Amberlynn’s saga: Why the constant lies about her weight?

Amberlynn’s saga: Why the constant lies about her weight?

Hi guys! So today we have a commentary video because Amberlynn’s Q&As are always very interesting and is usually where we can have some information about her real situation. So, excuse me, if we just end up chatting for today because after all I’m an Amberlynn viewer too and everything is somewhat related to her weight loss journey. So I think it’s important that we keep up with the things that she says in those types of videos. But today we’re covering two videos that are basically sit-down videos and we’ll see where they take us. Let’s go! So we already know that Amberlynn was struggling in December despite insisting that she was doing just fine throughout vlogmas But this is the first time that we have a number. 2.8 (sorry) pounds in one month… And guys, what surprises me the most is that throughout vlogmas Amberlynn was showing her meals quite frequently, doing Intermittent Fasting and going out to eat about three or four times a week. But still… the logistics of maintaining almost 600 pounds… You must be eating such a huge amount of food… And even though we saw her eating out a lot during December, that was nowhere near the amount of food necessary to maintain such weight. And it’s a bit disturbing to go back and watch those videos knowing that she was hiding so much during the month, but it’s still insisting for her life that she was on track on her diet. The amount of effort necessary to hide about 3 to 4 thousand calories on a daily vlog is scheduled, while still insisting, even in front of her friends, that she was doing just fine…. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but for me is still quite shocking and hard to believe. It’s so much easier to be honest or to not say anything at all rather than just creating a narrative that’s so far from the truth. And that’s the mindset that I had while finishing this video and listening to some of her answers. Watching this clip knowing what we know now is quite comic, I must say. And if Amberlynn was known to hide information and honestly lie about certain things but in a distant past, I would honestly think that her audience needs to back off a little bit. After all, people do change. But to say all of those things just a few minutes after basically saying “Hey guys, by the way, I lied throughout December” is mind-blowing to me. I don’t think she even realizes that what she’s saying now is completely different from what she showed us during vlogmas. Maybe her audience is a reflection of her behavior, and they treat her with the same respect that she treats them. Amberlynn would benefit a lot from understanding the impact of her decisions on herself, Instead of expecting things to magically change without her needing to put in the effort. There are thousands of weight loss channels and even more Youtubers in general and if so many of them can build supportive audiences, then maybe the problem is not on the YouTube community and viewers, but maybe she’s at fault too. Trust me, It’s much easier to improve ourselves when we stop thinking that the whole world is against us. You don’t need to fight with 150k people when the enemy is on the other side of the mirror. Again claiming to be such an open book, but still hiding so much information. We heard too many “You guys, I don’t want to talk about it” in the past few months for Amberlynn to be able to say that she’s truly an open book. We also witnessed Amberlynn ignoring her doctors’ advice too many times to actually believe that she listens to other people’s opinions. I think Amberlynn’s audience has a much better memory than she does and therefore they are able to immediately point out the inconsistencies, even when amberlynn doesn’t realize them herself. It’s much harder to remember something that you made up rather than something that actually happened. So I think this is why sometimes she seems so clueless about the things that her audience calls her out for. I’m also fully convinced that “This diet is not sustainable for me”, just basically means that “This diet forces me to actually change”. Amberlynn is constantly seeking for a diet that makes her the most comfortable, but no change happens when you’re comfortable and cozy. And also, saying that this new plan is working well when she started this video talking about her 2.8 pounds that she lost in a month is crazy… It’s clear that whatever this new diet is is not being the most effective as it’s making her lose 3 pounds in a month. A weight that you could lose in a day or two. This new diet also still allows you to drink, eat as much cake as you want, go out to eat many times in a week, and it’s taking a toll on the results. It requires the minimum effort which explains why maybe she did lose a bit of weight in November as the minimum change was still enough for her to drop some weight. However, her body quickly adapted to the new diet and she got stuck. The crazy thing is that when doing a diet is normal to get stuck after dropping a lot of weight. However, such a decrease of results so quickly proves that she’s trying to lose weight without any significant change in her eating habit. I would bet that the only thing that’s making her lose any way at all is her intermittent fasting practice, and not her meal plan or what she’s putting in her body. I’m guessing that the obsession with the scale is a consequence of the guilt of failing her diet. She knows that what she’s doing is not working which makes her scared that she will gain weight and reach the feared 600 pounds. A lot of people think Amberlynn is a very complicated individual, but as you can see her actions and behavior are very easy to read, and they usually are all connected. Not losing any weight, hiding the weigh-ins, refusing to share her diet and obsessing with the scale… Those are all signs of what we have been saying, which is that this new diet is not working. In the meantime, proposing to share more about her diet right after posting a video where she says that she will keep her weight loss private just shows that we are indeed watching a new cycle. With a new cycle It comes the hope that she would stick to the new plan, Which is the main aspect of phase one. Therefore the promises of doing weigh-ins and sharing more about the process. And at the same time she’s already making excuses for an eventual slip in this new diet by saying that she’s not really promising anything. This means that as soon as the number on the scale stops changing or Increases, we’ll quickly lose the weigh-ins and any further update about the diet. It all makes perfect sense. And it’s sad that we seem to be so aware of the whole process but Amberlynn doesn’t. Also, let’s talk about the statement “This Channel is not a weight-loss channel” Weight loss content makes up for the majority of what is posted on her channel and it’s also the basic content that she runs to whenever she doesn’t know what to post anymore. So it’s not that this isn’t a weight-loss channel, but rather this is a weight-loss channel without weight loss results. But still with weight loss-related content. Denying the nature of her channel is just another way to avoid the responsibility of not having any result. If you’re not a weight loss channel, Then I guess that you don’t need to lose any weight. At the end of the day, It just feels like watching a lot of brain gymnastics to avoid any accountability for her actions. With that being said… I’m curious to know what 2020 will bring, especially with this new resolution to post more content about her weight loss. Will she stick to it? will she keep hiding information when things don’t go as expected? What do you guys think? This video was basically just talking about what’s happening lately, So, I’m curious to know what you guys think. Let me know in the comments down below. I’ll see you in my next video. Bye

