5 Life Hacks That Will Keep Your Car Running Forever

5 Life Hacks That Will Keep Your Car Running Forever

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about 5 things that you can do to your car to make it last almost
forever, now as crazy as it sounds worn out coolant
through electrolysis can create battery power, make a little voltage and conduct electricity
and really mess with the sensors in a modern car,
now in this old 94 celica I’ve got the positive and negative terminals inside the coolant
so their touching the coolant and you can see it’s .094 volts, as long as it’s under
.30 volt it’s perfectly fine it’s not going to hurt anything,
we’ll check out this 2007 toyota matrix and see what it puts out, as you can see it’s
even less, it’s .011, which doesn’t surprise me at all because the celica had the old green
antifreeze, this has the modern toyota HOAT hybrid organic acid technology, it lasts longer
and it had less problems with electrolysis than the older coolants did, and it’s a good
thing it does because with all the electrics on modern cars any stray voltage or electrolysis
in the cooling system can make the electronics go crazy, make sure you have clean coolant
in your car, those old engines were cast iron, cast iron is going to rust, now their cast
aluminum but still aluminum can corrode just as bad as iron can rust,
you want to make sure you keep clean coolant in your vehicle, there’s a whole bunch of
coolants out there, so you have to research what your car has and how long it lasts,
for example this peak long life, it’s good for 150,000 or 5 years, and some cars use
a HOAT coolant, some of those are good for 7 years or 200,000 miles they can last a long
time so check to see what your vehicle has in it,
now the next thing to do to keep your car lasting forever is, check your battery every
once in a while, especially one that’s a few years old, it’s a simple fast test, you can
easily check your battery and alternator, and as we can see here it shows that the battery
is normal and doesn’t have any problems, now you might think, battery blah blah it starts
the car who cares if it goes out I’ll just buy another one, but it’s not that simple
with modern cars, all the computers and electronics run off
batteries, and if the battery has low voltage or has a problem inside it can end up destroying
not just your alternator but your computer, you can get voltage surges, it’s very important
in a modern car to have a good health battery, so checking it every once in a while, especially
before cold winter weather is a must so you don’t create problems that you could have
easily solved by just putting another battery in,
and like I said if you don’t trust anybody hey, get a machine like this and check it
yourself every once in a while, with the price of batteries as high as they are these days,
sometimes their close to $200 for just a plain one, why not get a machine to check it yourself,
you can use this on all your vehicles, now the next thing to make your car last almost
forever is spark plugs, now decades ago spark plugs were pretty simple, they would wear
out the car would run bad and they might wear out in 30,000-40,000 miles because the electrodes
were made out of copper, now copper of course conducts electricity really well so it sparks
good, but it’s relatively soft and it wears out too fast, so they went to platinum that’s
stronger and lasts longer and a lot of the modern cars use iridium plugs that wear out
the slowest, but even they eventually wear out over time,
you get a little gauge to see what the gap is, as they wear the gap gets bigger and bigger
and as it gets bigger it strains the electronic system to make the spark go,
now since the iridium ones last so long I’ve seen some GM products that had 200,000 miles
with the original spark plugs, but it isn’t that smart to leave them in that long, because
