A Groom At The Wedding Proposed Me To Run Away With Him. I Was Not The Bride

A Groom At The Wedding Proposed Me To Run Away With Him. I Was Not The Bride

Hi! My name is Amber and I am twenty years old. I am a photographer and at one of my weddings
a groom asked me to escape with him. And you know, this ended up being the hardest
choice of my life. I always knew what I wanted to do when I grew
up: I was going to be a professional photographer — a camera artist. I began shooting when I was a kid, and since
then I rarely parted with my camera. Most of all I love to shoot people, to bring
out their inner beauty with my camera. That is why I was very glad that I had a chance
to assist my cousin Greg, who has already worked as a professional wedding photographer. When I was a kid I rarely saw my cousin Greg,
but as he started to gain popularity, and got more and more invitations to work in other
states, he realized that he’d better get an assistant and, at that time, he remembered
his little cousin, who expressed a vivid interest in photography. So, now I am the official assistant to a wedding
photographer. Usually, we’d arrive the day before, run the
rehearsal, and shoot all the pre-wedding scenes both indoors and out-doors, so on the day
of the wedding we basically shoot only the ceremony. Sometimes we have to stay for an extra day
if a lot of shooting is needed. But we don’t have long jobs like these every
week, so I have time for my studies, as well as for my personal life… Well if I had a personal life. In reality, I don’t have any personal life,
I haven’t had a boyfriend since my last year of high school.And soon you will find
out why. The story I want to tell you about happened
right at one of these long ceremonies in another state where my cousin was invited to shoot. We arrived in advance and it all went as usual:
my cousin was busy shooting and I was helping him, fully concentrated on my work until I
saw the groom. I see, you think that you’ve already guessed
that I somehow fell in love with the groom, and that now I’m going to tell you about how
terrible it was to meet the guy of your dreams on the eve of his wedding day? No, everything was not quite that pathetic,
but at the same time, it was pretty sad for me. The groom reminded me of my boyfriend from
school, Marshall. The resemblance was so striking that I thought
it must have been a miracle – they looked so much alike. Do you remember that I told you that I did
not have a personal life? The reason I stayed single was Marshall. He was my first love, as I was his. We were very happy, we were real high school
sweethearts, and no one at our school doubted that we would get married right after graduation.But
right before graduation Marshall… suddenly disappeared. It was a very strange situation, he did not
tell me anything, no hints, …he did not look like a man who was going to leave! We trusted each other so much, that I didn’t
even worry that he didn’t call me one day – we didn’t have school that day, I remember
it very well… This sunny early spring day when I opened
my Facebook profile where Marshall left me a message that said: “I will never forget
you.” And even then I didn’t really worry until
I realized that his phone was switched off and that he never went back on his social
network profiles. I went to his house to find out what was going
on, but the only thing that I found there was that his house… was… sold. Despite the fact that Marshall was a popular
guy at school, and was even considered tough, in his heart he was very soft and romantic,
and constantly told me how much he loved me, and how we would always be together. I also loved him very much, and, as I have
already said, I rarely parted with my camera, so I shot Marshall everywhere — at baseball
games where he played for the school team, at school committee meetings, and every time
we went out of town. My whole room was dedicated to Marshall, he
looked at me from all my walls, and I did not remove these pictures when he disappeared. I decided that something terrible must have
happened. For example, he had done something and was
forced to flee? Basically, for the almost three years that
passed since graduation, I was waiting for my boyfriend and then suddenly I saw his double
at a wedding. Can you imagine my feelings? I had looked at his photos for so long that
I could not be mistaken. And even though everybody called him by some
other name, I’m pretty sure I heard something like “Benedict,” I was still convinced
that it was Marshall. I could not double check with Greg: he had
never seen Marshall, since at the time when we were dating my cousin was busy building
his career. I had to check it out myself, so I snuck onto
a terrace where the parents of the bride and groom were drinking tea… and then there
was no doubt. I knew Marshall’s mother very well, and it
was definitely her! A little later I was able to be 100% sure
that I was not mistaken. I went to the car to get my cousin another
lens, when suddenly a familiar voice called out my name. I froze. Marshall, I was right, it was him of course,
who came up to me and said in an excited whisper that this meeting was an amazing surprise
for him, and that we urgently needed to talk, but not here, he wanted to meet me in the
evening at a cafe. After saying that, he put one of the guest
cards for tomorrow’s banquet in my hands, and when I looked at it I saw the address
of the cafe where he would be waiting for me this evening. I did not hesitate for even a moment – of
course I rushed to the cafe as soon as Greg and I had finished the preparation for the
next day and made sure that everything was in order. When I entered the café, my heart melted. Marshall was already there and he had even
ordered the coffee that I used to drink when we were in high school – decaf latte with
soy milk, no sugar. He remembered it even though almost three
years had passed! And then he took my hand and told me a story
that could be turned into a movie. I knew that his father worked as an accountant
in a large company, but, of course, none of us knew that this company was involved in
some kind of shady activities, and Marshall’s father was a witness to a dirty case. He was asked to make a statement in front
of the court, but asked for the witness protection program for himself and his family. Everything was kept in the strictest confidence,
and even Marshall himself did not know anything until the last minute. One morning he was simply confronted with
the fact that they were leaving for another state, that he was being transferred to another
school, and that the only choice he had at this point was what his new name would be. That was how Marshall became Benedict. Despite all his requests, he was not allowed
to inform his beloved girlfriend, that was me, about his departure. The only thing he had managed to secretly
do was to leave me a message on Facebook. And even for that he was punished and was
forced to close his profiles on his social networks. He really loved me, he said. For two years he was trying to find a way
to tell me everything without jeopardizing his family and me as well. And then… then life took its toll, and he
met Cindy. And now Cindy is pregnant and her super-old-fashioned
and influential parents pressured his family, and now he has to marry her in order to avoid
any unnecessary attention that this scandal could draw to his family. The night before the wedding, I could not
sleep at all. I looked at the photos from the rehearsal
and remembered how happy Marshall and I were a few years ago. I cried and tried to imagine myself in Marshall’s
place, and what I would do if he told me everything — I probably would have left my school and
family to be with him. In the morning, my cousin and I went to the
church – we had to work anyway. The groom was already there, and the bride
was late. I saw that Marshall looked worried, and for
a moment I hoped that maybe Cindy had changed her mind? These things happen… maybe only in the movies,
but my story with Marshall was already a lot like something out of a movie. Marshall noticed me too, and suddenly he took
out his smartphone and… within a second, I got a message from him: “Let’s run away
from here!” Yes! It was our chance to turn our movie–like
story into reality! I did not know what to do. On one hand… you see… of course I wanted
to be with Marshall… But on the other… I did not think that Cindy deserved this kind
of humiliation. Oh, can you just imagine? The groom runs away from your wedding! And then she would have to live with this
memory for the rest of her life. I was so carried away by my daydreams and
thoughts that I didn’t notice that Cindy had arrived. She was wearing a beautiful dress, and although
that day, I already knew that she was pregnant, nobody could detect the slightest sign of
her condition. Her face was glowing with happiness. And, at this moment, I realized that even
though I did not know this girl, I did not have any right to ruin her life. I did not want to be tempted, so I turned
off my phone, and left the ceremony briefly, coming up with some ridiculous excuse for
my cousin Greg. Of course he was furious that I left him to
work alone and I almost lost my job! But if he only knew who the groom was and
what he suggested that we do! I never saw Marshall-Benedict again. Of course he did not run away from his own
wedding and ended up getting married that day. But he still tried to contact me, so I blocked
his phone number. I did not have to block him on any social
networks because he did not open any new accounts. Although his wife Cindy regularly posts pictures,
including those that my cousin and I shot during the rehearsal. I look at them every now and then, and it
hurts a lot when I think I could have been in these pictures and in her place… and
I probably should have been there. I kept someone else’s family together at the
cost of my own happiness, and I am still not sure if I did the right thing? One thing I know for certain: it was a good
deed. But will it make me happy? Write in the comments what you think about
my story.And don’t forget to subscribe to this channel