100 thoughts on “Amberlynn’s saga: Why the constant lies about her weight?

  1. Helloooo! Forgive me if I sound like I'm ranting it is because I am, indeed, ranting in this video. Anyway what do you think about Amber's latest videos? Not only about the things that I covered in this video, but also the health insurance question, Becky question and the "I'm not lying" statement in a video where she basically admits that she did, in fact, lied about losing weight? Unleash it all (respectfully), I'm curious.

  2. Losing ounces over a period of 30 days is not weight loss when you are morbidly obese. It doesn’t even deserve the thought of being an accomplishment

  3. After I found her in December and been fascinated by many videos about her, she inspired me to not become like her. Come January I started my weight loss journey and so far been losing 4lbs just by cutting calories down to 2000 and brisk walking. Amber, losing ounces when you are near 600lbs is not an achievement!

    Her whole weight gain journey is an eye opening experience. It should serve as a wake up call for her but sadly, she ignores that call 🙁

  4. 11:14 She says she has an eating disorder.

    Has ALR ever been actually diagnosed with an eating disorder by an actual Doctor, Psychiatrist, or Dietitian or any knowledgeable professional?

    Yes, Some people become morbidly obese because they have an eating disorder such as food addiction.

    And some people become morbidly obese because they are lazy behemoths who eat to much crap.

  5. Amber: Claims to be open minded
    A commentator: You need to go to Impatient care NOW! clearly explains that nothing is working and that Amber is continuously harming herself
    Also Amber: I disagree. I do what works for me and this has been working for you guise!
    Yet again, also Amber: has continuously gained over roughly 300lbs over her entire YouTube career
    has health scares
    can barely walk for a few minutes
    UTI/bladder infection that refuses to go away
    cant heal from month old scratches

  6. Moon Eyes u are hilarious asking why she lahs!!! If her big yap is move-eeen, she's either lahhing or eat-een, or bossing uncle Becky around. Come on now!!😜🙊

  7. Without "weight loss" on Amberlies's channel, her channel is nonexistent. She lives a boring life, what excitement and wonder can she provides when all she does is going to Walmart or restaurant, colouring in her mandala's colouring book, making sandwiches, doing her makeup( not very successfully) and her "highly requested" Torid haul with clothing that can barely fit her. Also, at this stage, Amberlies should calls her channel a "weight gain channel" because that is what reflect reality the most. There is a few constants in Amberlies and sadly that is weight gain and her lies.

  8. I meant that AL always claims others say things that make people anhry. But she lies and is deceitful on a regular basis

  9. Spot on what you said about her viewers calling her out and holding her accountable to things she says, and how its harder for her to remember because she forgets her own lies.

