80lb Obese Dog Wins Weight Loss Battle

80lb Obese Dog Wins Weight Loss Battle

COMM: Just one year ago Bolinha the stray dog was dangerously overweight. But just twelve
months later thanks to the intervention of BRazilian animal charities and vets, he has
shed the pounds and has been given a whole new lease of life. 00:27
COMM: Bolinha was a stray mongrel sleeping outside a snack bar and restaurant at a filling
station in rural Brazil. Surviving off scraps fed to him by staff and passers by he became
so obese that he could barely move, and was often photographed by visitors. 00:44
COMM: He was eventually rescued last September by an animal charity. 01:14
COMM: Michele teamed up with Pamela Ferreti. A lawyer and animal activist that runs Pam
Pet in Cuiabá, a hundred and eighty six miles from where Bolinha was rescued. 01:24
COMM: She publicised Bolinha’s case to raise the money to pay for his treatment. 01:42
COMM: From the state of his teeth the vets estimated he was around nine-years-old and
he weighed almost 80lbs. 01:50
COMM: Test revealed no reason for the obesity other than over eating, and so they set about
nursing him back to health. 02:27
COMM: Just one year later, Bolinha is a changed dog. Even if he does have some excess skin.

100 thoughts on “80lb Obese Dog Wins Weight Loss Battle

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  2. Okay, I want to see the vets and this dog promoting their successful brand new diet plan for humans. You know, you will be able to buy their revolutionary new weight loss plan for only $29.95 that will help you loose weight, and feel great.

  3. In Brazil millions of people do not have access to any health services whatsoever. Children in Favelas fight of scraps of bread. I'm glad to see valuable and costly human resources are being expended to help this dog lose weight.

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  5. Omg this is t normal! But he looks amazing and beautiful I would adopt him! My friends dogs got his stomach tied or to make it smaller and I feed a big meal once a week(I think) just because he is 2 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT!

  6. this sweetie should teach me how to lose weight.. I notice dogs don't have fats on their legs even though they're fat

  7. I knew it. Brazil is the place that has (probably) the highest amount of abandoned dogs. Trust me. I live in Brazil. And everyday when I go out i see atleast more then 4 abandoned dogs in the street.

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  9. Its very unusual in this day and age to see an older male dog who isn't neutered. Don't they have the same concerns about dog overpopulation in Brazil as in the rest of the world?

  10. dogs that are depending on scraps and are homeless and not wild will eat any time they get the chance because they never know when they'll get another chance. that is probably why he is fat. poor thing: (

  11. That's terrible could you imagine if we did that to people fat camps will just collar you away from the taco bar to some boot camp

  12. Sorry but it's funny how this dog was living near a foodjoint n a gas stations due to over eating Damm he was lazy to hit the gym 🤣🤣

  13. This is truly amazing. However at our house we deal with an obese dog and we need help paying for surgery. I will link a gofund me. And if you all loved seeing this dog transformation. As i had. It would be amazing to see it happen for my dog, Coco. Just a dollar or two would be greatly appreciated! And please, spread the word to YOUR friends and family and tell them the same. Thank you! http://gf.me/u/tkxnht

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