A TikToker’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey Brings Kelly To Tears

A TikToker’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey Brings Kelly To Tears

– Social media has changed how
we interact with one another, and sometimes not for the better. Let’s be real. Most times, not for the better. But my next guest is using it
in an amazing, positive way. His name is Marcus, and three months ago, he
posted a video to TikTok announcing his weight loss journey. What happened next is truly inspiring. Take a look. (inspiring music) – Hey guys, I’m FTR, I am 594 pounds. It’s about time we make a change. So I figured if I put
this in social media, I might try to stick
with something for once. Follow me if you wanna keep updates and wish me luck. (inspiring music) (upbeat music) Yo, I am floored right now. I did not expect to have
20,000 of you following me. A package got delivered
to the front office. Instead of me taking my car,
driving it to the front office, decided to go the walk and get it. – (electronic scale voice) 574.4 pounds. If you did your weigh in today as well comment below how much you lost. Lets go for another week. With 20,000 of you I
definitely gotta go through with this, right? I can’t disappoint 20,000 of you. – (electronic scale voice) 561.0 pounds Yeah! Yeah! You guys are amazing. (applause) – Y’all please welcome Marcus. (applause) I mean okay, you inspire me so much, but tell us about yourself. – You know, my name’s Marcus, of course, and I’m from Chandler, Arizona and I’m just a normal guy, works at a call center and, you know, obviously as you guys can see, I’m a pretty big guy and, you know, a few months back I realized
I needed to make a change. And I posted up this video on TikTok, just hoping to get maybe
100 to 200 followers. And, you know, to help
support me in the journey and everything and – Keeps you accountable, too,
it’s a good way to do that. – Exactly, yes and I was hoping that they would do that for me and I was, like, okay
I posted up the video. I’m gonna go to bed. Woke up and 20,000
followers the next morning. It was mind blowing. – Wow! – [Marcus] And I opened
up the comments section and it was nothing but support. I was expecting a lot
of maybe, like, you know – Mean crap, trolls. – It was nothing but support
and people giving me advice. And, you know, now that
it has been a few months down the line, I have 3.7
million views on that video. (applause) – Have you always struggled with weight or was this like later on in life? – I always struggled with my weight. Ever since I was a
child I have always been the bigger kid and growing
up it has caused a lot of struggle in my life and the
smallest I can recall myself being in fourth grade was 197 pounds. A fourth grader should not
weigh that much and growing up with that weight, I noticed
that I’m the kid that’s picked on easily. I’m the kid that’s chosen
at gym class to race against because someone’s like, oh, an easy win. And it made it so that if I
go places I can’t really do things with my friends
because it might be something like hiking or wanting
to travel somewhere. And even in junior high,
I tried a lot of different weight loss routines and,
you know, like sugar busters, or a keto and things of those
sorts and it, they, just fail. I would fall off. Like Christmas or
something and I would eat something unhealthy. – Just so you know, we all do that. – Oh, yeah. – [Kelly] What’s your ultimate goal? – [Marcus] My ultimate goal right now is, well, first goal is going
to be hitting 299 pounds. And, that’s because I started
at roughly around 600 pounds and I want to drop down to
less than 300, so the 299. And at that point I’m going
to make a decision, how I want to loose the weight, whether
I want to bulk up, slim down or maybe look at surgery down the line. – Yeah, man, I love this goal for you. That’s awesome, man. So awesome. (applause) – [Marcus] Thank you. – [Kelly] What do you guys think whenever you hear this kind of story? About like, have you
all ever struggled that? Do you know anybody? [Max]- I think everybody has their thing and it’s how you approach it and how you deal with it on a daily basis. A lot, like an issue like this, feels like a life-long
issue, not just like a, I’m gonna do it in a week. It really is, like, okay,
well let’s see what today is and you’ve gotta sort of forgive yourself for the moments that don’t
go so well and get back on it the next day. – [Kelly] And not carry that guilt. – So I know that life improvement
thing I am doing right now is a package got delivered to
the front office and instead of me taking my car, driving
it to the front office, since my apartment is at the
back of the apartment complex. Is that a good walk? Yes, I got my package. It’s a message today. I kinda figured I needed one. So, yeah, it’s the little
things that are going to help. – Amen. (applause) That’s TikTok star Marcus
Brewer, who is documenting his weight loss journey for you. He has 300,000 followers. I’m back with him, plus
actor Max Greenfield and magician Shin Lim. (applause) So how often do you hear from
people who are saying they are losing weight and you’re
kind of the reason, like you’ve inspired them? – A whole lot. It’s actually overwhelming
how many messages that I actually do get. And, even now, it’s hard to
catch up with all of them and it’s people who
want to give me advice, tell me their stories,
say how I inspired them to do what they want to do,
even outside of losing weight. And so every single day I’m at least getting five
to 10 questions almost, just wanting to give me advice myself. – That’s so cool. Look at that community you just formed. – [Marcus] Oh yeah. – One video, like you
formed that whole community. That’s really, really beautiful. (applause) Well, one of the people
following Marcus on his journey is Jefferson from Chicago. He is in the audience today. Have you met before guys? Have y’all met before this. – [Jefferson] Never. What’s up, man? – Jefferson, stand up for us. How did you come across Marcus? – So, yeah, I was scrolling,
you know, social media one night and I came across
my dude’s video right here about losing weight and I’m, like, hey. I’m doing my own weight loss
journey, you’re doing yours. We kinda look alike in a weird way. (laughter) So, I’m, like, let me reach out to him. I reached out to him, I’m like, “Hey man, you are going to
inspire a lot of people.” – [Kelly] Yeah. – Because, let me tell
you, at my heaviest, I was 550 pounds, too. Okay, right now I’m rocking
like 360, so (applause) Thank you, thank you. It’s hard and we need that
community, so there’s days I wanna cheat, I wanna have
that Chicago deep dish pizza. But I’ll go to your page and,
you don’t even know this, and I’ll scroll and I will
do a hey, you know what? I’m not gonna cheat
today, thanks to you, man. – [Kelly] That’s so cool. (applause) What do you wanna say to him,
like that’s a crazy how you inspire someone you don’t even know. – Little do you know, you actually, people like you inspire me a lot as well for this journey. Hearing that you’re down so
much weight already makes me wanna continue towards my
goal as well and just kill it. – [Kelly] You can do it. – [Marcus] And I’m glad to
hear that I inspire you guys, you know, and it’s a
give and take here and, you know what? If it wasn’t for people
like you watching my TikTok, giving me support, I wouldn’t be down almost
40 pounds already myself. – [Kelly] That’s amazing. (applause) That’s really great. Well, Jefferson isn’t the only person with a message for Marcus. Here’s just a sample of
the people following him. – Hey Marcus, my name
is Mike from Alabama. – I’m Melissa from London, Ohio. – Nia from Indiana. – Mason Green from
Jefferson City, Missouri. – You don’t know me,
but I lost 158 pounds. – You’ve inspired me to
start my weight loss journey. – I lost a little over 70 pounds so far. – You are such a roll
model for a lot of people. – I just wanted to thank
you for inspiring me. – Keep up the great work. – I’m so proud of you dude. – Thank you so much for
sharing your journey and I can’t wait to see
what else you’re gonna do. – [Kelly] I’m like crying. – Whoa. (applause) – I’m like crying, it’s fine. What do you think when you see that? That’s gotta feel empowering. – It definitely is empowering. I knew that, to see faces
to those comments now like it’s insane and I just, I don’t want to let any of them down. I wanna make sure that, hey, they supported me and I will
support them 100 percent. I just want us to get together and just do our best with all our goals. – Exactly, I love you. (applause)

