A Plague Tale: Innocence – Run From Darkness

A Plague Tale: Innocence – Run From Darkness

Mommy is dead, Hugo! You’ll never see her again! Be sure to stay in the light… Hugo no! Kill the sister, take the boy alive! You can’t keep running forever. Go AWAY! There’s nowhere for you to go out there. You are a monster. A monster? You have yet to see just how…

46 thoughts on “A Plague Tale: Innocence – Run From Darkness

  1. Not interested in Netflix style propaganda video games. It's been almost ten years of no games where I can play a character I can relate to, until then I'll save my cash thanks.

  2. I just want to say how much this Game surprised me and I haven't event been able to play it myself. I watched Call Me Kevin do his video on it which introduced me to the game and I've wanted to play through it since then, and I broke down and watched a playthrough and now I just want to play it even more, it's incredible and my pick for Game Of The Year (Unless Greedfall tops it because that also really interest me.) Keep it up Focus Home Interactive and Asobo, Can't wait to see if there will be a second game in the series and where it will take us.

    P.S. Soilers down below.

    P.S.P.S. I hate the fact that Rodric died, like seriously? There was like that whole thing between him and Alex that made my mind flip flop on secret romances in the game, which was shook when Alex also died but, Rodric? Really?

  3. too Many spoilers in the trailer, no reason to play the game story wise.

    no good gameplay or interesting mechanica shown, no reason to play the gameplay wise.

    gives me the feeling i can write a game critique without playing it.

    "the game had a really nice open scene, it felt like something great was about to happen. but then the pace was kinda off. i was not required to use any skill to master the challenges. i was basically just doing the same thing as shown in the tutorials, over and over again.

    the game was slowly leading up to the intense moments but everytime I go close to one. I remembered it from the trailer and already saw it coming.

    nice visuals btw"

    it's 2019 good games don't need you to have a gtx.

  4. For anyone who's still on the fence about buying this. The game industry need more of these shorter, more linear game. There is no massive open world with thousands of pointless collectibles. Just engaging gameplay and an interesting story.

    They have a 45 member game studio and in graphics and design top even the best triple A games. This is my new favorite game, game studio and I so hope there will be a part 2.

    Buy it if you love strong story telling games because this is a must have in your collection!
    From the graphics to the sounds, but what I most love at all are the little conversations they have while walking around. They interact with the environment what makes feel much more realistic. YOU GUYS FREAKING NAILED THIS ONE !!

    Let me just try to put it in a different way. MANY girls will be born soon getting the name Amicia. I do know for sure my little girl will be called Amicia hehe. Beautiful name, never heard of it.

    To the game dev's…
    Please NEVER stop making these linear strong story immersive games. Keep the focus on the story, the relations and conversations 9f the character so you can see the grow together, or appart for that matter depending the game xD

    But there are no story telling games that feel so immersive, great music, great scenery like a plague tale is.

    Secretly I hope there will be a part 2, a part 3 after math and a whole trilogy on it as it is seriously the best game I have ever played at all. Just stunning, emotional, dramatical from begin to end.

    I wish you guys the best on you next titles. No doubt you guys will get far. You guys are true artists in every aspect of game, graphics and storytelling. Just props !!!!!!

  6. please make a sequel to this wonderful game
    please make a sequel to this wonderful game
    please make a sequel to this wonderful game
    please make a sequel to this wonderful game
    please make a sequel to this wonderful game

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