#84 PT 1 Non SCALE victory  – WEIGHT LOSS daily VLOG

#84 PT 1 Non SCALE victory – WEIGHT LOSS daily VLOG

okay Matt can I kind of want to talk to you about something that happens in families and kind of interested in what you think about it or what happens in your family so yesterday you came home upset and I my response to him being upset is very much to kind of leave him some space to be upset and I know a lot of families like if one person is always allowed to be upset but the other person isn’t and I would say would you say there’s a gross generalization that’s usually the woman who’s allowed to be upset that the man isn’t yes yeah I mean it’s a gross generalization again but I think a lot of times women are allowed to be upset but the men aren’t and so I tried really hard to create a space because I know that everyone has a bad day and if Mack is upset I just say well you know today is your day to be upset or today’s your day to have a bad day or you’re taking your turn and I think just by saying that will tell me what just by me saying that what does that do for you mm it means that it’s not and it’s odd because in my previous relationships I was never allowed to be the one that’s upset oh yeah okay so you actually do have experience with that I get it I think sometimes you’d be like what are you so upset about or what you know what’s what’s your problem or something like that and I don’t think that helps very much but I think the other thing that I try really hard to do is like for example I’ll say if the kids kind of start start to like I want this I want that I want that I’ll tell them okay read the room read the room this isn’t the time to be asking him for a bunch of stuff read the room this isn’t a time to be interrupting him or whatever why don’t you just wait until he has come back down and do you think that helps me there anything else you think that’s super helpful well super he’ll have your upset if you take some time away yeah so I think what you’re saying is that when you’re upset it’s helpful for you to be able to step back and have little time to process your emotions before you re-enter with the family yeah put yourself in timeout if you’re yeah because yeah put yourself in timeout yeah I guess one of the things that I try to do is help him put himself into timeout by creating a space that it’s okay for him to be upset and kind of keep the rest of the family away from him for a little while so that he can he can make his way through being upset so what happens at your house do you have one person who’s usually upset and the other person can’t be upset or are both of you or I shouldn’t say both because it could be a relationship but it could be children like because some children aren’t allowed to be upset either some children are they’re criticized for if they have a bad day or if things aren’t going well with them I think that happens too and so what happens at your house do you allow a safe place for people to be upset and make their way through it or are you like no you can’t be upset are you let’s not act like that or you can’t blah blah blah I would love to hear about it in the comments section below okay I thought you would talk more on this topic I don’t want to lose my father [Music] you know guys have a word quota maximum maximum word caught of in 18 24 hour period so some is some people have a very high word quota like politicians and lawyers and public speakers even if they’re male oh yeah especially if they’re male because women don’t have a workflow okay there we go I want to go past that 262 mark how’s it possible I don’t know how it’s possible that my weight can be up my foods been fantastic my water in fact last night I went to bed remember how I was late I’m drinking my water like super late I get into bed I’m lying there I’m just outside of those oh my gosh I forgot that drink my last cork so I get my last court 11 o’clock at night and I suck it down so I got all my water in in 100% of my water and yesterday my food was fantastic I don’t know why I’m holding onto this weight but I’m gonna keep going like I’m not making the huge mistakes that I was making for a few months there my eating is clean my eating is good and so I know that eventually the scale will tell the truth and so I’m gonna hang in there and wait for the scale to tell the truth and I’m excited about that it’s a good day to have a great day and I absolutely 100% am taking it day-by-day I am on a journey to get to 244 pounds I would love friends and company along the way please hit subscribe if you’d like to join me it’s kind of fun I mean like it’s fun I’m not a great time coming along my way so I’d love I’d love for you to be with me on this trying to kind of come on into my circle and see what it’s like over here in the world of lynne venture I’ve been thinking a lot about the effect of emotions on my eating so like I know I’ve talked about this a lot in my videos but I’m definitely an emotional eater and emotions play a big part in my weight loss stuff I really believe in quality calories in calories out like you have to have the calorie balance I don’t like food thoughts I don’t like feeling like I’m hostage to food decisions I don’t like any of that kind of stuff and it’s usually based on emotion for a lot of years I wasn’t even willing to acknowledge that I was having an emotion I’ve now moved and I’m probably I don’t know how many years ago I’ve moved into like at least acknowledging that I’m having an emotion then I kind of had to learn to name the emotion and like I have a list of words that I use to try to figure out what my emotion is then my next step for me is to verbalize that I’m having an emotion of what the emotion is and then as you know from the videos a lot of times I write about it because writing about it helps me to get the whole thing out but emotions are playing a huge role in my eating and my food choices and what I put in my mouth and how often I put stuff in my mouth and I am continuing to work on that I’d love to hear if emotions and making your way through emotions is part of your journey as well and any tips or trips any tips or tricks you have related to getting your emotions out okay my weight was not what I would have expected today a little bit disappointed by that but I did have another non scale victory this morning that I want to share with you so Audrey introduced me to the idea of non scale of victories I’ve given you a few examples like one of them leave these nails my nails are growing so well which means that I am nourishing my body enough that it’s got extra nutrients to send out to my nails plus when I was in the airplane I didn’t have to ask for the seatbelt extender which I used to have to do when I weighed 304 pounds that was a non scale victory and I’ve told you a couple hours I can’t remember now but I just had one again this morning that I want to share with you it is I just put on a pair of new pants I just pulled the tag off dah dah 1x baby I’m gonna show you so so I normally I’ve worn up to 3x maybe even 4x at one point with my my my shirts probably were 4x at one point actually you know that robe thing that I wear every day I think that’s a 4 but it’s a little big I probably need to get a new one anyway I’m gonna show you the pants I don’t know that I picked them out on purpose at 1x I suspect I thought I was pulling a 2 X and my hand was just in the wrong place and I pulled them so they were sitting in my closet for some period of time I was looking for a pair of pants I grabbed them I was surprised to see the 1x and I thought I’d give them a try see what happens but like this but uh I think they fit just fine a little bit funny right here but I mean they fit they’re not tight I don’t know how I’ll feel when I sit down but what X baby 1x let’s see can I show you the rest see all the way down to my feet non scale victory what are your non skill of victories today I want you to think about what is mine on scale victory today because the scale can lie clearly I should have gone past 262 this morning it is a total liar but I’m not gonna believe that lie I am going to see what other things are happening with my body which reflect better the activities that I’ve been doing lately towards being healthy because I want to be healthy that’s my huge goal I want to be healthy okay I want to hear about your non scale victories and comment section below ok this is a sign that I had hanging up in my house it’s got a bunch of power words on it so I’m gonna pick one for today I think I don’t think I’ve chosen let’s see what we have here I can’t read it because it’s for me it shows backwards and see oh this is the one for today right there the power word for today is strong this is a good one I don’t even know if I can use this one before if I have it definitely deserves being used again strong we are strong you are strong I am wrong I am strong I am strong I am strong this power word is going to get me through the day I hope it helps you too you

