30 Day Body Transformation Challenge [With Result]

It’s gonna be fun! Eh, it’s not you going. It’s me See my face sharper already omg the towel is veli the heavy I don’t want it to be my first day and last day though Please Don’t kill this gemuk Amitabha/Amen I don’t wanna shoot edi! Are you ready to face your fears? Heyo kawan-kawan So, I really need to lose weight and I really really need to lose weight Recently I’ve been feeling a little bit unhealthy, my breathing gets really heavy even though I’m breathing normally and my body feels tired after taking a short walk. The thing is, I don’t just want to lose weight I’m starting to take consideration to my health and I want to feel better with my body. So in order for me to be healthier, I’ve decided to take on this 30 days challenge to make sure that I can balance out my body fat mass, my muscle mass and lastly my visceral fats I need to drop it to a safe level. So I’ve decided to try out Infrared Sauna to burn out all my body fats by sweating kao kao I realized that for the urban and hectic lifestyle like this that we do not have enough of time or so much of physical activities to keep ourselves going. So therefore, I would like to, you know, provide a very conducive platform as in to help one to achieve a passive sweating My vision is that to make SweatSpa a household name and to make it as accessible as possible It’s a very convenient form that you can actually have one at home to install in your house where you just need a normal plug point and a small place which is 4 feet by 4 feet. First of all, it’s to help with detox where you flush out all the heavy metals and and a lot of bad toxins in your body. A lot of like to hear that doing nothing, sitting in there for 45 minutes can help you burn up to 700 calories or even more! Pain relief It will relax your muscles for better blood circulation. And relaxation. It boosts up your endorphines When you come out you’ll feel so good and relaxed. improves your quality of sleep. Skin is the fatest (results) that you can see right immediately after one or two sessions the glow the radiant part When you do a proper weight management you’ll lose inches, and you do not need to compromise with muscle loss but rather than just burning fats the most crucial part is that we need to take care of your visceral fats. That is the most important thing for me. Traditional sauna, heat is mostly heating up the air and it only induce water loss There is a very minimum amount of toxins that can be purged out from the body. However, infrared sauna is to heat up the body from the inside out. It is 7 times much more effective as compare with traditional sauna. Before you go in, we’ll do a body composition analysis to check on your body fat, visceral fat, basic metabolic rate and muscle mass. As you can see from my first InBody results, my InBody score is at 60/100 points which is really bad. My weight is at 99.4kg, my skeletal muscle mass is at 37.2kg, and my body fat mass is at 33.9kg. Which means that my BMI is way over by 29.7 My body fat percentage is really high at 34.1 and lastly my visceral fat level is at 14 which is way over the safe range from 1-9. On top of that, in order to lose more wieght, I’ve decided to work out and I’ve chosen Core Fight Gym because I get to learn Muay Thaaai So Core Fight Gym is pretty much a Muay Thai based gym We teach authentic Muay Thai to everyone who wants to come in and learn Nowadays, not a lot of people really focus on techniques especially in Muay Thai based gym So we wanted somewhere people can come in, feel safe, and learn properly from someone who’s really experienced in Muay Thai Nigel has done it for a long time. Nigel has been in the Malaysian Muay Thai scene for a very long time. He’s one of the pioneers of the scene as well. When we came together, we talked about it (starting a Muay Thai gym) we’ve decided to like “why not start up a gym where people can learn together” Our Muay Thai classes are very um… – technical -technical based, yea. So Nigel would usually teach more techniques Yes, I always focus more on techniques but at the same time, you do get a kick to it, like you do sweat and do burn and whatnot but always focus on the techniques and all these kinds of stuff la Because intense sports liek Muay Thai the problem is that a lot of people rush so when you rush techniques or rush workouts right you injure yourself so it’s very common to get wrist injuries shoulder injuries and stuff so we try to avoid that as much as possible which is why we’re very particular about this (techniques) What we want is everyone to feel like it is a complete package so when you come with us, what you do is you learn Muay Thai, but to imrpove your stregth, on top of your Muay Thai workouts we have bootcamp. we also have *hehe* booty-camp, which is lower body workout As opposed to just getting a nice lower body, it also helps with your kicks – So it compliments the workouts