100 thoughts on “A TikToker’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey Brings Kelly To Tears

  1. I am underweight (not as severely as before) because last year someone called me fat, so I began to starve myself. Please don't do that to yourself. I almost died.

  2. Where are the people who say being big is healthy. This guy obviously wants to lose weight for his own good health and he inpsire others to do it as well, as in wanting to do it.
    But yeah, you have people who say its fine to be big.

  3. He is very inspiring. I love that he's putting his health 1st and making that change. It can be very difficult but his will is so amazing. Keep up the good work buddy. You got this!💖

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    A very long time ago when I was in grade school,high school … NO one was fat !!

    Maybe one or 2 in the whole school

  5. I think it's hugely < pun not intended…. due to sitting at computers 24/7 ..in a nutshell … "inactivity"
    now we have electric bikes…skateboards adding to the mix !

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  10. I was overweight too, I was not obese or anything just like 10 or 15 pounds or so overweight so i decided to workout for once in my life and here I am a year later at a healthy weight and feeling stronger then ever, I know I did not have a huge amount to lose compared to other people and had it easier but I guarantee you that if you just stick with it, it is worth it, do it for yourself, prove to yourself you can do it

  11. I can relate to this video so much I hope I’m not the only one who shed some tears lol I hope this year I can improve myself physically and mentally

  12. You can do it! Sharing is caring!! The steps you take today will serve you well in the days to come… you're so young!

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