as I said, eventually the gap starts wearing, it needs more electricity to jump that, it
starts straining it and not only could that ruin your expensive computer ignition system,
if it’s making the car run too lean it can ruin the catalytic converter and do all kinds
of damage just because the spark plugs are worn out,
so you want to change them when they need changing but their pretty easy to check just
pull one out and measure the gap, if the gap is within say 5000 of an inch of factory it’s
ok, but let’s say 40,000 of an inch and now it’s 70 thousands of an inch it’s time to
change your spark plugs, and in most cases it’s a pretty simple job to do it’s not rocket
science, and always use the correct spark plug for
your car, really the original equipment ones are the best, their set up for that, don’t
fall for some of these sucker bates of, here’s a brand new spark plug, your going to get
more horsepower and power but it’s just a bunch of nonsense, they just fire and ignite
the gasoline and the ones they were designed for generally work the best,
now the next thing to make your car last forever of course is to change the oil regularly,
this 94 celica hey I change the oil every 3-4 thousand miles, the engine has 240,000
miles on it, it doesn’t really burn any oil, yeah I got a put half a quart in every 3,000
miles but that’s not bad and it’s all because the oil has been changed and kept clean over
the years, so don’t be fooled by some of these manufacturers
claims that say they have an oil that will last 20,000 miles or change your oil every
15,000 miles, clean oil is the best thing to make your engine last forever, their warranties
are long gone when they have over 100,000 miles on them but hey if you want to get hundreds
of thousands of miles out of your car change the oil frequently,
now the last thing to keep your car running as long as possible with the least amount
of money spent on repairs is to make sure all your other fluids stay clean and healthy,
like power steering fluid, and brake fluid,
now these fluids don’t need much maintenance they can last a long time, but if your like
me and want to keep your car for hundreds of thousands of miles every once in a while
you need to flush those fluids out and put new fluid in, because really brake fluid costs
almost nothing and the same thing for power steering fluid, flush out the whole system
and put in new fluid, hey maybe it’s going to cost you $15 or something if you do it
yourself, but if you do want your car to run forever you want to change them every so often,
brake fluid is hygroscopic, it absorbs water vapor and then it starts to corrode stuff,
power steering fluid, hey some of those things are 1,700 psi, that’s a lot of pressure, they
get dirt inside and eventually they get dirty enough that pressure turns dirty fluid into
friction into a cutting fluid and it will eat the seals, it will eat up the rack, you
can spend thousands of dollars fixing that stuff that hey $15 worth of fluid changed
every so many years can save you from that hassle in the first place,
now granted if your the type of person that gets rid of your cars every six or seven years
you probably don’t even have to mess with the power steering fluid or the brake fluid,
most cars it will last that long with no problems at all, but if you want to keep them forever
you want to keep those fluids clean, not taking care of your car and expecting it to last
200-300 thousand miles or longer, hey that’s a bad thing, so take my advice and do these
5 things to your car if you want to keep them forever,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Also, there are various ways to test the coolant, but this is the best way for checking electrolysis. This is a self sustaining electrolysis test. If you're grounded to the car while testing the coolant like others have show and you have a short somewhere, it can give a false reading for the coolant, this test only checks the coolant itself.