4 thoughts on “#84 PT 1 Non SCALE victory – WEIGHT LOSS daily VLOG

  1. I’m trying so hard to be strong. I lost 2 oz from yesterday but I’m gettin’ real tired of this. 😣I move a lot compared to a few days ago. I’m committed to walking over 5K steps a day and doing power walking (can’t afford gym yet) and drinking water and, of course, eating right. It seems like I’m spinning my wheels. Ugh😖 Non scale victory – I’m trying to think of one… my feet don’t hurt anymore, I don’t need over the counter sleep aids to knock out at night anymore (been using those for 20+ years)…those are all I can think of. They’re not immediate victories. But I’m trying to pull myself out of this funk. My emotions play a very heavy role in my life – always have. With starting a new job soon, I always had food to cope with nerves. Now I don’t. No food or money… I’m fit to be tied!😤 I’m writing again because it helps me stay away from the fridge. But I truly feel like a caged bear. Ok trying hard to be strong. But it’s hard… Having an off day, Lynn. Sorry🙁💕🌈🦄🌸 By the way,’congrats on getting into a smaller size pants! That’s great! Awesome sauce!🤗

  2. The pants look great! Honestly I think your scale issues was because of that water you drank especially if your electrolytes are not high enough. You are correct. The scale will catch up.

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