4 Strange Fat Burning Tricks For Anyone Over 40

4 Strange Fat Burning Tricks For Anyone Over 40

Hey, everybody. What’s up? Shaun Hadsall here
with Get Lean After 40. In today’s video,
I’m going to share four very unusual
and somewhat odd tricks that I am
using to accelerate my fat loss in my current
body transformation journey. So I spent the
first three months of this year royally screwing
up my diet as a fitness professional and then
half-assing my exercise plan, and I ballooned up
to over 200 pounds for the first time
in over 20 years. So in this photo, I had
already lost a couple. I was down to 194 at
this point in time. But here I am four weeks later. I’m only down six
pounds, I didn’t even lose a pound last week. But you can see a
significant difference in the definition
in my stomach, and I want to share these four
unusual tips and tricks that I’m using to create this effect. So let’s go ahead and
dive right in here. Hopefully I can get you
guys on board, let’s see. And boom, there we go. Four unusual hormone
boosting tips and tricks. The first one is during my
intermittent fasting protocol, which I’m typically using
four or five days per week, and I’ll fast anywhere
between 16 and 18 hours. During that protocol, I
drink apple cider vinegar with fresh squeezed lemon juice,
and I put in some high quality Himalayan rock salt in there. Because when you’re
fasting, research shows you can deplete
your body of sodium. So it also helps wake up
your adrenal glands when you wake up in the morning. So the lemon, kind of, serves
as a blood sugar stabilizing stabilizer along with
the apple cider vinegar, and they also promote
amazing digestive health and are very healthy
for the kidneys. So I do this upon waking
or during my fasted window. The second tip is fasted high
intensity exercise bursts. So today, I ended a 16 hour fast
with a high intensity exercise session, where
after warming up I did 30 to 45 second
intervals as hard as I could go on a stepmill,
and rested a minute in between. And I repeated that 10
times in a fasting state– so after fasting for 16 hours. Now, I just make sure that
it is shorter in duration. Because the last thing you
want to do with high intensity exercise is make it
too long of a session where you start tapping
into muscle tissue. And also, this can
increase leptin sensitivity in growth hormones. So when you use strategic
high intensity exercise bursts in a fasted
state, you kick up that sympathetic nervous system
to release more adrenaline and more growth hormone. And research shows that fasted
exercise bursts can also help reset your body’s
leptin sensitivity. Leptin is a very
important hormone to help regulate your weight. The third trick that I use– again, I don’t know if
you can see it or not. I’ll just read it. Sauna and cold showers. So what I do is I get in a
dry sauna down in my basement. And I rotate back and forth from
about 10 minutes in the sauna, and I’ll go dive
in my cold pool. So I’m rotating back and
forth between heat therapy and cold exposure. And research shows
that this increases your mitochondrial
efficiency in the fat. So in other words, it
increases your body’s ability to burn more fat. Also, it’s been shown that
strategically using a sauna and rotating it
with cold exposure like this can also
activate BAT– brown adipose tissue. So this is the more stubborn
fat that’s hard to get rid of. The fourth trick is I use
strategic high-carb meals. And I use it on the weekends,
I think they are best. And I make sure the
carbs are glucose, and I avoid alcohol and
high fructose corn syrup. So I’m still having a
couple glasses of wine during the week, weekdays. Some days I’m not
drinking at all, but there is a couple days. And then on the weekends,
I’m even having some vodka. As I get closer to the shoot,
I’ll cut this stuff out. But I avoid excessive
alcohol and sugar intake. Why I’m doing this,
because it can screw up the hormonal effect of the
strategic high-carb meals while helpless. So I’m going lower carb,
lower calorie, high-protein during the week. And on the weekends, I’m
actually lowering my fats a bit and lowering my protein a bit
and upping my carbohydrates and having two very
high-carb days. Now, this can also
be achieved by using a strategic
high-carb cheat meal, but I recommend that you
don’t cheat until you reach your own initial goals. Now, there’s a bonus tip
I want to share with you, and I think this
one is very, very powerful because it involves
your mind and your motivation. And that is keeping
a victory picture in your line of sight every day. So what I do is I keep this
picture of me from 1998. I don’t know that I’ll ever
achieve this level again, because at that age, obviously,
my hormones were cranking, and so was my
testosterone levels. However, I aspire to this
for my most recent photo shoot coming up. And I also keep
these pictures here, these progress pictures
for the last 10 years of how I’ve used these
strategies to maintain six pack abs. And the reason I do this
is because the mirror and the scale can really
psychologically mess you up. So you have to keep your
head in the right spot and focus on progress,
not perfection, and understand that when
the scale doesn’t move, if you lost three pounds
of fat and you gain three pounds of muscle in
a week, that it’s serious, significant, amazing
progress that will shows the big fat goose
egg, a 0, on the scale. So keep that in mind. You’re much better focusing on
progress pictures like I am, and keeping a victory
picture of yourself when you were younger to
constantly remind yourself where you are going. So hopefully you got
something out of this. If you did, do me
a favor– share it. You can always go back
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got any questions, go ahead and post
a comment below. My team and I will
take great care of you. Thanks for watching
this, and God bless.

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  1. Awesome video. Good tips. I will incorporate them into my weight loss routine ASAP even thought I hate ACV. lol

    The only tip I will not be able to incorporate is the Sauna and the cold shower. If you have another suggestion, it will be highly appreciated.

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