytail to signal to the peeps of the gym that from here on out I must NOT be bothered As I peacefully set out my bench, my weights, and my barbell in perfect formation, and as my Taylor Swift workout playlist is playing my ultimate gym motivation song [music] and it’s about to hit the chorus and I’m about to hit start my timer, I take a deep breath, tighten my grip on my weights and *ring* this random guy walks up into my sacred space and starts examining himself. Like whoa, dude, you’re all up in my space! And why do you feel the need to lift up your shirt and check your stomach? Like no thank you, but… Because I’m not a drama queen, I pretend like it’s not happening. So I shake it off like Taylor Swift I take another deep breath. I zone in and then right when I’m about to hit start on my timer? Random guys sits down But not just anywhere. He sits down on my BENCH his SWEATY butt is on MY bench. ON. MY. BENCH!!!! I glare at him hoping he’ll get off but he totally doesn’t see me and he totally doesn’t care. Um, Hello?!?! ANGEL: Just wait it out, he’ll leave soon. DEVIL: No, you must go over there and Claim. Your. Territory ANGEL: Dear, just move to a different spot. There is so much room, DEVIL: Don’t you dare. Kick him out. Now! So I put on a sweet smile, tap Random Guy on the shoulder and say: “Ummm, excuse me. I’m using this bench. Do you mind moving over?” He looks at me, like ‘where did you come from’ and then gets up and stands an uncomfortably close distance away from the bench. I turn around and prepare to begin my workout when I realize Random Guy left me a little gift on my bench. Oh, but not one gift, two gifts. Two moist butt cheek circles And, his keys. UUUURRRRGGGHHH *sweet voice* “Excuse me, your keys?” He glances at the keys And laughs I’m all standing there with my mouth stupidly open like: ‘What is actually HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!’ Then he reaches his hand down at the pace of a sloth Slowly caresses his keys Doesn’t even look at me Doesn’t even say sorry and walks away nonchalantly Like he’s gliding on one of those moving sidewalk thingies at the airport Yep. Aaaand that’s what happened at the gym the other day moral of the story: For those of you who go to a gym, just be mindful of the other people around you It’s a shared space so wipe down your equipment; put stuff back where it belongs; and please: DO NOT put yourself in danger by forcing your way into someone’s workout zone. You wouldn’t wanna get smacked by a kettlebell or whacked by a barbell Now would you? Subscribe to Blogilates for more videos!

100 thoughts on “An Awkward Moment at the Gym… | An Animated Short

  1. When I was at the gym once, I was on one of the running machines and this old-ish guy got on the one next to me and started looking over my shoulder at my speed so he could match it. So, I kept speeding up.

    So basically, it turned into a race between us. It was so silent and awkward but also hilarious! 😂

    In the end, he gave up so I won. I’m so proud of myself! Like it was a life achievement! 👍🏻

  2. Why do people do this? If you can CLEARLY see someone has set their place for a workout, why would you take it? 😂😂😂😂

  3. I understood nothing from this vid. All the workout i need i get at work… dont need to go to the gym. But then i kinda understand that theres people who "work" at the office. Kinda. Cos its not really work.

  4. Waw u wasted 4 mins of my time to talk bout how u overracted cuz some dude sat on a bench that u dont own and left his keys and sweat mark cuz he was exercising too 😐. Idk if its cuz u live in america or whatever but down here there no " benches" just ppl working out and not overracting like they should😏

  5. She’s definitely overreacting. Wth lol I feel bad for this guy he didn’t know and you make fun of him and even threaten him lol. It’s not even an interesting story anyways but good animation

  6. More like self righteous attitude is at an all time high at gyms.. people can’t understand a bench is a bench and a gym is a public place.. or be mindful of some people who are new to gyms and maybe he didn’t know and your rude ass should’ve shut the hell up and dealt for once in your life instead of making a video to make yourself feel better about how you behaved and how lacking it was in concern for another gym person also.

  7. 1. It's a public gym, there's a mirror he figures oh I can leave this girl alone and do my own thing.
    2. The bench isn't YOURS again its a public place.
    3. How is he supposed to know you 'like' that bench?
    4. He moves when you ask him to and does a normal thing by forgetting his keys.
    The 'Awkward' situation was just a guy doing normal stuff at the gym.

