5 Healthy Snacks YOU Can Have When Dieting/Losing Weight

5 Healthy Snacks YOU Can Have When Dieting/Losing Weight

What’s going on everyone? This is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness and today, I’m going to share with you 5 different snacks you can have when dieting. Woah, what’s that doing there? Real quick, if you guys haven’t checked out my last video I won 2nd place at the Men’s Physique John Kemper Competition and it was last Saturday and it was my first try and I’m pretty proud about that. so ever since then, I’ve been carrying this bad boy around with me everywhere. I just wanna say, thanks for coming over and complimenting my kitchen but, if you’re gonna be staying here for a little while, we gotta go over a couple of more ground rules Um, one thing I have to say is that… You wanna know what he told ME? I’ll tell you what he told ME! No seriously, I wanted you guys to see this because I feel it adds a little more validity to the advice I give you I’m a firm believer that what works for me, can definitely work for you. With that being said, there are TONS of different snacks you can have when dieting I’m just gonna give you 5. And that’s what I like about leaning out diets, diets to lose weight. It allows you to be innovative with your ideas, on how to cook your meals. Coming up with different recipes for your diet plan It’s showing your creative side and I love that. With that being said, here are 5 different snacks you can have when dieting. Solid Snake, take it away. Weight Watchers cakes. These are pretty good, I like these. My favorite is the Carrot Cake There’s also a Lemon one if these are sold out. So here’s a clear shot of these lovely little pastries. Doesn’t this look absolutely delicious? Yum So, what is so special about these cakes besides the taste? I’ll show you. Check out these Nutrition Facts. Oops, I didn’t cut off the top bar, got a text there. Anyway The carbs are a little high and it does have some sugar but, it’s gonna be a lot less than you usually have in a day (from other pastries I mean) especially if you’re not really used to dieting. However, check out that fat and sodium. 3 grams of Fat and 70 mg of Sodium. That is really good for a cake like this. Here’s a few more flavors here, as you can see there’s a wide variety you can choose from. I would start using this a little torward the beginning of my leaning out diet just to get my body to ease into the new lifestyle. You can see here, it’s also got a little fiber and low in Calories, if you can make it out. So this is definitely recommended as a good snack for you to have once that sweet tooth starts to kick in and once you start your diet. Rice Cakes This is by far one of the best options to get when you are dieting. So these are Rice Cakes Apple Cinnamon is my personal favorite flavor. These things are very addicting and it has a variety of different flavors as well. Now check out these Nutrition Facts 0 grams of Sodium, 0 grams of Fat, 0 grams of Cholesterol and just 11 grams of Carbs, that’s it. Now, even though it’s low in all these facts, it’s also low in nutrients so I would recommend eating it with something like cottage cheese, or peanut butter, or maybe even guacamole this is where your creativeness comes into play. Come up with something healthy that YOU would enjoy. And the best part, is that they’re usually pretty cheap. Gronola Pumpkin Spice Seeds, another awesome snack to have, when you’re just starting your diet. Now, I said Pumpkin Spice but as you can see here, there is a ton of different flavors as well. Pumpkin just happens to be my favorite. These also taste really, really good and you should have this maybe with some fruit or mixed into your Yogurt. I remember one time I was really hungry and I decided to put it in a bowl, poured milk, and made cereal out of it. Now, you wanna be a little careful with how much of this you eat because it does contain some Carbs and Fat so it should be eaten moderately. This is measured by a quarter CUP* so don’t get too crazy. The thing I like most about this is that it’s 0 grams of Sodium which is what I mostly look at when reading Nutritional Facts. The downside is that it can be pretty expensive but, it’s a pretty decent sized bag so it’s not like you’re gonna run out 2 days after buying it. Oberlander’s Gluten Free Snacks, I love these. These are one of my favorite snacks, picture eating a healthy chocolate chip cookie. Out of everything I mentioned, I think this had the most variety of choices. I remember when I first found out about these, I was looking through these boxes for like 20 minutes trying to decide which 1 or 2 that I wanted. Now, check out these facts. No your eyes do not deceive you. In 2 cookies, you’re only getting 15 grams of Carbs and only 5 mg of Sodium and only 5 grams of Fat. Now, if you decide to have one cut this in half, it’s even lower. I have to be real though, the biggest downfall of this snack is the price. Last I checked, it was around $8 a box. So if you got the extra money to spend and really missing your cookies, go for it. The best time for me to have these is during my final week before competition and I need a very precise amount of Carbs. The best thing about these is that it’s Gluten and Wheat free for those that have to watch how much of those they consume. Here are different versions of this, I kinda wanted to show you my favorite one though. I hate chocolate but, I’m kind of ok with chocolate chip cookies and tootsie rolls. For some reason, that’s the only thing I can eat, don’t ask me why. If you love chocolate chip cookies, this is a very good alternative. Like a little cupcake looking thingy. But um, they taste exactly like chocolate chip cookies Highly recommended if you wanna spend the extra cash. They also have a version with different kinds of flavors. pretty good too. but, I like the chocolate chip ones better. They have all different kinds of assortments, but this is the best one. Crums A Cauliflower Grilled Cheese. This is something I learned from the channel BuzzFeed. I tried it out myself and I really enjoyed it. So the first thing you’re gonna do Preheat Preheat the oven at 450 Then you wanna put your Cauliflower in a bowl and heat it up. Gonna say, 4 minutes. Then you take the heated Cauliflower and put it in the blender. And then you get a paper towel, put the Cauliflower on top of it and squeeze out any moisture. Flatten it out. Then you wanna take it Got a big bowl here. Egg Some cheese shredded cheese I prefer Mozzarella, but this is what I have right now. This is probably the only high Sodium you’re gonna get This is like 170 mg of Sodium every quarter cup. This one of the best you’re gonna find, there probably are better ones but, this is just what I have right now. Then we’re gonna mix it up. Then you get a baking sheet. Flatten this out. Something like that. Then you wanna throw it in here. Then you just bake until you see that it’s pretty goldish, brownish, whatever. This is the (sliced) cheese that I’m gonna use This is Sargento Ultra Thin Slice Swiss Chesse This is one of my favorite cheeses to get. Sodium in 3 slices, is only 65mg that’s really good, that’s really low. 9 grams of Protein. Don’t gotta say much about that. So this is the cheese that I would get. So I wanted you to see me putting the swiss cheese on. Maybe a little too much cheese but, we’ll see how that goes. Be right back. So this is the result you’re gonna get. It’s a little sloppy right now but, it tastes exactly the same, I like it. Just look how cheesy it is. But, this is an awesome Low Carb snack for you to have It also avoids, you know, if you’re allergic to Wheat, Gluten, all those kinds of things. This is a good alternative to have. And it tastes, for me anyway, it tastes exactly the same if you make it right. Just like a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Well guys, that was my 5 different snacks you can have when dieting. I hope you guys liked it. Now, just because the snacks are low in Carbs and Fat, doesn’t mean you should just go chowin down on em. Nooo, slow it down you oaf. Take it in moderation, take it only if you have that urge. Like I said, there are tons of different snacks you can have. These are just my personal favorites. Next time when you’re shopping, just read the Nutrition Labels on the back of the items. I would spend an hour, maybe a little more than that at the supermarket, just reading these different labels and Nutrition Facts and coming up with different recipes that I can use for my diet routine. I would just walk up and down the isle’s just reading all the labels, thinking of new recipes ideas that I could use for my diet routine. So next time you’re in the supermarket, if you have time, just try that out, you may be surprised what you come up with. Once again, this Carlo The Solution saying if you got a problem, I’ll help you solve it. Your worst days are done and your best is yet to come.

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