About Angela Glasnapp, MD, FACS | Obesity

About Angela Glasnapp, MD, FACS | Obesity

Hi. My name is Dr. Angela Glasnapp and I’m a bariatric
surgeon at Somerset Medical Center. My practice is New Jersey Bariatric Center
and we have three locations in New Jersey. One in Somerville, New Jersey, one in Springfield,
and one in Hoboken. Myself and the other three surgeons in our
practice are all fellowship trained, and we are all part of a Bariatric Surgery Center
of Excellence program. There are many reasons why I love what I do. I love the fact that with one operation I
can change a person’s life drastically. I love that patients will come to me, potentially
on five, six, seven medications, and after one operation many times they can stop most,
if not, all of them. On a personal note, my best friend had weight
loss surgery over a year ago and has lost over a hundred pounds. I talk to her every day and I see how much
happier she is and how every aspect of her life has been positively affected by the surgery. So, I can whole-heartedly tell my patients
that weight loss surgery is a great option to help change their life. Not only will they feel better, look better,
but they’ll be able to live longer and enjoy their families. If you want to learn more about me or my practice,
you can visit our website at njbariatriccenter.com. I hope I’ve answered some of your questions
about obesity and weight loss surgery. If you think you might be a candidate for
bariatric surgery, take the next step, talk to your doctor, or attend a weight loss surgery
educational seminar.

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