  8. So he looked in a mirror, sat on a bench, moved when he told you, left his keys, taken them back when you told him about them. WTF

  9. Lol is a gym not your "own personal space" the things you said at the end are true, but you certainly overeacted or at least thats how you portrait it on the vid

  10. "Mind the people around you is a 'S.H.A.R.E.D' space" She said.

    If it's a shared space then why you claim it as yours not being a hater just saying. And damn that dude has some sweaty buttcheeks

  11. Aren’t you the one with your belly completely showed and besides, you don’t OWN the bench. You can’t just own a bench in a gym.

  12. I don't know maybe its just me but you sounded like a bit of a diva. If it were me I would have been so nice and just continue working out. Its everyone's gym Big deal. He is Obviously nice. I have a more better story to tell you about my gym experience. And by better I mean more awkward.

    So usually when I go to the gym I do my usual work out then go to the locker room and change to my bathing suit to the hot tub. After I finished I go back to the locker room and take a quick shower rinse off. And I guess it was cleaning day at the gym cause alot of workers were cleaning all over the gym. Plus it is 24 hours fitness so its opened all the time. And well I came to my locker and started putting my underwear on and my bra. When All of a sudden a male worker comes in to go mop. I looked at him and he looked at me and he ran off all nervous saying sorry. I was shocked at first but then laughed 😂. Ended up coming back in when I was fully dressed and apologized again that he was just trying to do his job and he didn't know I was in here. I'm not like other girls either where they would start to call him a creep or something. I understood and said its fine and walked away. Ya it was kind of weird but I wasn't a diva about it.

  13. People are saying it was overdramatic but think about what she actually did – while it may have seemed really weird to get so angry, that was just internally, and for entertainment. All that she did IRL was ask him to leave and give him his keys.

  14. Ur not a drama queen… but ur making a big deal out of a bench I mean it’s not even yours and I think it was ok for that guy to be there and I think YOU were the one being rude. Just saying😒

  15. Ok how would guy know that it's your private bench? I know you putted your bottle and towel on it but it still wasn't obvious that it was private.

  16. So someone invading "your" spot justifies throwing some dumbells at their back? Alrighty then… female behavior at its finest I suppose 😛 Also, for some reason I'm guessing this was highly over-reacted situation, you know, how most "me-myself-I"-type of personalities like to exaggerate things that have happened to them (females mostly). I think the truth was something like this:

    She went into a gym thinking she owns the place, then some random guy "dared" to sit on "her" bench because he was exhausted (add some disgusting plot twist, like rubbing his belly or something to add more flavor to that otherwise boring story) and she over-reacted big time and when she finally got her shit together and acted like an adult to actually talk to the guy and ask him to go somewhere else in that public area (yes yes, etiquette in gyms and all that…) he was most likely just "oh, sorry…" and went away lost in his own thoughts. And this drama-queen (let's be honest… she's a massive drama-queen) saw the whole situation like one of those females who think they've been raped just because someone held a door open for them :'D

    I bet she thinks everyone in the gym are after her too (pretty clear clue at 0:51 ) when in reality nobody cares. Sure, there might be some guys in the gym who are there to stalk girls, and some girls who are there just to attention-whore around, but most people in the gym do not care and will not bother other people, so this little buttercup can stop that delusional drama-queen act 😛

    Now then… let the white-knight defenders unite and comment all kinds of stuff that'll most likely (not really…) get them inside her panties =)

  17. I love you 🙂 I love your animations ! But I go to the gym and honestly I wouldn’t even have been offended at this 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think I would’ve just been like eh he doesn’t know .. let me give him some Grace and move on 🤷🏼‍♀️ love you still 🙂 I’m just saying

  18. Sadly, I'm one of those who suddenly lift up their shirts to check their fats. I'm just that fat. BUT I'll never steal someone's bench

  19. Wow, this video is horrible, do you own the gym, no. Then you don't own the bench. Get over yourself!

  20. u should continue making more of these. U have enough workouts on ur channel. U can just start to cuddle ur dog and make these for us cuz i would sure watch all of them!! lol. JK. I live for ur workouts.

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