7 Things You Should Never Do When INTERMITTENT FASTING | Dr. Nick Z.

7 Things You Should Never Do When INTERMITTENT FASTING | Dr. Nick Z.

In this video I’ll uncover seven things that
you should never do in intermittent fasting because it can stop you from getting great
results. Intermittent fasting is an incredible health strategy when done correctly and the
truth is a lot of people tell me their story about intermittent fasting. What they’re doing
and I find little things throughout their intermittent fasting strategy that is messing
them up. In some cases are still getting results but they could be getting better results if
they made these very simple tweaks. So what we’re gonna talk about in this video is seven
things you should never do an intermittent fasting. The top seven things that I see people
mess up through this whole process and I’m also going to tell you how I do intermittent
fasting week after week. So stick around to the end of this video but before we get started
I’m Doctor Zyrowski and welcome to the channel. If you’re new to the channel it’s a pleasure
to have you here. Be sure to hit the notification belt and join the notification community.
I’m gonna help you excel your health and your life. Let’s go ahead and jump into the first
big thing I see people make a mistake with and that’s caloric confusion as I refer to
it. Basically, what this means is that people aren’t doing the right calorie consumption.
They don’t have the proper calorie consumption. Now this is something that’s pretty interesting
because if you’re someone who was like me you grew up eating three meals a day as a
child. Into your young adulthood and then you know you switch to maybe two meals a day
or one meal a day. It’s very mind twisting and mind-bending to really figure out how
much you should be eating. So if you grew up like I did then you kind of develop a set
point and you know like “Hey, I need to not eat this much otherwise I’ll start gaining
weight and I need to at least eat this much otherwise
you know I’m not gonna feel very well”. You develop this innate setpoint but when
you go from three meals a day to two meals a day. You know all of a sudden your portions
look like they’re a little bit bigger maybe or maybe they look like they’re too small.
Then even if you go from two meals a day to one meal a day it gets really twisted and
it gets really hard to understand what’s happening. Then let’s say maybe you throw exercise into
the mix and then all the sudden you need more calories. So you may be doing one meal a day
and you’re going and you’re looking at your plate going “oh my gosh that is way too
much food I shouldn’t possibly be eating this much”. Remember with intermittent fasting
the goal isn’t to calorie restrict. The goal is actually to maintain proper caloric intake
and so you may look at that and go that’s way too much food or you may look at it and
say it’s not enough. So with all this mind-bending going on one of the things I always recommend
is; I recommend that you learn to count the amount of calories you’re consuming throughout
the day. Even if you have done this at some point in your past and you have a good understanding
of it when you switch to two meals a day or one meal a day you still should do another
check. Make sure that you’re falling into the proper caloric intake. You don’t want
to be having too much because otherwise let’s say you’re trying to do intermittent fasting
to lose weight and then you’re not losing weight because you’re eating too much. That
happens a lot you’re fasting all the time and then all of a sudden you start eating
and you start overeating, so we want to make sure that we’re getting proper caloric intake.
We also don’t want to fall into the trap of like I said you look at that big meal at one
meal a day and you go I shouldn’t possibly be eating that much. Especially if I want
to lose weight and then what happens from there is you start crashing your metabolism
because you’re getting too few calories. If you’re someone who’s maybe using intermittent
fasting or one meal a day as a way to burn fat but spare muscle because you’re trying
to put on some good lean muscle mass then you’re not going to be able to put that muscle
on If you are not getting proper calories. So always check your calories make sure that
that’s spot-on because this is a big problem for a lot of people. If you get this right
the results that you will get from intermittent fasting whatever your goals may be will be
much better. Let’s talk about not drinking enough water. Now I’m gonna tell you what
this happens to me all the time because when you’re not eating. A lot of times you just
forget to drink water. For me I’m in the clinic I’m working with patients, I’m going from
room to room and I’m busy and moving fast. And all of a sudden, I look back three – four
hours and I’m like I didn’t drink any water. I typically notice when I start to not feel
too good and get a little bit of a headache whatever it is. So when doing intermittent
fasting, especially one meal a day, a big problem for me, especially with one meal a
day you have to make sure that you’re drinking water throughout the day. When you eat you
kind of have a natural tendency to want to drink some water but when you’re not eating
it just doesn’t happen as much so be careful with this one. Make sure you’re drinking up
the proper amount of water and the other kind of conversation that goes with this is that
you want to make sure you’re getting proper electrolyte consumption as well. Sometimes
when intermittent fasting what I’ll do is I’ll sprinkle a little bit of salt in my water.