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  3. more than 3 times my 2 stroke 125 burnt a iridium core spark plug out after 3 easy rides, using ngk or cheapy autolite equivalent and it will run off it for over a year if you gap it right. Why can't my dirt-bike have nice things :"(

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  5. You are lucky.
    Here in India you can't drive a car older than 15 years. Cops seize vehicle and put fine on owner.
    Pollution laws are also too strict here.

  6. I owned an Isuzu Pup Diesel that I changed the oil on every 2000 miles. The oil had so much soot at 2000 miles that it looked like blackjack roofing tar.

  7. Bugs me how the standard warranty in miles countries is 100,000 miles but in kms countries they also make it 100,000 km not 160,000 km

  8. I changed oil in my S classes every 5K miles even though i only leased it … I just feel like they are my babies ☺ so i take care of my kids very very well . now with your videos im not afraid of buying a car . thank you 🙏🙏🙏

  9. I wished there are used oil recycle drop off places that I can just drop off and don’t have to ask about it. I feel as if I have to buy stuff when I bring in used oil…

  10. Thanks Scotty!  I do exactly what you recommend to my vehicles and today both have over 100K miles and are 10 to 12 years old.  I repair what is needed and they are still running like they are supposed to.  I appreciate your vLogs!

  11. Just a note. Single platinum plugs may have the same gap when checked, but the ground tab will wear on an angle. Some vehicles are going back to older plug technology due to heat range and turbochargers. Absolutely agree with even over maintaining, when it comes to fluids. Some fluids may look o.k. but like in the instance of brake fluid, you can't see water in it unless there's a lot. Same with copper, or aluminum. It's there even if you can't see it. Brake services are important too. I replace tonnes of rear calipers especially as the seize. The rear always accumulates more dirt than the fronts in cold climates, road salt, sand etc. Is a big problem in cold climates. Even in hot climates, a brake service will eliminate uneven wearing of the pads and keep everything moving freely, which will save you some money in the long run. I watched another video where you said don't bother with fuel system cleaning. True, if you always get gas from a place you trust and know. High mileage vehicles definitely benefit from a fuel system service. Not so much to clean the injectors, but it works on valves and the combustion chambers.

  12. Old spark plugs were steel with copper inside the plug for electrical conductance and to help dissipate heat.

  13. Do everything on my Saab Aero convertible 2005 that scotty recommends – totally agree with his great advice !

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  17. I got the zr 13 scanner from harbor freight for my 2013 Silverado . I think I made a good choice . The only problems I had with the truck was the oil cooler lines and the pastic door handles for the handles I put gb weld on the week areas of the of the new handles until I can find mettel handles or make my own . stay real man !

  18. I wonder if Scotty talks to his customers like he does the videos haha savage! great content! you remind me of my grandpa he is also a mechanic and worked his butt off his whole life and it paid off for him, learned tons of stuff that came handy! now I'm learning even more from your videos.

  19. I’m a 54 year old female who has gotten a awesome education about what and what not to do with my car!
    I had to buy a car in February but i could not afford a new one. But, i have a honest mechanic that i know who got me a awesome used 2005 Honda Accord for $5,000. It has 200,000 miles on it but it drive likes its brand new. Thanks to you Scotty i did not buy one from a dealer and i got a awesome car.
    So thank you so much Scotty you are so right!!!!!!!!

  20. I thought when checking for electrolysis you place the Neg terminal on the Neg term of the battery and the Pos in the coolant?

  21. Put one lead into the radiator coolant and other lead to negative terminal of battery, you will get different readings!!! I have got 2 different readings. Which one is correct???

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  24. New cars have been using electronic power steering. No need for fluid. Scotty works on too many old junkers.

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  27. Got a 2013 Nissan Altima 188000 miles on it got it at 50,000 miles idk if the transmission fluid was changed runs fine should i change it at 200,000 miles or not??

  28. Not trying to second-guess you Scotty because you are the man, but if your spark plugs aren't firing right wouldn't your engine run rich? Once again I will say you are the man but I am not understanding that.

  29. It's not easy to change the spark plugs on a 6 cyl front wheel drive!! The plugs on the back side are VERY HARD TO GET TO.

  30. Change the oil frequently??? What about with synthetics that will last 10k? I'm up to 8k after doing an oil analysis, i can go farther.

  31. This is one of the very best of Scotty’s videos. I like them all for sure, but this one is SUPER on point! Kudos Scotty! Thanks for being you!! 😉

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  33. I use NGK plugs in everything. Also Castrol GTX oil. While getting the oil change, i check or replace the plugs/wires/air filter.

  34. In my experience flushing the transmission(no flush chemical, just clean fluid) is by far the secret to long transmission life. Use the correct spec fluid and change the filter if so required.

    Many industrial studies proven the relationship between fluid cleanliness(ISO) and equipment longevity. This is accomplished either by bypass filtration, or frequent fluid changes.

  35. I'm a bit confused , at 5.00 minute mark you said you change the oil every 3 or 4 thousand miles , but top it up with a half a quart of oil every 3000 miles ?

  36. Hello Scotty!!! Love ur videos… was wondering n e advice on transmission mine seems like it slips wen driving or like it changes gears wen slowing down??? N e advice???

