30 Min Standing & Seated Exercise for Seniors, Obese, Plus Size, & Limited Mobility Workout – Chair

30 Min Standing & Seated Exercise for Seniors, Obese, Plus Size, & Limited Mobility Workout – Chair

30 Min Standing Seated Exercise for Seniors Obese Plus Size Limited Mobility Workout Chair

88 thoughts on “30 Min Standing & Seated Exercise for Seniors, Obese, Plus Size, & Limited Mobility Workout – Chair

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  2. Thank you for not making me feel stupid. I've watched videos that make me feel like an idiot. I have fibromyalgia and bursitis in my hips and I like how your videos have the seated and standing variation! It is very helpful to see how to do it both ways and really appreciate the encouragement! I plan on watching more of your videos!!!

  3. I've just come back after a period of health problems and I am starting off with your workouts for seniors. I am planning on doing the 30 minute and 20 minute routines for seniors on alternating days until I feel fit enough to start the Beginner 30 day program. Thanks for your very easy to follow videos.

  4. Hi coach Kozak (and Claudia!} from your new (old in age) dentist!
    I often do one of your senior workouts before going to work or at work and it really helps my often achy body to make it through the day feeling little or no aching muscles , (like in the back or neck)
    Thanks for your videos, you folks are helping improve lives๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. I love your exercises! With Winter now here I can work out at home and be safe since I am disabled. Thank you coach Kosiak & Claudia.

  6. I love pilates, yoga and running but with a fractured my tailbone, i could not do any of that. This helped me get some exercise seated on my cushion. Thanks!

  7. Since March of this year I have been working with your exercise videos and have dropped over 100 lbs. I know I already told you that part before. Now here is the next part of the journey with you both. I, for over a decade now, have been in a wheelchair due to MS and lymphedema in my legs. Since last month with a low carb diet plan and your workout routines daily, I am now using a quad cane and walker. Thank you for giving me my life back. I am 52 years old and for so long thought that my mobility was completely gone, now I know there is nothing I cant do even in my older years and going into 2018 is giving me hope for so much more. A VERY Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year for you and your family. Thank you for doing what you do, if you ever wonder if it makes a difference, it does. XO

  8. I found you all a week or two ago when the weather was too nasty to go to my gym. I have emphasyma and the cold air we are having cuts my lungs like a knife. So, I decided to log on my pc and see if I could find a fitness routine at home…and discovered you guys! AWESOME…When the weather gets better I plan to make it back to that tread mill again, but I will have 2 workouts a day cuz I plan to follow you guys in addition to going to the gym. (3 years ago I was in such bad shape I was in a wheel chair. Now I do an hour of cardio every day.) Trust me, you will get out of it what you put in to it.

  9. Thanks a lot for this workout. It is very useful for seniors. I like your channel. You motivate us for active life.

  10. Love HASfit! I am using this one with the 7 minute standing ab workout so I can modify my program for knee issues. Have shared your pages on Facebook as well! Keep up the great work!

  11. Thank you guys, it helps a lot! It would be also great if you could make one for 40-45mins (for obese…), just to be able to make the next step, if this works now fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Thanks a lot for the excellent seniors work out can I request you to come out with a good effective workout to get rid of creaky shoulder joints and knee joints ASAP

  13. I recently hurt both my ankles and I struggle to walk let alone exercise. Your videos have been so helpful in helping me regain my strength and confidence. Even after I'm fully recovered these are great workouts to do while watching TV or sitting at work. Thanks for posting!

  14. hi just been diagnosed with a bunch of problems in my lower spine that mean standing exercise is out of the question, pretty much on bedrest because walking is so painful, decided to focus on what I CAN do, not what I can't and will be following these great seated workouts every day without fail to try and get my back and core muscles stronger. Thanks so much guys, I love the positivity and motivation reminding me why I'm doing this!

  15. I just started working out with you. I have had both hips replaced so I have to be careful with them. It felt good. I'm trying to prevent blood clots. I ended up at the hospital a couple of weeks ago. They put on the compression machine but I was up walking the wing a couple of times so I got my steps in. I have a fitness tracker set at 2100 steps because of my back.

  16. You guys are awesome, encouraging, easy to follow, explaining how and what benefits is being gained from the different , fun exercises. Iโ€™ve been following you guys for 6 months. Thank you for all your support!

  17. I love this workout! I am a paraplegic and I do the seated exercise. There are too many exercise videos that are either too difficult or too easy and this one is just right. I love how you show how to do the exercise standing and seated for the variation if you don't have the mobility to do it standing. There are not enough videos out there for people with disabilities to get a good workout. Thank you for your videos. Please keep them coming with standing and seated exercises.

  18. I really enjoy. I want to subscribe. How much does it cost. I would like to do it at least 5times a week.

  19. Nice videos but as a disabled person I would love seeing someone that is actually disabled go through the exercises instead of just two fully able bodied. Edited: Where did is ask you to stop making videos in this comment? I just do not think you get from the standpoint of someone in a wheelchair with limited leg movement at all. One video would be great with limited leg movement. But, again it is clear you do not get it.