– Stronger legs So at the end of the week, we have yoga classes as well so this is to help you recover. I think the biggest problem with the scene is that a lot of girls feel scared. Girls especially as opposed to guys. So i wanted to create a safe space for them. And the good thing is that I’m here, assisting Nigel in classes so a lot of them who feel like “Oh no, it’s a very male dominated sport” They won’t have to feel that way anymore because I’m here and I personally wanted this to let girls know that it’s not something to be scared of. Feel safe. Come in. Workout. That’s the main thing I want for people. What class do you recommend me to join? And how many days you recommend me to come? Shen me?! Everyday No la. Ok la I give you discount la Maybe like, you can start off with alternate days first, maybe go Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3 days it doesn’t matter what class join, you go as long as you show up and you do something but I would always, personally, recommend Muay Thai class cause you actually get a good kick out of it I have not been exercising for at least 3 MONTHS so.. Maybe starting will be tough, but after it will be tough la – it will get easier eventually
– we won’t lie la The first class is always the hardest, So if you’re going for a Muay Thai class for the first time in your life especially if you don’t workout, it is going to be a shock to your body. And a lot of people would feel like dizzy, some feel like puking we won’t lie la, it happens la So do you think, my first class, I can survive or not *nervous laugh* – I think you would be fine la
– I think you’ll be ok la – You won’t like
– If you feel like- straight away like, all in, then die, then you don’t come back one mah – You know the kind of thing that
– We’ll – gradually let you grow
– watch you la We don’t push you to the extent where we know that you go We’re not savage that way, We’ll push you gradually. So I’ll be starting 3 classes, every week for this one whole month, so I just pray that I will be okay and I will be in shape, SOON. I hope so Let’s all celebrate if he does ok? Maybe you’ll feel sore for a long time Tada~ We have arrived at SweatSpa, this is their Atria Damansara Jaya outlet – Helloooooooo
– Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii You are CK Wong right? Yea that me so you’ll need to fill in this form first Can This is the form I’m getting an upgrade because I told them I want to lose a lot of weight I wanna be comfortable for my first visit and my first experience, They upgraded my room la practically bro why are your eyes so stoned? Ahh~ This is the one that is ready. – Oh if there’s anything then I ring the bell la
– Yea, ring the bell. Water, we also advise to drink during session If you want to put inside also can. Can I bring the phone in? It’s not advisable. But you can connect to the bluetooth and since this is our new room, we have this one This one you can put your phone inside here Oh! So there’s another compartment here for you to watch a movie Then you can put inside here Alright Alright, thank you veli much Usually we’ll turn off the lights like this. Oh, to make it more comfortable Yes, to make you more relaxed Okay sure, thank you Alright baii The first SweatSpa experience was like, the full spectrum infrared sauna actually made me sweat gao gao, like non-stop for 45 minutes right I wipe my sweat already, The sweat still drips non-stop like waterfall you know The first session maybe gave me like a little nauseated like you feel like wanna faint x2 But because my body is not used to it la. So there were black black particals that was stained on my towel right After I left Some customers even see like dark stains and all these So that is also another evidence showing that the toxins are being flushed out from your body. I’m still… quite hard to breathe, omg my towel is sibeh heavy So guys, I’m done. with my first session I need fresh air I really need fresh air The Muay Thai oh mai god Before I go, everyone has been telling me that Muay Thai is going to be so intense This guy, for the past idk how long has been telling himself it’s gonna be fine! It’s gonna be fine. Everything is gonna be okay. I know Nigel one~ He won’t treat me so badly one~ We’re here! I’m reaching to the point where I wouldn’t wanna park, I would just drive, and we go eat roti canai somewhere. Just f*ck it. I don’t wanna shoot edi T_T Muay thai is all about cardio x3 it really surprised me and I’m surprised at myself that I managed to tahan the whole session. Yea la I did some like, try to run away a bit when the trainer, Nigel, is not looking at me the time, I’ll try to like, skip a bit but it was really intense. Are you okay? *kill me now* can’t breathe it’s not about how heavy (you lift) It’s totally different from gym. it’s more of like using your own body weight and you do a lot of reps with your body weight. Probably it’s because I didn’t exercised for a long time. so my whole body, was like, good game bruh We did a 10 minutes of skipping ropes* so you can see from the video, I really don’t know how to skip ropes. My whole legs are burning by just jumping. In the morning, when I wake up I feel fresh. I don’t feel any pain yet. BUT UNTIL AT NIGHT my whole body was aching, I can’t feel