I’ll take a little crystal of the sea salt and just put it in my mouth and suck on it
but we want to make sure that with proper hydration we’re also getting proper electrolytes
because it makes you feel so much better. If you’re not getting proper electrolytes
or proper hydration the holdfast is gonna be a rocky road. I mean you’re just not going
to feel well especially with the electrolyte problem. So make sure that you’re doing that
in order to get good results. Let me know if you fall into this trap of not drinking
enough water in the comments below. Next on our list is going to be medication. I get
a lot of questions around medication when doing intermittent fasting and this is a problem
for a lot of people because so many people are on medication. In the past I had told
people well if you have a problem like type 2 diabetes you shouldn’t just be jumping in
the intermittent fasting and a lot of people were like well no intermittent fasting is
great for type 2 diabetes. Well it is but let’s assume that the type 2 diabetic or the
person with high blood pressure or the person who has these different health concerns is
on medication. That’s what I would always assume if you have these issues. So let’s
say the person is on medication and if you’re on medication you should work with your doctor
before jumping into an intermittent fasting routine. Let’s just talk about the type 2
diabetic. The type 2 diabetic is on some sort of medication in order to drive down their
blood sugar. What will happen if they’re doing intermittent fasting, one meal a day and taking
their medication. Well they will drop their blood sugar to the point maybe they’re passing
out. To the point where it’s dangerous. I mean imagine somebody’s driving down the road
and they decide to embark on one meal a day because they read something about it on the
internet and how good it is for type 2 diabetics. Then they’re taking their medication and then
they pass out like it could be very dangerous. So we always have to look at all the people
who are falling into these categories and understand that if you’re on medication you
need to work with your doctor on it because there could be some complications with it
and it’s just the safe thing to do. So with medications talk to your doctor. The wrong
fasting method I think this is important too because a lot of people who do intermittent
fasting are very much influenced by their social circle. Whether it be their family,
whether it be their friends whatever it is. So as you’re influenced by your social circle
you tend to jump into whatever fasting method they’re doing. Maybe they’re doing one meal
a day. Maybe they’re doing 16:8 intermittent fasting. Whatever that is you tend to do what
they’re doing and unfortunately sometimes that is not the right method for you and sometimes
there’s even peer pressure like “oh you got to do one meal a day because that is the
best way to do it”. That’s how you get the best results but it still may not be right
for you. So make sure that when you’re doing intermittent fasting you’re using the right
method for you. Not just the right method you know there’s no such thing as it’s 16:8,
one meal a day. I mean they’re both great and make sure that you use the right one for
you. Now for me I like to alternate back and forth. Naturally the days that 16:8 works
out well for me I do 16:8. Naturally the days that I just fall into this one meal a day
category where it’s like I’m moving all day, I’m busy, my mind’s busy I do one meal a day.
Simply because it fits my schedule better. Now I like to do both and I like to sprinkle
both in. So I let them naturally just happen and some days it’s kind of a sliding scale.
It’s like I was gonna eat lunch and do two meals today at 16:8 but it’s just gonna work
out better for me if I do one meal a day. Let me know in the comments of what strategy
you’re using and how you came about deciding which one is right for you because I think
that’s very insightful. Now let’s go ahead and talk about the next thing here. Excessive
stress I’m big on this one because as someone who has been under excessive stress before
and trying to do intermittent fasting; I kind of understand all the different things that
can go wrong. I also see different patients who are under excessive stress who tried to
utilize intermittent fasting and they just keep crashing and struggling with it. Excessive
stress what would be an example of that? Somebody who’s not sleeping well at night. Maybe you
just had a new baby. Someone who is working a very physical job, maybe you’re doing construction
all day. Someone who is going and having maybe some financial stress. Maybe somebody who
has some emotional stress with their relationship. Somebody who is truly under a lot of stress
and when you’re under a lot of stress intermittent fasting you can kind of go off the rails in
so many directions with it. You can have problems with chronic fatigue when doing intermittent
fasting. You can have adrenal dysfunction. You can have problems where you’re just like
binge eating. I mean you can have a lot of things that come up and let’s say, let’s say
you top that off with a health condition because most people are suffering from one or more
health conditions. So top all that off with a health condition because that’s considered
physiological stress as well and then you add in physiological stress through fasting.
