Achieving Keto and Weight Loss Goals, featuring Manuela, AKA Instagram’s @Manuela.Fun.With.A.G

Achieving Keto and Weight Loss Goals, featuring Manuela, AKA Instagram’s @Manuela.Fun.With.A.G

So you’ve been losing weight for a while,
and you hit your goal. What the heck do you do now?! I’m gonna talk a little bit
about that this week with a very special guest, coming right up! Hey, guys! Welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. Welcome to the channel! This is the channel where we talk about all things
ketogenic diet. We talk about keto foods, we talked a little bit about keto
science, and we do some keto recipes. If this is your first time here, please
consider subscribing, and do click that bell icon so you’ll never miss a thing. I
wanted to talk a little bit today about weight loss goals, and what to do once
you hit them. I started 2017 with the goal of hitting
215 pounds. At that time, I was at about 275. So I started keto in late January, and just a few weeks ago, I hit that goal of
215, and I’m currently sitting at about 212. And I really feel like this is kind
of where I wanted to be. I had toyed around with the idea of trying to get
down to One-derland, to get my weight under 200 pounds, but as a taller guy, at
about 6’3″, I feel like between 210 and 215 is sort of where I want to be living,
particularly after talking with my buddy Pete Bilarczyk about the subject, which
can watch right up here. He threw down some crazy knowledge a couple weeks ago, regarding weight loss and maintenance, so do check that out. But yeah, I’ve hit my
goals — weight loss wise — and I’m still navigating what I’m going to do at this
point, and I really kind of wanted to get a different perspective on what other
people do when they hit their goals. And one of my pals on Instagram, Manuela (her handle is @ketomammaofthree), recently hit her weight-loss goals, and her
transformation is amazing. Like, she… over the last five months, I think, has
lost 80 pounds. She’s kicking butt, and actually, she and her friends have
unknowingly motivated me, many a morning, to get my own butt out of bed. I will
roll over, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, not wanting to go running,
and I’ll just peruse Instagram for a little while, and she and, you know, a
group of her friends are tagging each other at 4:30 in the morning, 5 o’clock
from the gym. So by the time I’m getting up, they’re… they’ve been done for like two
hours, and it… it really shames me into getting out of bed and hitting the road.
So I do appreciate that, Manuela. But I asked her if she’d come on the channel
and talk a little bit about her journey, and what she’s doing now, now that she’s
kind of hit her weight-loss goals. And she graciously agreed! So I’m super-excited to have her here. Manuela, thank you for being on the channe,l and why
don’t you take it away? [Manuela] Hi, my name is Manuela. I’m @ketomammaofthree on Instagram. When Aaron approached me to do a show on goals, it
was really a treat to look back at where I started, where I am today, and to dream
about what the future may hold. I started keto six months ago, after a
scary doctor’s appointment. I was a size 18, and I was the heaviest of my life, at
two hundred and twenty eight point eight pounds. I was in the worst shape of my
life, and my health was declining — declining at an alarming rate. I knew I
needed to do something drastic, so I decided to try keto. I read as much
as I could. I decided to follow Dr. Westman’s’ approach to keto, which is a
very strict form, to keep your carbs under 20 grams total, and I gave it a
shot I was afraid to dream. Because I failed so many times. I struggled with
weight my entire life, and I was afraid to believe. I was afraid that I was gonna
fail again, so I didn’t take any ‘before’ pictures or measurements. Please do that! Please, you want to give yourself as much credit as possible for where you started
in your journey. You will celebrate it later on. But I didn’t. I waited until I
had lost 21 pounds. Then I had hope that this actually worked. My cravings were
gone, so at that point, I decided to start an Instagram page, just to
chronicle my own weight loss, not that I thought anyone would be interested in
my journey. And really quickly on, I saw that people had a lot of success and a
lot of goals, and I had one: lose weight. So I decided to fine-tune those goals. I still was too afraid to pick a specific number, like
losing 10 pounds in a month. Now I’m glad I didn’t. I picked small goals. Goals that were relying only on me. If I was not
successful, I have only had myself to blame. If I was successful, I did it. But I
wasn’t reliant on my body being ready to lose 10 pounds. Sometimes that will
happen, sometimes it won’t. And I just didn’t want to factor that in. I know
that if I did set those goals and I didn’t make them, I would be hard on
myself, and want to emotional eat, and I don’t do that. If I did make that, cool. I
would be borderline disappointed in myself for not working harder to lose
just a little bit more. So pick small goals. My initial goals were: don’t cheat
on keto; track like you’re getting paid for it; and keep your carbs under 20
grams. I did it! I mastered those goals, and little by little, I would add more
and more and more and more. Drink a gallon of water, make sure you get your
electrolytes, you know, keep your carbs as veggies. And very quickly on, I was within