  37. I heard the cvt's were made for different environments and some had alot of plastic in trans. That led to failure.

  38. Hey Scotty I'm looking to buy a 2003 Lexus ES300 it has just over 100,000 for $4500, car looks real clean, any advice on this car, thanks

  39. Scotty- Your driving me crazy!! At least vacuum the damn leaves out of the ~ air return vents by the wiper blades for goodness sake.. You remind me of ME when my mother said to pick up my cloths-clutter off the floor, and I said why- It isn't bothering me or hurting anything…..lolol A guy-thing!! lol

  40. Hey Scotty, for coolant electrolysis check advice, was this following info what you really meant to provide?

    To check for electrolysis, use a digital voltmeter set for 12 DC volts.
    Connect one lead of the meter to the negative post on the battery.
    When the engine is cold, remove the radiator cap
    Insert the other lead into the coolant in the radiator. Do not touch the metal parts of the radiator. Turn the ignition switch to the on position.
    Wait a few minutes for the reading to stabilize. A reading on the meter in an excess of .3 volts indicates that there is stray current.
    To check for sources, turn the ignition switch on and then turn various electrical devices on and off. When the meter’s reading jumps and remains in excess of .3 volts, you found the bad ground device.

    You show in your video both the positive and negative leads of the meter in the coolant with the digital hand held meter by the side. Huh?

    Our 2001 Ford Escape has a plastic coolant reservoir and no radiator cap attached directly to the radiator.

    I purchased, based on your recommendation, the Neoteck Digital Multimeter, and set it to the V m with squiggly line over the m. The digital meter reading bounces all over the place before it settles to a reading of 00.00 after selecting that setting, when powering it on. Then, when placing the 2 leads it in the coolant as you show, it goes way over 00.3 and does not stop and settle to any normal reading.


    Your vids are great but this one turned out for me to be a total waste of time and money.


  41. Scotty, I live in hot climate of Pakistan.
    My vehicle is 120,000 Km driven. Recommended oil is 5w30 but previous owner has been using 20W50.
    Should I keep using 20W50 or retirnto 5W30? Please reply

  42. My ford dealership will be doing all the maintenance on my car. I trust them and they show you everything they are doing through a big wall of glass.

  43. While checking for electrolysis in the coolant take a reading with the engine off and as well as running..at times electrolysis could be more than 2.5v with the engine running and below 1v when the engine is off..

  44. I'm not a mechanic but common sense told me a couple of years ago that if I wanted my 1998 Toyota Camry le 4cyl with 110 thousand miles to last me 20 more years maybe even 30 years heck I only drive 10 thousand miles a year this Toyota Camry can last 450 thousand miles, but that's if you take care of all the preventative maintenance, again it was common sense that told me that, from watching YouTube videos on this toyotas guys like scotty Kilmer, RNW, and Fix it angel , I learned how to flush the coolant,the transmission including the differential and changing the transmission pan gasket and filter,also changing the old brake fluid and replacing it with new, also the power steering fluid, on top of that cleaning the idle air control valve and the egr valve, pcv valve, and changing the oil every 3 to 4 months is also my motto like scotty said clean oil is the best oil you can have in your car valvoline full synthetic or penzoil ultra full synthetic is all I put in my car and there's a whole bunch of other stuff that I have learned on YouTube like suspension maintenance struts and just about everything thing else. But it feels good that Scotty has confirmed what I tell people all the time that they need to do if they want to keep their car for a very long time, yeah my Toyota Camry might be boring but when it comes to reliability and cheap to maintain nothing beats it and is the easiest car in the world to work on, just make sure is a 4cyl 5sfe engine, the v6 is more complicated and has more issues I wouldn't recommend that one besides the 4cyl actually has pretty good acceleration power than the v6 98 Pontiac grand am that I used to have.

  45. I ride motorcycles but the vehicle i own is a 1988 vw citi golf carburetor version.I am from southafrica and never had an issue with it,cheap to maintain and spares are available everywhere at extremely low prices 😎✌

  46. Most important is to change oil and timing belt + check your fluids. And your engines will run for ever. Oh yeah and dont abuse the engine. Every need in your life can be achieved up to 3000 rpm.

  47. Thanks Scotty for the tip! Yep I‘d like to keep my car runs as long as possible. Btw can we use HOAT coolant in any radiator?

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