Acupressure Points for Diabetes | Diabetes Control Tips and Tricks

hi viewers welcome back to our Channel
today we will be discussing few acupressure points these pressure points
are specially for diabetic people the people suffering with diabetes can go
through with these acupressure points it really works
but make sure you are following a proper diet as well as taking the medicines
prescribed by the doctor properly and also follow these acupressure points
let’s get started with these points the first pressure point has to be done only
on your left pump so let’s get started with the first acupressure point which
has to be done only on your left pump the point is from this corner till this
corner of your palm you need to press with the right thumb so this is a way
you need to make the pressure from this corner till this corner this is a point
which helps you out in getting rid of the diabetes only on the left panel now
let’s get started with the second acupressure point now we need to do on
both your hands on both your thumbs so below to the thumb level the spooling
part has to be pressed this way and this pressure point has to be done on both
your hands the same way below the thumb level the spooling part has to be
pressed this way on both the hands and this pressure point can be done for n
number of times whenever you find a leisure time whenever you are free you
can go ahead with this second pressure point now let’s get started with a third
pressure point where you will be needed your whole hand especially the part near
the elbow I hope you are clear with the position the elbow joint part has to be
pressed near the thumb line you need to make use of your four fingers on the
above session and one thumb finger below the elbow line so this is the way you
need to press four fingers above and one thumb finger below on the thumb line so
you need to press the swaye 30 times each time but you need to
do this for three times a day so this one can be done for three times a day
each time you need to perform 30 times 1 2 3 4 continue till 30 times this way
you need to do for 3 times a day and you can do this on both the hands the first
one can be done only on left thumb and remaining 2 can be done on both your
hands so friends I hope you are clear with the 3 pressure points from the
beginning till the end so please try to do all these pressure points regularly
for around one month of time this pressure points really works but it
takes some time make sure you are taking a proper diet and also following the
medicines prescribed by the doctor and also following these pressure points
treating diabetes with occupation occupation points are most preferable
for the people suffering from diabetes acupressure is an unsigned to Chinese
technique which helps to heal diabetes occupation has various pressure points
on body spots to cure diabetes acupressure is almost 5,000 years old
therapy to heal any illness through applying mild pressure on pressure
points here we are going to discuss acupressure points for diabetes control
spleen point lower leg point spleen point is situated in lower leg it is
directly connected with this plane you can find the exact spot of acupressure
spleen point and behind the shin bones the spleen point is at 4 fingers above
side of ankle bones applying firm pressure on spleen point for at least 3
to 5 minutes a day will give you insulin related problems continue doing this for
about 10 to 12 weeks to see good results intestine point intestine point is very
helpful for diabetics intestine point is also called Han Valley point acupressure
intestine point is situated between the index finger and thumb find the
interesting point as shown in video apply pressure or intestine point and
massage joint area on a regular basis to get
in intestine applying pressure on intestine point will remove the excess
heat from body and will give more energy acupressure points to cure diabetes
acupressure is one of the natural ways to cure your diabetes and has been
sought-after over allopathy due to its healing properties by using body’s own
energy diabetes is of two basic types type 1 where the pancreas in one’s body
does not produce enough insulin to digest sugars and type 2 where the cells
become immune to the insulin and thus do not digest sugar that’s outside the
blood either ways their sugar levels are affected giving result to a lot of
adverse reactions in the body but the good news is diabetes can be controlled
to a large extent if not totally cured acupressure is an alternative treatment
to cure various diseases there are hundreds of acupressure points in our
body by putting physical pressure on the right of you pressure points one can not
only relieve the stress and tension but can also get rid of various diseases
including the blood sugar RQ pressure is helpful for both the pre diabetics and
the diabetics acupressure along with the healthy diet and her’ll blood sugar
management medicines can help following our Chi pressure points cannot only help
relieve the pain for the diabetics but can also help to prevent blood sugar
wrists hand this acupressure point basically lies near the wrist the side
of the wrist where the little finger of your hand
lies the right side of your wrist on your left hand and the left side of your
wrist on your right hand is where this point lies as shown in video massage and
apply occupation on this point every day before your meals for five minutes which
will control your diabetes automatically feed there are specific points on the
feet that control problems like hypertension while treat diabetes as
well as insomnia this occupation point lies on the front side of your
put a little before your largest or on the second toe apply pressure under the
big toe with the help of your fingers since it is hard for you to do this
alone ask a friend to help the pressure points under the big toe will help in
giving a long-term relief from blood sugar pressing this point for two to
three minutes every day will help relieve symptoms of blood sugar repeat
on both feet the occupation points will help you manage diabetes symptoms by
managing the metabolic process and maintaining the insulin level mild
pressure exists on acupressure points along with proper diet and exercise
improves metabolism and insulin levels and thank you friends once again to
watch my video see you again the next video till then bye bye

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