  10. As someone with diagnosed mental health issues, overweight mostly due to medication and a heart condition and trying to find a way to loose to be more healthy, and working on slowly rebuilding my life; she is beyond insulting.

  11. She is really delusional. This is sad. It’s like watching an addict self destruct. I actually feel bad for her now. She needs help. She sounds like her body is deteriorating. This is tragic.

  12. I think she gets a kick out of using the Internet to deceive people. Salmon is not a great idea actually because it’s high calories and farmed and she would realise that if she was serious about weight loss. She is certainly eating a lot of rubbish to maintain 550. It would melt away on veggies and grilled white fish in no time at all. It’s all a game of lies. She has admitted now it’s not a weight loss channel but just for people who like to watch the unemployed morbidly obese bum around Kentucky. Of course we are still curious as to how she will crash healthwise.

  13. There is no sustainable diet for her when she can't even last two days on any plan. Her "intermittent fasting" is useless without exercise, it's potentially just an excuse to binge because her diet plan is complete nonsense. Look at how sickly she's been the past two months!

  14. I would also add that all huge people live in denial. They would never allow themselves to get to that number if they were not.

  15. She says things that are not true, for instance she said she was an empath. She's not!! She puts people in her videos even IF they are uncomfortable, so NO she's NOT an empath!!! I don't think she knows exactly what an empath is…there are so many other contradictions in her videos, it makes you want to eyeroll!! 🙄🙄

  16. This is a woman who thinks she is an empath and is able and willing to help people with math problems when she clearly isn't on both counts. She is delusional.

    Of course she lies about the scale. We can't trust a word she says about anything. She needs to be talking to a therapist, not to a camera.

  17. When will this girl realise that weight loss is not comfortable, for ANYONE, and small/gradual changes just aren't going to do anything? She's WAY past that point now.

  18. I've lost 3.3 lbs in the last two weeks and I'm in the 120s, just goes to show she's not even trying. She should losing double digits easily monthly.

  19. I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’m pretty small now (~120elbeeeeees) and for my body at least, I don’t really consider it ‘real’ weight loss until I have maintained a 7-10lb loss. 2.8 pounds is a a little more than litre of water. I drink that with my lunch. For someone Amber’s size, 2.8lbs is probably well within her body’s average daily fluctuation. I can’t see how a 600lb person with lymphedema sees 2lb as anything even worth mentioning.

  20. How could she say she wants to talk more about her eating disorder, her “journey”, her thoughts n feelings on weight loss, then in the same breath say this is not a weight loss channel 😵 girl ur giving me whiplash all within one sentence!!! So…she wants to just talk about losing weight? But not lose any. What’s new 🙄

  21. She’s so full of it. The only thing she has maintained is maintaining over 600 lbs. It truly will not surprise me to read that she has passed away in the near future due to sepsis. She obviously has given up on her life for YouTube. It’s a wrap. I think everyone should leave her alone and let her die. That may sound harsh but that’s what she wants.

  22. She I'd only giving to make herself feel beter it's like the torrid thing she may feel guilty about how much money she spends on junk and to justify it u might donate dome things to others to make yourself feel better

  23. Man she really needs a therapist… She just can't get over her delusional state of always knowing everything better. She hast not made any progress whatsoever. She says one thing and does exactly the opposite. Always self sabotaging. Really sad and frustrating.

  24. Bragging about maintaining 600 lbs. Disgusting! She is so pathetic begging people to believe that she is a good person and someone you would want to be around. Every positive attribute she brings up is debatable. She claims to be a giving person like she would give the shirt off her back. The only evidence of her generosity is her buying Destiny and Dana’s friendship with gifts and outings to the restaurants. She is helpful like in solving math problems, lmao! Oh yes, and you would love to be around her because she is such a barrel of laughs, like she is so “wild” and fun-loving. In that case why are her videos so deadly boring and repetitive? She knows so much about nutrition and especially what her body needs but she is sick all the time despite her earlier claims to the contrary. Worst of all she has been exposed as a liar and a promoter of scams. ALR is a not a person you would want to know in real life. If you see her huge presence thundering towards you on the sidewalk, cross the street.

  25. -3 lbs for Al is a bowel movement.
    Does she get that? How can she be in such denial?? She says what she's doing is working but its like girl the scale is telling you that it's obviously not working

  26. I’m fucking crying, at 0:34 it looks like she has the tiniest head and the biggest (I know I didn’t think it was possible either) body that looked hilarious lmaooo

  27. She takes off her apple watch when she weighs because the watch will automatically sync her weight to myfitnesspal the last time she accidentally weighed w it on it logged it to myfitnesspal she was 604 lbs she quickly deleted it. This was months ago so she is over 600 lbs now.