my legs my everywhere la basically. every part of my body and especially my neck. I think it’s because of the sit-ups I can feel like some metal grabbing my neck all the time oh my tuhan Hey guys, so it’s 12am now I didn’t eat anything for dinner Feeling hungry but you can’t do anything about it, whatever you’re eating now is gonna make you fat You know when they say, when you train for a while already, it gets easier and easier, it really does. I can actually breathe easier but I still need to come out from my sauna to catch my breath. and I also realize that it really helps with my muscle soreness after the Muay Thai in building back my muscles. I don’t see black particals on my towels anymore Probably it was all purged out in the first session Most importantly, just after 1 week from SweatSpa right, I can actually see the results my viseral fats drop, my muscle mass gain and the most important thing is that my body fat percentage dropped. One thing that I’m really amazed is that you don’t feel sticky after SweatSpa and you can still proceed with going to work, or any event As for Muay Thai, everything is all intense, but I feel like, yea, my endurance and stamina was getting better I can do more push-ups I can skip ropes! At last! but 20 times la When I wake up every single morning, I feel super refreshed, I feel energetic, I didn’t really control my diet that much during the weekends, I still eat properly, but I cut down on sugary food and sugary drinks, so I met this one friend. His name is Ian, he actually works in Core Fight Gym, he came to me and told me that I’m not flexible enough Of course you don’t go so low in the beginning. You can start here, the you progress lower x3 oh I can feel the string? pulling like yea I should start streching more So guys, just met a new friend Chun, hellooooo So you’ve been joining for a while right? Since… April and you lost a lot of weight? I maybe lost 4 kilos but i’ve toned up You ahve toned up right? and a much bigger belly! Do you control your diet? No hahaha It’s very family based, people come in and everyone is nice to each other There isn’t a lot of ego being thrown around here we want each other to grow the students help each other you would be surprise that the amount of care the seniors shows the juniors like new people who come in, they train with our seniors a lot of them feel like oh no, I don’t wanna partner up with a senior – because I’m still new,
– Intimidated right? Yea I feel so intimidated by it. And that is like a problem with Muay Thai People hear the word ‘Muay Thai’ they’d get scared During the 3rd week I’ve been trying my best to maintain my daily routine and I can start to see improvement in my stamina. I’ve been going to SweatSpa very often just to make sure that my muscles can heal faster so that I can go for more Muay Thai session During Muay Thai, I’m still trying to skip ropes properly. I’ve noticed that my stamina has improved a lot I can jump more! I do not need to take so many breaks like last time just to rest, and make sure all the oxygen goes back into my brain and I noticed that I can sweat even more now. So my 3rd week ended pretty well. Why? Because I actually eat lesser But! My trainer, Nigel, told me that I can eat anything I want Having some big lobster with my family! Time to get fat again At least I don’t feel so bad like after workout go to gym, burn all the fats already right so you can eat gao gao But in order for me to make this 30 days transformation looks better, no more like those fried food, and I’ve also cut down on processed meat like burger After my workout in Muay Thai or after I go SweatSpa right, I don’t feel that hungry probably because my metabolism has changed? I can feel that my body actually craves for more Muay Thai. It’s the fnal week and I’m really nervous about my results Honestly if I compare my experience from the first time I noticed that I really became a new man being in the sauna wasn’t hard for me anymore and Muay Thai was… quite easy for me already la I can feel my body is getting more fit and flexible I feel lighter, and lastly, I’ve managed to make a lot of new friends. I feel there’s a confidence boost in myself, and my appetite is much more better and I can breathe better So let’s look at the results. As you can see from my InBody score results, My body has improved from 60 points to 76 points which is really good The most drastic change that you can see from the chart is my body fat percentage has dropped from 34.1 to 26.8 WOW and the most important thing for me is my visceral fat level has dropped from 14 to 10 To me it’s really not about how you look, it’s about how you feel I really can’t be grateful enough that SweatSpa and Muay Thai combination can help me achieve my healthier body a big thanks to SweatSpa and Core Fight Gym in helping me to achieve this healthier and fitter body and if you want to know more about SweatSpa and Core Fight Gym, you can check it out on their website we have attached the link below so I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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