5 Tips For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

you’re losing weight but are you gonna
be able to keep it off in today’s video I’m gonna give you five tips that helped
me maintain my 65 pound weight loss for over a year now so today I wanted to
talk about weight loss maintenance because to me that’s just as important
as the actual weight loss if you can’t you know maintain the weight loss then
what’s the point have you been losing weight in the first
place it was actually the thing that made me scared to lose weight because I
really thought what’s the point I’m just gonna gain it back like I always do so I
went about it a little bit differently this time and I’ve been able to
successfully keep off the weight instead of just getting down to the goal weight and
then you know eventually just climbing right back up to where I was and what
I’ve learned is it’s not that complicated you can do it you’re in
complete control of it so today I’m just gonna give you five tips that have
helped me along the way so my first tip is wait until you get
down to a weight that you are happy with before you start maintenance it’s easy
sometimes to like kind of get stuck and then just say well I’ll maintain this
for a while and then I’ll get back to losing but I’ll tell you from my own
experience here’s what happens I don’t know 200 pounds I got stuck I got stuck
at around 200 I just couldn’t get below it and I kind of resigned myself to the
fact that I guess I’m just gonna be at 200 and that’s just gonna be it for you
know forever so I wasn’t really happy at that weight and what I started to notice
was my weight started climbing back up I couldn’t even maintain that weight loss
and what I realized was I wasn’t happy at that weight and I wasn’t happy at the
higher weight so it’s kind of like what difference does it make compare that to
when I was at 157 at that weight when I finally got down there I was motivated
to stay at that weight I didn’t want to go back to where I was I was
like this is a change and I wanted to maintain it so be motivated wherever you
are don’t stop losing until you’re like okay this is a weight I can be
happy at tip number two make permanent changes to your eating to your moving
so basically what it boils down to is this if you go back to eating the way
you used to eat you will eventually go back to weighing what you used to weigh
and it’s a lesson I’ve had to learn over and over again I can’t go back to what I
was doing because if I do I’ll be back where I was I don’t want to do that so
what was always in the back of my mind when I was you know picking my plan and
why I landed on intermittent fasting was it was something that I could foresee
making permanent in my life so I can see myself just always doing
intermittent fasting like to me it’s effortless and I could do it from now on
and I would be fine with it other diet plans I haven’t been able to
do that I always go back to eating the things I used to eat so with
intermittent fasting I can continue to eat those things I’ve always eaten but I
just do it on a different time schedule and that works for me tip number three
is have a plan and stick to it so my behavior in the past has been once
I get down to that weight I’m happy at then it’s like freedom and I just start
eating everything that I want to eat and I don’t really do anything I don’t
really have a plan and then what happens I get back in that place where I’m not
happy with my weight so I found that it’s just basically trial and error but
you still have to keep a plan so for example I wasn’t really sure when I got
down to 157 and I thought well I just want to maintain this what do I do like
do I go back to eating three times a day or do I continue intermittent fasting or
you know what do I do and basically what worked for me was to
still stay with eating my first meal at supper but then I could have a really
nice indulgent late-night snack with my husband and I enjoyed that
it was way for me to like feel like freedom you know a little bit more
freedom that I had been having but it was still maintaining my weight loss but
I would encourage you to just basically set up rules for yourself have a plan
know what your plan is that way you can know if it’s working or not it’s just
like when you’re trying to figure out how to lose weight you got to keep
tweaking it until you get it just right same thing with maintaining just keep
tweaking it until you get it to where you’re still on track which brings me to
tip number four and that is track forever
okay I’ve just made peace of the fact that I am going to have to always track
my weight it’s just the only thing that will keep me accountable if I stop
weighing myself it just it comes back the weight will come back because I just I
let it get out of hand but if I continue to weigh myself because what I noticed
when I looked back I realized okay what I would do is I would lose weight because
I was always keeping track of it keeping track of it weighing in weighing in
weighing in but then when I would get down to my
goal weight I’d stop weighing because I oh freedom and then I would be right
back where I started so continuing to weigh myself so that I can know is my
plan working am i maintaining if not I need to tweak so it’s always a process
like keep tracking and then tweaking your plan until you hit that balance of
its like effortless but at the same time you’re not going back to where you were
tip number five is give yourself a little bit of leeway I chose a five
pound leeway and to me that gives me enough breathing room where I don’t have
to be so strict I can be a little bit more relaxed but it doesn’t get so out
of hand that it feels like a big thing like to me ten pounds of weight loss to
look at that that feels bigger five pounds seems really manageable I
don’t go any lower than five because my weight can fluctuate water weight and
whatnot that I could do you know easily within a day gain two or three pounds so
I wanted to just give myself five pounds so you can of course pick whatever you
want but give yourself a little bit of leeway but not too much so weight loss
maintenance it’s not very glamorous that’s the thing it’s a grind it is just
getting up every day keeping yourself accountable every day tracking and then
just making sure that your your plan is working and if it’s not working then
change it now if you do it now making these little changes it’s going to
be much easier to maintain so now it’s your turn if you had success with maintaining your weight loss leave it in the comments
below any tips you found tricks you’ve done I’d be interested to know if you’ve
ever if any of you out there have gone on like a really strict plan but then
you do a totally different way in maintaining it like my plan stayed pretty
much the same I just minorly tweaked it but I know a lot of people would
prefer to just get the weight off really really quick and then maintain it so has
anybody out there done that I’ve never had success with that method of doing it
but I would be curious to know if you were able to do it and how you did it I
love learning from other people what has worked what has not so thanks for
watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe down below

7 thoughts on “5 Tips For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

  1. I love all your videos. I’m slowly watching all of them. They’re short and to the point. Just a suggestion – your animated hands are a distraction.

  2. I love your videos too, and I love your animated hands– we're the same way in our family. It's the Italian blood, they say. I've not yet reached maintenance. But I'm staying strong and focused– have lost 40+ lbs so far and just crossed into onederland last week. Very exciting. I am on a strict very low cal diet so I am trying to come up with a plan for maintenance, too. I appreciate all your tips and will keep watching. Thank you!

  3. So..I'm confused..why track your weight? I thought you can eat whatever you want as long as its in your window? How can you gain weight back if your doing omad.

  4. This is a great video, I agree with everything you said, I’m still about 14 pounds from my goal weight, thank you for keeping me motivated! I’m hovering around 126-129 after loosing 14 lbs. My goal is to maintain at 115-120 lbs with the 5 lbs leeway. I love the recommendation to continue to track, because you are so right, whenever I’m too scared to look at the scale it magically creeps up.

  5. This video makes a lot of sense to me. Time after Time I would hit my goal weight, and then start gaining the weight back again. This time I hit my goal weight, but I am still weighing myself daily, and losing a few pounds extra to have that five pound wiggle room that Kayla talks about. Thanks for posting a maintenance video!

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