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(light music) – Hi, my name is Whitney Novak, and I’m the Patient Advocate here at the Bariatric and Metabolic
Institute of Las Colinas. My role for you is to help you through the presurgical requirements, together we’re gonna be able to tackle all presurgical requirements in order to get you to surgery
safely and efficiently. Today I’d like to talk to you about what makes you a candidate for
surgery and how to prepare. Obesity is defined as
having too much body fat, which is different from being overweight. Obesity is a disease
which occurs over time when you consume more
calories than you burn. The balance between
calories-in and calories-out varies for each person. All bariatric candidates here
at Medical City Las Colinas are required to be 18
years of age or older. Body mass index or BMI
is one of major criteria in order to be a candidate for surgery. You can qualify if your
BMI is 35 or greater with one or more health related condition, also known as comorbid conditions, or you may qualify if
you’re BMI is 40 or greater. Some examples of comorbid conditions that are related to your
weight are diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, sleep
apnea, among many others. There are some contraindications that may prevent you
from being a candidate for bariatric surgery. These include certain
cardiac complications, respiratory issues,
psychological disorders, autoimmune conditions, and liver disease. The National Institute
of Health & Medicare require that patients have
a BMI of 35 or greater, one obesity related comorbid condition, medically supervised weight management, psychological evaluation,
and cessation of smoking. This may vary dependent
upon your insurance and their specific
eligibility requirements. Insurance specific Eligibility. Insurance frequently requires nutrition counseling, medical clearance for sleep apnea, cardiac disease, and psychological evaluation. Presurgical weight loss. Self pay eligibility. Meet financial requirements, surgeon specific clearances, presurgical weight loss. Your initial consultation with the Bariatric and Metabolic
Institute of Las Colinas is complimentary. This appointment gives you the opportunity to meet individually with
one of our highly trained, board certified surgeons. You will also meet with our Bariatric Nurse Patient Educator, Patient Advocate, and
Registered Dietician. Our team will discuss your options and form a treatment plan
that will be best for you and your weight loss goals. Together we will be able to
address any insurance criteria, surgeon specific clearances,
nutritional counseling, and financial requirements. Before you leave this
initial consultation, you’ll be given your very own
personal bariatric roadmap. This roadmap is created
to help you identify exactly what you need to do in order to proceed with surgery. For your safety, prior to
any surgical operation, we like for you to come
back into the clinic so that you’ll be able to review your case with your surgeon, and address any further questions that you may have prior to the operation. Alongside a comprehensive treatment plan, bariatric surgery is an effective tool to provide you with long-term weight loss. The presurgical process will give you the education to be
compliant after surgery. It is key to your success
to stay motivated, physically active, and dedicated to making
the right food choices. To adjust to the dietary restrictions, start implementing these
lifestyle changes now. Seek others who have previously
had bariatric surgery to learn more about what to expect in the months to follow postoperatively. If you believe that you meet the criteria, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us either
online or give us a call here in the office. Our team is excited to help you get to your successful weight loss. In the next section you’ll hear from our Bariatric Patient Nurse Educator about what to expect the day before, the day of, and after surgery.

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