  28. Sustainable? Weightloss involves adjusting calories to a lower level and incorporating exercise. After a certain amount of time you can adjust your calories to a maintenance level. Sustainability can come after one has lost weight

  29. Amber and all the others will never lose weight no matter how many diets they plan to BS us. They seem to ignore the white elephant in the room which is binge eating. They can't control their binge eating which my understanding is due to some psychological trauma in their past, ( Amber claim in one video she can't remember what happen when she was nine years old…all a blank), use as a reward mechanism or substitute for love. The only thing that can save them is surgery but even this requires some weight lost to make the surgery safe to do. Some wouldn't do this and run back to their comfort zone of binge eating which result in they illness and death.

  30. Healthy her…suspicious.
    This body is prison.
    That's remind me the 'stand up comedian' from Australia,who died just after a 'fatshamming' sketch.

  31. I honestly wonder if she's lying about her scale and weight obsession. I can't shake the feeling she googled generic eating disorder symptoms and is running with whatever she read. She just lies so much so it wouldn't surprise me. For someone so obsessed with weighing wouldn't she be down at least 100 lbs in these last few months of her losing "sooo much weight"?

  32. You're English has improved so much. Love your perspective on the Amberlynn universe and love your videos in general. Keep up the good work. 💙

  33. Oh my god did she actually say “I want to lose weight before I work out”

    Honey what do you think working out does

  34. So I went down a rabbit hole, for her to maintain her weight she would have to eat close to 4000 calories a day. With that in mind for her to lose weight she would have to eat less than 4000 calories a day. I would love to actually see her calorie counts because she is not only lying to us she is lying to herself, because there is no way she is eating less going out to eat and snacking in between meals.

  35. I don't understand. Isn't Amberlynn's entire channel supposed to chronicle her weight loss journey? Why isn't she giving details about what she eats and how she exercises if those are the two things that cause someone to lose weight? It's almost like she's not being entirely honest with her audience or herself…

  36. when you are ambers size…and you lose 3lbs that isnt alot at all…when you are under 110lbs or less and lose 3 lbs that could be massive

  37. 11:13. Correction *You guise have to remember I’m not dealing with, addressing, or treating my eating disorder. I’m not SUFFERING I’m WILLINGLY ignoring treatments because I’m a lazy b!tch who wants her drug.

  38. Her diet is “working” but she only lost 2.8 in a month??? I lost 3 in a week and I’m not even 200 pounds. At 600 pounds she should be losing 2.8 in a day if she’s taking weight loss seriously. Woo child

  39. Just her moving around more then normal because she is carrying 600lbs, she should be losing weight. If she was actually doing what she says she had been doing, eating right, moving around a bunch more, she should have lost a ton of weight by now. She has to keep eating like she was and not exercising like she was to stay the same weight. She is full of shit. She lost a couple lbs, you can see it in her face but nothing since.

  40. I feel sorry for her to be stuck in a spiral of food addiction is awful. she surely must be aware of her growing size or her bruised hands yet she consumes 100s of calories more than she should. Even some small changes would help surely

  41. A few ounces of clothing on any person does not make a big impact on the number of pounds. You would be shocked at how little jeans and a tee actually weigh. Once ALR justified a weight gain saying “i didn’t take my earnings off” Unless you ate a 2 pound preterm baby, the clothing doesn’t matter. Wether she weighs 585.7 lbs or 586 lbs it does not matter. It just shows she misses the big picture at every turn. Btw, I’m sure she has hit the 600 pound mark before Xmas. This is why it’s all a secret. I think when she was rejected for my 600 pound life she mentally made the decision to gain thinking the show would cast her. That’s just my thought.

  42. If you lost all that weight even if it doesn't show you should be proud and excited but yet you look more depressed then ever

  43. She is lying to herself. Simple as that. She is in denial. How big of a differences will clothes make when she’s weighing herself?
    It makes me so sad seeing her legs. Her poor little feet carrying all that weight. 😔
    No wonder she can’t walk…
    I am an obese (265 pounds and 5’10 tall) woman and I already have some health issues due to my weight. I CANNOT IMAGINE what all is wrong with her.
    I’m on the journey to a better me. Hope she loves herself enough you change.

