6 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

6 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Hey, there viewers! Trying to lose weight? I feel you… Every Monday, I wake up trying to stick to
my diet and shed some pounds… And every Wednesday I give up… Why does losing weight have to be so confusing? There are a zillion diets and exercise routines,
each one as complex as scaling Mt. Everest. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about
psychological tricks to lose weight. Some might sound absurd but they really work! Could massaging your earlobes help? How about telling jokes? Watch this video and trick your brain into
submission. #1 Go Bananas Yes, literally! This is really weird advice that might actually
work. Certain scents have been linked to weight
loss. Research has found that smelling bananas and
green apples have an impact on the amount of food you eat. A group of 3200 overweight women were subjected
to various smells when they were hungry. These smells included bananas, green apples,
vanilla, and peppermint. The six-month long experiment recorded an
average weight loss of 31 pounds in women exposed to these smells. But how could this be true? Well, it turns out our mind registers smell
as a way to decide if food is appetizing. Green apples, bananas, vanilla, and peppermint
are neutral sweet smells. When we catch a wif, our brain thinks it has
eaten the food. As a result, we are uninterested in consuming
them. Adding strong seasonings to your food may
also help. Consider adding ginger, basil, rosemary, and
cinnamon to your food. The appetizing smell promotes satiation. But before you go smelling your favorite chocolate,
here’s a word of caution! Foods like chocolate have strong, sweet smells. You might end up craving, and eating it way
more than you planned. #2 Eat Blue Blue might be your favorite color but certainly
not for your appetite. So why not use it to your advantage. A research study found that the color blue
can influence the portion size of your meals. The psychology of colors says that blue can
help suppress your appetite. So the next time you spot blueberries, eggplants,
blue plates and cutlery, blue napkins, and blue tablecloth- buy them all! Changing the lighting around your dinner table
might help too. Switch to blue! #3 Eat Alone No, we are not asking you to be anti-social. It is a known fact that when you eat in a
group, you end up eating more. Experts have termed this phenomenon as social
facilitation, meaning you indulge in a particular behavior just because you see others engaging
in the same behavior. Try eating alone if you can. If that’s not possible, sit at the end of
the table- one that’s far from your favorite snack. You will find yourself reaching out for helpings
a lot less. Another reason for eating more with friends
and family is that we are distracted by all the talking. As a result, we don’t realize how much we
have eaten and end up overindulging. Watching TV while eating is a bad idea for
the same reason. And so is carrying snacks to the movies. Before we move any further, here’s a video
that also might help you lose weight. Here’s 5 Bedtime Drinks That Can Help You
Lose Weight. #4 Tell Jokes Yes, tell jokes and often. Not only will you be the life of the party,
you will also lose weight. Nope, we aren’t joking either! Deep-rooted belly laughs have multiple health
benefits. Laughing calms your muscles, boosts immunity,
relaxes the mind, lowers blood sugar levels, and burns calories. A 2006 study analyzed the interactions among
our immune system, emotions, and brain. It was found that laughter boosts health-protecting
hormones. When you laugh out loud, your body experiences
a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol. This is responsible for storing fat in your
midsection and lowering metabolism. With reduced cortisol, laughter boosts your
metabolism, helping you lose weight if you are following a healthy lifestyle. This, along with the fact that with every
laugh, you contract and expand your belly muscles fully, which may have a similar effect
as exercising your abs. More research found that laughing for 10 to
15 minutes daily would burn up to 40 calories per day. This could amount to losing four pounds of
weight a year by laughing heartily. Practice mindful eating, portion control,
and exercising along with laughing. You will see those pounds melt away faster
than you thought. Remember it is only laughter that can potentially
help you melt the waistline. Do not suppress it. From now on, whenever you type LOL, maybe
you’ll actually mean it! #5 Install a Mirror It might sound ridiculous to install a mirror
in front of your couch or dining room table. Every person who’s achieved their goal has
a funny story to tell. Now you do as well! Even science backs the claim that eating in
front of a mirror while looking at yourself cuts your portion size by one-third. The science behind this is that the mirror
affects our perception of taste. Normally, our taste buds tell us how good
food actually is. But there are several unconscious factors
influencing these perceptions. Mirrors can make junk food taste less delicious
by making you self-aware. When you eat in front of a mirror, you are
forced to acknowledge your food habits with respect to the ideals you have set. You will feel bad about not living up to your
own healthy ideals. This will make those fries taste less appetizing. If it were me trying to lose weight, the image
of myself gorging on a cheese smothered lasagna would be enough to put me off for a while. #6 Talk to Yourself It’s true. Talking to yourself is the first sign of success. Self-talk was once stigmatized as a sign of
mental illness, but with recent studies, it turned out to be quite the opposite. Talking to yourself boosts confidence, helps
you relax and focus better. When you have deep transcendental conversations
in your mind, it plays a special role in keeping you mentally fit. This means you are able to organize your thoughts
better, modulate emotions, plan actions, and strengthen resolutions. Try telling yourself you will lose weight
a hundred percent without denying your favorite foods. The trick is to not associate dieting with
hunger and food depravations. Instead, tell yourself you will eat delicious
fruits and veggies, and only a small portion of your favorite junk foods. As long as you stick to your exercise regimen,
a couple cheat meals per week won’t harm you. Associate it with reward and you’ll be following
your diet chart. Visualize your body at your ideal weight and
encourage yourself to move towards it. Did you find this video useful? Do you already practice any of these tricks? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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  4. I can tell you that most of these things mention does not work. At least for me it doesn't work. If it did work I will not be the size of a house right now. Number 4 is the only one I haven't tried. Nor am I ever going to. Since I am someone who truly hates jokes with a passion. I think they are so stupid, boring, and pointless. And besides even if I did like them which I don't. I literally have no one to tell jokes to. Other besides myself, my 3 cats, my fresh water fish, and my dolls and stuffed animals.

  5. I always laughing and roll to feel happy and successful, in this case I would have to laughs more. Thank you.

  6. I loved this I will be using this as my guide, I already do some of it so that just confirmed that I was doing the right thing, with the green apples etc., and also the blues, however, the mirror that I talk to is inside the washroom

  7. Lmao they say u eat more when ur with friends or other people , umm i cant rlly eat if there are people around anyway soo………

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