3 Year Natural Bodybuilding Transformation | Before and After | 32 – 34 years old

3 Year Natural Bodybuilding Transformation | Before and After | 32 – 34 years old

For this transformation video, I wanted to
start all the way back in 2005. You probably don’t recognise me without my
hair and beard. Is that better? Despite being very slender, I actually trained
a lot but my nutrition sucked. I was quite athletic, competing at a high-level
in lots of sports. I was pretty active! However after buying a house, getting married,
setting up a new business, and having 2 beautiful children… I hit an all time low with my
physique, and a high on the scales! Time for a change – I set a goal and took
part in a 12 week transformation challenge! I changed a lot in 12 weeks! At the end I was much happier and leaner.
But I felt small. For the next 18 months I tried to add more
lean mass. I made steady progress – but I needed a clear goal. I contacted photographer Chris Bailey and
organised a photo shoot. You may recognise some of his work! I had 9 weeks to get into the best shape of
my life! I’ve never been so dedicated… … and I was pretty happy. This was 2 days
before the photo shoot. Training was hard. Nutrition was harder. But
the hardest bit… removing my hair! Not to mention getting a spray tan! Although the tan really brought out the definition! This was the morning of the photo shoot at
Metro Gym in Hull… These are some photos taken on a mobile phone… … and these were the photos!

64 thoughts on “3 Year Natural Bodybuilding Transformation | Before and After | 32 – 34 years old

  1. 1/ The part where u drew on your beard and hair ahahah πŸ™‚ 2/ forgot how shredded you actually got for that shoot 3/ I think this should be your new channel trailer 4/This video will get your view time way up because it told a story throughout and kept me interested 5/ overall great video and great editing. Well done mate !

  2. LUKE !!! That was so motivating, you changed yourself completely around. Congrats & keep going. I think you could compete if you wanted. Very well done too, just the right choice of music. Everything is top-form. I also am glad to say I've been here from the beginning of the channel too, because…..I know within the next year, your channel is going to explode. You'll have 10,000 by this time next January.

  3. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! That change is unbelievable, and here I was thinking you had always looked like a Men's Health Model!! . Really good job, the weight loss at the start is so impressive and the photos are epic

  4. Brilliant video… I even put my beer down to watch it… So I might actually have some will power in me after all… I can never get in to a routine with my lifestyle/job/family etc… I'll stop now as I've ran out of excuses haha. Nice one mate!!

  5. Wow what an inspirational transformation!! Crazy?! Great job man! I just subscribed for more videos like this one. Mind checking out my channel and subscribing? I am a 20 year old Powerlifter/bodybuilder/ wrestler from Arizona.

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  8. Awesome body transformation, very well documented. What martial arts did you compete in? Your photos turned out great, just subbed, check me out if you get a chance!

  9. Nice video man respect for the transformation looking good πŸ’ͺ subscribed and liked to support would appreciate it if you could check out my channel and give feedback, nice one, peace out

  10. Hey Man, Just recently started out on youtube your transformation video is great man really inspiring actually.. I decided to hit that sub button, hopefully I can get your support back!! Let's grow together!

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  12. man this video is so motivating. i have a video shoot in 3 weeks in la for my channel with a film school student so I'm super excited but nervous! i just subbed to your channel. check me out too if you get the chance.

  13. You should be insanely proud of what you have accomplished! Great video man, felt like I came along that journey with you <3 Left you some love! Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more.

  14. This was cool to watch. I didn't know your story actually and you went for the full legs shave as well haha. I stopped at upper body but the wife wouldn't let me go any further lol. Great video dude.

  15. Way 2 go luke awesome transformation. I.v been thinkin doing a programme follow few people on here and they advertise programs seein ur early progress gave me more think about.
    Just subscribed also πŸ‘

  16. Dude your body is so much like mine. Every body is diffrent but I means it's very close I even gain weight just like you. Weird i was very athletic qll the way till I became an adult and a little after I came went to college I had to become the main provider of my family. That means providing for 8 kids and my mom of course. I'm the oldest so I'm kinda the man of the house. But I havent given up on my dreams. I want to open my own parkour gym. Iv been training hard and I'm happy to have seen these videos because you have literally my ideal body. Your not extremely huge but you got muscle and you look good and that's what I want. Its ideal because I do parkour and capoeria and I dont want to get too big.

  17. Awesome, i'm 30 and started my journey 3 weeks ago. I was extremely fit in my early 20's competing in high levels of judo. But i kinda lost track. Now i'm back at it.

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