  20. This is a GREAT workout! I've been doing the standing and seated – and the seated is just as good a workout as standing!!

  21. Thank goodness that I found ya videos. Recently, I have injured my left ankle almost three weeks ago. Because of this It is hard for me to find workout videos that ease up on my lift ankle injure ( to properly heal) and workout. My doctor is no good since he basally told me to stop being "lazy on the couch and start work out", which I been working out since last month. Because of his mistreatment, I am now finding a new doctor that will look at all my needs and properly address my health issue without the body shaming. Anyway, I like your workout and please keep up the great work. I might be losing water weight right now, but I know after that the pounds will fall off.

  22. Thank you!!! I have been using your work outs for a couple of weeks now!! I am 56 and when I started using your videos, I weighed 230, now I m at 227. It took many many years to get this big and it will take time to lose. I quit smoking 4 month ago and now I am determined to lose weight, get toned and be healthy. I will let my friends know.

  23. Love this routine & is so well done for the Senoirs. Want to advise you for your benefit as when I try to click on the thumbs up it give me "UNLIKE" not like? Also has a thumbs down which already has a "I dislike this. I thought with people that had subscribed the button may not work, is that right?
    Just thought you would want to know
    Keep up the fantastic job you do to motivate us all

  24. thank you, I'm 67 100 lbs overweight that i need to loose. can't exercise like i use to. this is great.this is my daughter's account by the way. thank this is good. I am a singer and cannot stand for very long for concerts as well sitting an dplaying the piano is painful when rising.

  25. Your no frills coaching is exactly what I need. Although I trail ride a horse at 65, high impact work is contraindicated for my spinal stenosis. Some weight stuff does not work for my torn rotator cuff. I do a lot of yoga, but I wanted more sweat than that. I started with sitting during your exercises, but can handle the standing stuff now. My goal is to be able to do most of your videos that are for people without a host of body issues. If I donโ€™t get there, oh well…I really enjoy this format, especially being able to choose any length of workout, depending on energy levels of the day.

  26. Thank you so much! This brings tears to my eyes, I do want to loose weight and this will help my R.A., again thank you!

  27. Wao eso es perfecto aun para personas que no pueden caminar les ayudara mucho con las extremidades

  28. December 30th, 2018 – 49yrs old – 300lbs. My workout goal is to hike the Chilkoot trail from Alaska to the Yukon with my wife and kids.

  29. I want to say thank you and bless you for posting these workouts for older, chubby folks like myself. I need to get into shape, wished Iโ€™d had cared before I hit 50 but better late yatayata etc lol Do you have CDโ€™s, DVDโ€™s anything like that? My Mom is chair bound and I saw you even have chair exercises. So thankful I found your site.

  30. Have done this about five times, getting in a couple of times or more per week. 75 years old, over wt. and no conditioning in a long time. Enjoying this but it IS a work out. You guys are perfect all that positive talk and feed back really help! I get a good work out and a few exercises are seriously challenging at this point. That's OK. At first I was looking for older coaches. In the past have noticed that the young fit guys really don't appreciate how little it takes to really challenge the folks you are aiming at. Y'all seem to good knowledge and a good feel for what you can expect from the folk you are working with. Thanks for all that you do. I'm doing 30 minutes will eventually try to work in at least one 60 minute per week. Having all the choices of length of session is really good. Makes it possible to work up gradually to more.

  31. Looking at me you might think I'm fit for a 72 year old woman, I'm not overweight and I walk every day and garden in the summer. But my joints betray me. This video was exactly at my level. All movements are just hard enough and I break out into a sweat! I'll try using weights next week! I like the patter in this video better than some of the others, too.

  32. Thank you so much for these routines. Doing high-impact stuff sometimes throws out my back or I get achy knees/feet. This is a great workout to let the lower body joints rest a bit and still get a solid workout in!

  33. Hubby and I really love your videos, they keep us oldies flexible, strong and mobile. Haven't been able to get to a seniors session and your workouts are just as good. Thank you so much.

  34. Hello

    I just found this video site and love it. I wear two leg braces and use a walker. The seated excessive is perfect for me. Iโ€™ll be having leg surgery soon and needed an exercise routine I could keep up with. Thanks for making this video. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ

  35. I can't believe I haven't come across this HAS Fit video until now!ย  I really liked this one, especially the stretching at the end.ย  Thanks, Coach and Claudia.

  36. Hi coach ,what is your take on all these fitness trackers,garmin,polar,fitbit etc ?…?….? Are they worth the money and do they last ?

  37. that was the first 30min workout i have done, it was hard, but i made it, i lost 2 lbs last week; love connie

  38. All your workouts are really nice and I am following all the chair versions. Just a request, can you please post a workout with one hour for chair versions.

  39. I haven't comment in a while but, I love how a person has a alternate way to exercise if they are recovery from injury or mobility issues. Your videos are timeless! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I haven't really worked out (except for walking) in over six months. I have found myself in a few of the categories you mentioned in the title, so these moves are great for me, and made me sweat (I love it!). My question – if I used the hand weights, can I still do this everyday, or do I need to wait a day? Thanks y'all.

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