It’s very difficult to move forward in a successful way. Now understand this like I said many
people are suffering from a health condition. So what I find is that 16:8 typically works
very well for most people regardless of the situation but one meal a day is where you
start putting too much stress on and that excess of stress causes people to not actually
get good results. In some cases I get a little bit of bad results and like I said a lot of
people just keep stacking the stress on and you know doing excessive exercise, whatever
it is. Just be careful and it’s usually not one stressor. It’s a whole compilation of
stressors that cause people to have issues. Let’s talk about what can I have. Ok this
is another big thing that is one of those things I see so many people focus on. Well
if I’m doing intermittent fasting what can I have. I’m gonna put a little creamer in
my coffee. Maybe a little bit more creamer in my coffee because it tastes better that
way. I put some xylitol in and some stevia cuz I like it like that. You know so many
people just go and they keep adding in all these little things. Oh stevia candies,xylitol
candies, xylitol gum. You know so a lot of people ask what can I have? What can I have?
What I really get people to focus on is just doing a good pure fast. What do I consider
a good pure fast. Just drinking water and that’s what I do. You know because I have
fallen into that trap. Let me know in the comment section below if you’ve fallen into
that trap but you if you fall into that trap it’s like well you know i’ll have some apple
cider vinegar and I’m gonna put all this stuff in it. You know I like having plain apple
cider vinegar with water when fasting but I stay away from putting all the little things
in it in most cases just because I like to try to do the purest fast as possible. So
be sure to make sure that you’re focusing on doing a good pure fast and not trying to
add in all the little things because they may be messing up your fast. Now of course
let’s talk about this a little bit further because there’s always situations. For instance
one person asked me he said “Well I’m doing intermittent fasting. I’m doing one meal a
day and I work out first thing in the morning and I don’t have my one meal a day at night
and then I’m trying to build muscle”. So he’s asking can I have pre-workout and can
I take essential amino acids and I was like in that case I would. Personally I would actually
do that. Now do essential amino acids break your fast? Absolutely. Will the pre-workout
break your fast? It can. There’s some that won’t, some that will and so it’s really just
a judgment call on your part. Now in his situation and if I were in that situation; if I’m trying
to put on muscle I would want to give my body the proper building blocks to build that muscle
and not just fast all day long. It’s gonna be difficult to work out like that and build
a lot of muscles. So I would do that personally and I wouldn’t really care that much about
breaking my fast with the essential amino acids. Now it’s all about judgment call. Make
those judgment calls for you. If having that coffee with a little bit of creamer and it
allows you to actually do the fast and not fail at it because you just find like you
know you can’t enjoy yourself at all and you don’t like it then you know just do the coffee
with the creamer in it. Something is better than nothing make those judgment calls. Make
it sustainable for you but still always try to do a good pure fast. Let’s go ahead and
talk about taking supplements. A lot of people ask me this question. Should I take my supplements
while doing intermittent fasting? The answer is yes and no, ok. Now the no is in general
you just shouldn’t take it. Like if you’re just have the ability to take your daily vitamins
throughout the entire day don’t focus on taking them when doing intermittent fasting. In many
cases it’ll even make you not feel too hot. You can take some of these different minerals
that will sit in your stomach like a rock. They make you feel like you want to puke.
In general do not take supplementation when doing intermittent fasting and I don’t typically
like to take anything that’s going to alter physiology when intermittent fasting either.
You have to think of it this way too. If you’re taking supplements you’re starting your digestion
and then you’re kind of like messing with fasting a little bit. Now in general like
I said don’t do supplements. Now there’s always some different caveats to this rule and the
truth is I work with a lot of people with health conditions. Okay a lot of times I’m
working with people with gut conditions taking some of these different gut formulas that
are helping to decrease inflammation and improve gut health are best taken on an empty stomach.
So we still do that sometimes people who are under excessive stress we still do adaptogens
like rhodiola, ginseng some of these different adaptogenic herbs. Now we also even do B vitamins
sometimes because people are under excessive amounts of stress or they’re suffering from
a health condition. If you have some sort of health condition there may be a good reason
that you want to if you’re working through something and it’s still highly highly beneficial.
Now for someone who is just you know your general average person. Let’s say you’re good
and healthy don’t try to take your supplementation on an empty stomach first thing in the morning
in a fasted state. It’s not the best thing to do. So be sure to put in the comment section
if or when you take your supplements. I’d love to know and then also give this video
a thumbs up. Share with me in the comments section below some of the mistakes you’ve
made with intermittent fasting and how you’ve overcome them. Also be sure to check out this
video that’s going to teach you some of the latest science on intermittent fasting when
it comes to disease and longevity, it’s awesome. For these people who have really bad cholesterol
scores and triglyceride scores and inflammation in the heart. Utilizing fasting is very powerful
for going in basically reversing that and bringing it down to a good homeostatic balance.

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