7 Fattest People in The World

7 Fattest People in The World

Baboon TV Presents 7 Fattest People Number Seven: Charity Pierce @ 778 lbs Love is a many splendored thing, and has inspired
many people to lose weight. Just ask Charity Pierce, one of the world’s
heaviest women who at her peak weighed 778 pounds. After getting engaged, she decided that she
wanted to lose weight so that she could actually walk down the aisle. Currently, she’s working on losing 200 pounds
so that she can be cleared for gastric bypass surgery, which will hopefully enable her to
lose another 350 pounds to get her closer to her goal weight of 200. Number Six: Paul Mason @ 980 lbs Currently, Brit Paul Mason weighs roughly
200 pounds, but at his heaviest, he was one of the biggest people in the world, weighing
in at 980 pounds. He underwent gastric bypass surgery which
helped him to lose close to 700 pounds and lost close to another 100 pounds after the
excess skin was removed by an American doctor. Mason is now learning to walk again after
having been bedridden for so long and looks forward to marrying his American fiancée
in the near future. Number Five: Kenneth Brumley @ 1,033 lbs Dubbed “Half Ton Dad” after appearing
in a documentary about the heaviest people in the world, father of four Kenneth Brumley
weighed in at 1,033 pounds at his heaviest. During that time, he was consuming nearly
30,000 calories a day. After being stuck in bed for four years, Brumley
received gastric bypass surgery, but not before firefighters had to tear down a wall of his
house in order to extract him. Since receiving surgery and changing his diet,
Brumley has lost over 500 pounds. Number Four: Mayra Rosales @ 1,036 lbs Mayra Rosales splashed across the news in
2008 when she was charged with the murder of her 2 year old nephew. Weighing in at 1,036 pounds, she claimed that
she slipped and accidentally crushed the boy when she tried to pick him up. But forensic experts determined that this
was impossible because of the boy’s actual injuries and the fact that Rosales couldn’t
move on her own because of her weight. Her sister was later charged and sentenced
for the death of the child. In the aftermath of the news coverage and
trial, Rosales underwent 11 different surgeries to shed over 800 so that she could care for
her sister’s other children. Number Three: Patrick Deuel @1,072 lbs Former restaurant manager Patrick Deuel’s
had always been obese, but at his biggest weight of 1,072 pounds, he spent seven years
in bed which led to a slew of health problems. As his condition deteriorated, the decision
was made to take him to a hospital to get help. But in order to do that, the wall of his bedroom
had to be cut to get him out, and he had to be transferred in a special ambulance. After 12 months of following a diet and receiving
surgery, Deuel has lost over 570 pounds. Number Two: Robert Butler @ 1,200 lbs At his biggest, Robert Butler of Providence,
Rhode Island weighed 1200 pounds. Having suffered from depression and an addiction
to eating, Butler has been on disability since 2006. He made headlines recently when he was hoisted
by crane from his nursing home. The nursing home was experiencing some financial
difficulties and Butler lodged complaints about the subpar care he was receiving. He was then transported in a shipping container
by truck to a new facility, where he is apparently doing much better. Number One: Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari @ 1,345
lbs At his heaviest weight of 1,345 pounds, Saudi
Arabian Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari is currently the record holder for heaviest person living
on the planet and the second heaviest person in recorded history. He’s also had the highest ever recorded
BMI, at 204. In 2013, King Abdullah intervened and ordered
Shaari to be transferred Riyadh for treatment. After six months of treatment, he lost over
700 pounds and is able to move about with the help of a mechanized wheelchair. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos!

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