Hey Guys! Welcome back to my channel. I feel like it has been a hot-minute since
I recorded a video for you all and I really only have my own self to blame for that. I just really haven’t taken the time to sit
down and kind of talk to you all about what’s been going on and I know people have been
commenting on my videos and messaging me to make sure I’m okay and I absolutely am okay. It’s just been a little bit of a whirlwind
of things, just you know, we moved, I’m in a new location now. I was working a lot, the summer months are
really busy for me at work. So I’m hoping to have a little bit more time
now, I also work from home now which will hopefully help me to have a little bit more
time to sit down and film videos for you all. So, just to get into the intro a little bit,
for those of you who are unfamiliar with me, my name is Rebecca. Back in April of this year I had weight loss
surgery, I actually had gastric sleeve (also known as VSG) at Mexico Bariatric Center in
Tijuana, Mexico and the physician that I used was Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela. She was an amazing resource and I highly recommend
her, she did an amazing job, I feel like, at least from my personal experience, it was
such a great experience for me overall. I am about 6 months out, I’m not quite 6 months
yet. The 14th will be 6 months, I’m actually filming
this on the 9th so I’m just a few days shy of 6 months post op. I guess I should start out with my stats as
well, it’s been a while since I filmed one of these *laughs*. So my highest recorded weight
was 241.2. The day of surgery, actually technically the day before surgery I was 226.0 and as
of today I am 155.6, so I am down I think a little over 85 pounds. Hold on, let me do some quick math, one second. So I am down 85.6 pounds total and I am down
70.4 pounds since surgery. So that is incredible, I mean 70 pounds in
6 months, I could have never imagined doing that on my own. As far as, like, sizing goes, I was a size
18 around the time that I had surgery and I was wearing about a 2X top and now I am
wearing a medium top and I am comfortably wearing a size 10, I can fit into a size 8
but I don’t really consider myself a size until I fit that size comfortably. Meaning
that like I don’t feel constricted in any sort of way and I did this past weekend I
went to Kohl’s and I tried on some Jennifer Lopez jeans in a size 8 and while I could
get them on I was very, very constricted in those jeans so I would not consider myself
a size 8 quite yet. I do notice that as I lose the weight, as
I get closer to my goal, which you know my goal it kind of varies, I don’t really have
any particular set goal, I would ideally like to be 140 or less, but I’m also kind of taking
this journey as I go. I feel like it’s important to recognize that
I may not quite end up at 140 and that’s okay, I’ve made it this far, and I need to accept
that you know if I don’t get to my goal weight it’s not the end of the world. So yeah, as I get closer to my goal weight,
I’ve noticed that I lose less and less weight to actually drop a pant size, and for those
of you who may be starting out on your particular journey I know that can be a little bit disheartening
when, you know in my personal experience, I started out at 240 and a size 18 and I think
I had to drop like at least 30 pounds before I hit a 16, and probably a good ‘nother like
30, 20 to 30 pounds before I hit a 14. And then from there it was maybe 20 pounds
to hit a 12, and then like 10 pounds to hit a 10. So as I’m like getting closer to my goal it’s
like less and less weight and I think that they say that in the regular sizing options,
you know your 6 to 12 kind of range, it is about 10 pounds is a size, so that makes a
lot of sense, I mean when you’re larger you have more surface area *laughs* to lose weight
off of, so, yeah, I mean it’s really just been a crazy journey so far but one that I’m
absolutely so grateful for and I mean, I really honestly wouldn’t have it any other way if
I had the choice so, that is it for my stats and where I’m at as far as sizing and weight. I don’t know if you guys have any particular
questions, I’m hoping to get back into filming these on a regular basis so, as far as food
goes I am trying to be a little bit more rigorous on what I eat. As of right now it’s really easy for me to
kind of just eat what I want and still lose weight. I am really more on the side of portion control
than eating, like, any particular diet like low carb or something like that. So I do still eat pasta and bread, and I don’t
have any issues with that, I know some people do. But, you know, I feel like personally I have
done so far so well, uh, I’ve done so good so far so uh I don’t really have any personal
issues with eating the way that I’ve been eating but I do know that as I again get closer
to my goal weight it’s not going to come off quite as easily, so, I am going to kind of
bunker down and start meal prepping and again focusing on protein and all of that. I do pretty much only drink water, when I
worked in the office I would drink a protein shake with coffee in the morning. I don’t know if I’m going to continue that
working from home, it was just kind of an “in office” thing. And I did that instead of eating breakfast
most days, so now that I work from home and I can eat a breakfast, I’ll probably end up
having like an egg or something instead because I do try to strive for more natural forms
of protein as opposed to shakes if I can. And as far as working out goes, I started
working out probably about a month ago, and I haven’t really noticed that working out
has added to my weight loss in any sort of way, I’m still losing at about the same rate
as I was before I started working out, and as I you know, as I progress, you know I am
hitting about the 6 months mark my weight loss is slowing down considerably. For a while there I was losing an average
of like 3 pounds a week and I think now I’m averaging like 1 to 2 pounds a week which
is still good. That’s still you know, average weight loss
average healthy weight loss. So, I think that so far I feel really good
with where I’m at in my journey and I’m hoping to document a little bit more for you guys
and hopefully this was like a quick little video update just to let you guys know where
I am and you know, to reassure everyone that everything has been so amazing, I really,
I couldn’t have had it any other way. And for those of you who may be considering
surgery yourselves, like, I just, I have this opinion of like just go for it. Like, there’s nothing else you can really
do and for me, you know, I haven’t shared too much of my journey leading up to what
made me decide to get surgery I don’t think. I mean I have to go back and watch some of
my older videos. But, you know it’s just I was too young and
too miserable and I wanted to travel and I still want to travel, we actually have a trip
coming up in April to Ireland, which I’m really excited about. And I’m actually planning on booking a photographer
while I’m there to take some pictures of me and my husband together, to celebrate this
journey. I’ll be almost one year post op by the time
that trip comes around and it will be so incredible to be able to have some wonderful pictures
to document that with. But, anyways, thank you so much for watching
and I hope to see you guys again soon. If you have any questions about my journey
or my experience or any of that, please leave them in the comments below, I’m happy to answer
them in the comments and it will also help me to get content for future videos. So, just let me know your questions, also,
don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. I am a lot more active on Instagram than I
am on Youtube, although I’m hoping that’s gonna change here in the near future. But anyways, thanks so much for watching and
I’ll see you guys again later, Bye!


  1. Hi you look great! Been looking for a safe doctor to go to in Mexico. Do you have a number for them and how much did it cost?

  2. Thank you Rebecca for your videos. I am going to have my gastric sleeve in 2 days and i had a little doubt. After watching your videos i am more then sure i want to have it done. God bless you.

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