  44. Anytime she says "I lost 3lbs." I don't think she realizes like…..that was probably just a big poo. You didn't really lose any weight. You just took a monster dump

  45. I've seen people fatter than her going to the gym or working out at home. She has the money to buy actual gym equipment like a mill or a stationary bike so if her anxiety is that bad then she could just workout at home. But she refuses to. At this point, I don't even feel bad for her anymore.

  46. Amber has always lied. She has no plans to lose weight. Until she can get to the point where come to terms with her past and past traumas she will not lose weight. She relies on food to ease the pain from the past. I used to do the same. It is my belief that she lies so much because she is trying to convince herself she is doing the right thing. That eating out and fast food are ok as long as you leave the bun off. She cant move past the food and what it does for her. As in my case truly healthy food disgusted me. Partly because it did nothing to stop the hurt. Her health is getting worse by the day. She makes no attempts at exercise. She can walk around Ross and thrift stores but not Wal-Mart. Instead ops to ruin and destroy the scooters. She lives on pitty, control and junk food. I used to feel bad for her because I have been there where food is my life, but now after vlogmas and the fake botched phone call I don't care what she does. That crossed a line with me. A blatant lie. One day she will end up in a situation she can not come back from. Then what another video about all the lies she has told and coming clean. She makes her own choices said her we like them and agree or not it's her choice. If she wants to die with a burger and fries or eggrolls in her hand, there is nothing anyone can do about it. But continuing to talk about her and giving attention is not helping either. She has grown a huge ego with all the attention she is getting. Fueling her on more. Her behaviour is disgusting and she gets validation everyone someone clicks on one of her videos. I'm done with her. I don't care anymore. One day she wont wake up. Then what?

  47. Her being son unreliable is one of the reasons I only watch reaction channels about ALR, I just can't trust her content anymore and she doesn't respect her viewers

  48. Her talking abt an 'eating disorder' and having smth going on w scales rn…. dont say you have an ed if it ISNT confirmed or you havent at least spoke to a doc abt it (whether its ana, bed, etc). im currently going to a doctor bc i think i do have an ed (an actual ed, dw im not like our dAiNTy gORl) and i dont go round saying 'omgEE My eD is sO hArD i hAvE oNe yOU KnoW! 1!!' like it just seems like a bullshit excuse coming from her. she seems so toxic and i absolutely cant stand her, she's full of excuses after excuses. she only motivates me to take care of myself, or at least try to for now. if she keeps this up she wont make it to 2021 and in all honesty she'd have had it coming.

  49. She’s just a smug bish! …oh and yes, a complete liar ! And trust me she knows she’s lying! Honestly stopped caring a long time ago!

  50. I'm over 300lbs lighter, all I have done is cut out sugary drinks and fast food and I've lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. I can't even imagine how much she must of been eating to only lose 2lbs in a month. Damn, that's sad and also scary.

  51. "This channel has always been about me" That's it. That's her whole problem. She's a narcissist who only cares about herself and makes everything all about her!

  52. AmberLynn is a gas giant full of lies. 2 pound December 2019 loss is maintaining 600 lbs. Karma, not her audience is causing her suffer. ALR continuously made me feel queasy mentioning multiple nude weighing on farm critter scale. Me me me me, she is not answerable to doctors, her audience or anything.

  53. NOT a weight loss channel!!! It’s a Gluttonous channel. She’s not the only one overweight here. Becky, Destiny, Sarah… all of the girls.

  54. I think she has got to be over 600 pounds. She looks so much bigger! She’d need two of those 5X cardigans to get it to close!!😳

  55. "You guys should come to one of my parties. I'm wild and quirky…"
    🙄Then vlog them! How many parties have you recorded Becky setting up, but yet you don't vlog the actual party!

  56. The thing everyone has to understand is she is a pathological liar & we can believe NOTHING she says.. She is a malignant narcissist & a pathological liar… She is EXTREMELY manipulative… It's obvious she is NOT & has NEVER been on track with any diet… If she says she's on track & losing weight you can trust & believe it's a fatass LIE

  57. I would love to see her on my 600 lb life. But that would mean she would be put in her place by Dr. Now and her whole act would fall apart. And a narcissistic person like her couldn't allow that to happen.

  58. Where is her watch? Looks like her steps are already off the table. Sick of her not sticking to anything!

  59. She could just get a professional person to help her with diet n she would lose so much weight but she chooses not too

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