100 thoughts on “A Groom At The Wedding Proposed Me To Run Away With Him. I Was Not The Bride

  1. Honestly. If i was the guy, i will try to live a life without any regrets, so I would break off the marriage regardless. Then go after the girl i truly like.

  2. You had a soul mate and you let him go the problem is he loved you and not her so you just pushed him into a loveless marriage……

  3. "Most of all, I liked to shoot people!!"
    Me: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    "As my cousin was shooting I helped him"
    Me: 🀣🀣

  4. I don't think you did the right thing. Now she has to live without knowing how trashy her husband is.
    Plus they were forced into a marriage.

  5. What if he was lying about being under protection, having to move and change his name? And he got another woman pregnant and was going to leave her at the altar after he said he was being forced to marry her to protect his family? That would be a huge scandal and no protection for his family. Sounds fishy.

  6. β€œMost of all I like to shoot people.”

    β€œMy cousin was busy shooting and I was helping him.”

    β€œI shot Marshall everywhere.”

  7. Well ummmm ok good for the girl not you you made his life worst and you did not do the right thing this is my opinion btw

  8. πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’’πŸ’‹πŸ˜‰πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’ŒπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  9. Respect to thus girl she chose right cuz if he was going to leave his soon to be wife then he would probably do the same to her

  10. You are so kind you really did the right thing. You deserve more. But if your boyfriend really loved you he would of told you this stuff instead he went to get pregnant another girl.

  11. Marshall's story is closely similar to one of the past stories of Actually Happened. I think it was "All My Friends Think I'm Dead" or something like that.

  12. That was nice of her she is a really kind woman and hopefully the man is always thinking about what he put her throw that was a big decision to make why would he do that


  14. Sometimes you need let things go no matter how much it hurts. Time will go by and someone as sweet and kind as you will find new love ❀

  15. Sometimes you have to do
    What's not best for you
    Whats not what you want to do
    Or not what you dream to do

    But what's best for someone else this guy was gonna skip out on his babies life just to be with a highschool sweetheart and possibly putting his own family at risk leaving was the best course of action

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