10 pounds of my dream weight. I looked back at the person I was. I didn’t even
recognize that person. Then the person that I was at that point who had made
great achievements, had conquered tons of food addictions — a lifetime of food
addictions — healthy habits. I was so proud of myself. Then I looked in the mirror,
and the fantasy that I had in my mind was not the reality that I saw. So it’s
time to go to the gym. If you know me, I am a social butterfly. I love to talk. I
love group settings. I love a group class, because of the competition factor of
it. Those weren’t my circumstances. My husband works long hours. He leaves
the house really early, gets home super- late. If I needed to get my gym on, it was
gonna have to be at 3:45 in the morning. And no one works out at that time, except
for me. But you know, what? I couldn’t focus on the inconveniences. I had to
focus on that goal, and do whatever it takes to make it possible. So I got into
the gym. Being a night owl, it was the hardest thing. Now, I love it!
It has created healthier… healthier sleep patterns. I’m not binging on Netflix. I’m tired. I’m a better mom because of it.
But that was by accident, that I figured it out. As I got to the gym, I quickly hit goal weight. I was at 149 pounds. Blew my mind. I didn’t even know that I would get there, let alone in five months. And then
what? I need a game. I need to make it a game. I need to find my motivation. How
would I find it? And I found it, by rewiring the game in my mind. I’d just
turned 39, and I decided by the time I’m 40, I want to be in the best shape of my
life. And that is now my motivation. As I
continued at the gym, somewhere things were happening. I was
getting bruises. I was having tingling in my feet. Just weird stuff. I didn’t feel
as great as I once had, and this is why I love Instagram. Reach out to smart people. There’s people that already have it figured out, that have been doing this
for a long time. And so I reached out to some people who helped me, who challenged me, and questioned me – “What are your goals?” You can’t… What worked for me when I was 228 pounds is not the same thing that’s gonna work for me at 149 pounds. I needed to up my calories. I needed to up my protein. I needed to
incorporate more vegetables. It couldn’t be so laser-focused on weight loss. My goal now had changed. It was to be in the best shape of my life, to be healthy. And with
that, my goals needed to change. So now, I’m in a season. It’s a new season, where
I don’t have everything figured out. I’m tracking macros. It’s super humbling,
because it’s hard. But if you aren’t willing to make difficult decisions,
difficult sacrifice, you’re not going to be highly successful. You’ll be
moderately successful, but I want to be highly successful. so now that I’m in
macros, it’s… as I said, it’s humbling. But my hope is that this is an opportunity.
It’s an opportunity for greater knowledge, to broaden my scope, in hopes that one day, I can use this this blood, sweat, and tears to help other people, so
it’s not wasted on just me. So I can share it — share it with other people, and
help them along, so wherever you are in your journey, there’s gonna be bumps in
the road. There’s gonna be times where you’re less successful. Don’t give up.
Make it your life mission to find that success. Sometimes you need to pick up a shovel and create your own path. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There
are so many people out there that already have it figured out, but with
some creativity, with some networking, you can… you can have those dreams, and be
where I am sitting right now. And I can tell you, it is the greatest feeling. My
life is insane. It’s crazy. Things are hard, but the one
thing that I have control of right now is my food, is my body. And it’s such a
great feeling. Aaron, I know you know this, because you’re in maintenance mode, too – and it’s the greatest feeling. I am so happy for you.
So people, don’t give up. Fight for your dreams, tooth and nail, blood, sweat, and
tears, because you deserve the happiness that is destined for you, and it’s so
doable. So thank you, Aaron, so much for having me on your show, It’s been an
absolute honor, and wishing you guys all great success. Thanks. [Aaron] Manuela, thank you so much. That was awesome. Guys, if you’re not following Manuela on
instagram already, you totally should. Her handle is @ketomammaofthree. Her
account’s awesome. Just check it out. Just the transformation pictures
alone are awesome and inspirational, She’s got crazy, cool, and hilarious
stories. Check her out. So Manuela, thank you again so much for
coming on. I really appreciate it. And I’m hoping to have more of my Instagram pals on here in the coming weeks and months, so do keep watching. That’s gonna wrap it
up for this video, guys. I really hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you have a
fantastic day. I’ll talk to you next time. you

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  1. Great video Aaron! Real "small" goals, photos, etc. all simple, but often overlooked advice. I just followed her on Instagram. Also, did you get a different camera. Your video (resolution) looks great. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. I've considered setting my goal as my original weight, but I've determined that 8 pounds, 13 ounces is an unreasonable goal. Thanks for the introduction to Manuela. Scott

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