3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Alright Fitlifer, Drew Canole. At the end
of this video we’re going to be giving away a four hundred dollar Jay Kordich Powergrind
Pro, so sit tight. The Fitlife team and I have built this amazing quiz and what it does
is that it indicates eleven factors in your overall health, after thirty five thousand
people have taken this quiz in the past week, we’ve realized some things that I want to
share with you today and address on this week’s Saturday Strategy. Some big things that could
cause your body to store fat, okay? And one of our main goals for our community is help
people get their ideal body, their ideal minds so they can live their ideal life, real simple
and easy. One of the biggest things you guy wanted to hear about was how juicing can effectively
help you lose weight? Number two, you wanted to hear about quality of sleep, how sleeping
plays a role and how to get the best sleep possible and lastly you wanted to hear how
to crush those toxic cravings that are holding your body back from loving the food that loves
your body. So, I’m going to talk about those three things Fitlifer, real simple and easy.
So rewind back two and a half years ago Fitlifer, I was twenty five pound overweight, I was
around twenty two percent body fat, I was lethargic, I was tired, I was depressed, I
didn’t really have a life purpose at that time and I didn’t feel fulfilled, I was stressed
out, basically and my diet consisted of a lot of macronutrients, you know lean proteins,
carbs and fat. What I was missing was one huge thing that deals with juicing and I’m
going to talk about that right now, I was missing micronutrients also known as phytonutrients.
People say you should get nine or seven to nine servings of vegetables every day, I’ll
be the first one to admit Fitlifer, I was not getting seven to nine servings of vegetables
every day. I wanted things cheap, fast, and easy. I was a typical American, I was eating
the Standard American Diet and it wasn’t working for me, needless to say that’s why I manifested
the physical body that I had at that time. Around that time I had a gentleman, Mark,
introduced me to juicing, he came ad he handed me my first green drink and if you’ve had
your first green drink you’re probably going to know exactly what I’m talking about right
now. It’s juice high, you could say it, it’s your first juice buzz, it’s that first green
drink that you have and within fifteen minutes, on a very cellular level your body starts
to consume those phytonutrients, those micronutrients, it’s like nature’s perfect multivitamins,
glorious, it’s a miracle, it’s a magical thing that you can drink every single day to give
you energy and completely change your life. When I did that, I noticed something as well,
I noticed this long withstanding energy all day long. Most people drink coffee and by
the time two o’ clock goes around they’re ready to take a nap because their adrenals
have spiked and they feel like they’re getting tired and they need to take a nap in the afternoon,
when you have a green drink, it’s this constant, consistent energy throughout the entire day
those mental focus that you have. I’ve had people report back to me, they’re like ‘Drew
my eyes seemed brighter, I felt like things were more alive, it’s like I looked outside,
and all of a sudden it’s like I was looking at a painting, I saw with my glasses off for
the first time in my life.’ I’ve heard these things from the thousands of people that have
transformed using our system, and it’s amazing which is what springboards me up out of bed
every morning and feel like I have this amazing purpose but I got those micronutrients. Now,
I’ve tried starting juicing once a day, I’m like ‘what would two juices do a day?’ All
of a sudden I’ve started to notice that I didn’t eat as much, right? And when I would
choose to eat, if I had my juice in the morning I’ll be like I don’t need those things that
I used to like. The Doritos, the Cheetos, the Ice cream, the enriched flour bread that
they say has all kinds of vitamins and minerals that you know as well as I do, that probably
made in some laboratory that depletes your body of its necessary B Vitamins and the other
things that you actually need. So when I started juicing it went from one a day, so I encourage
you if anything after watching this video, start juicing at least once a day. Then it
went to twice, I’m like ‘what the heck?’ I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my
life, I didn’t need to eat those things, what would it do if I was to do that’s called the
juice cleanse, for three to five days and I tried it. And after doing this juice cleanse,
I noticed that not only the macronutrients that I was eating before, the lean protein,
the carbs and the high quality fats that I was eating, but my body wasn’t utilizing effectively,
I was finally able to absorb, you know there’s a huge gut problem in America, people have
poor gut health, so even if they are eating all the proper things like I was, you know
at the time I was eating proper macronutrients but I wasn’t getting micronutrients and my
friend that was doing the same thing look like a fitness model because his absorption
was better than mine. As soon as I fixed that, it was like a light switch that went on and
all of a sudden I was able to go from over twenty percent body fat down to sub seven
percent while using juicing as a weight loss tool, so that’s why it works. You know not
only are you getting the nutrients, you’re actually healing your gut and internal processes
for what it is, you’re getting more vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, things that really cause
your body to come to life. Number two, sleep. How does juicing work for sleep? Well, back
fifty years ago, there was no such thing as organic or non-organic, everything was organic
and the soil was rich, it was loaded with nutrients and when something was planted into
the ground, it had a lot of minerals in it, one mineral in particular is called magnesium.
Western America today and probably throughout most of the world, people are not getting
enough magnesium, so one of the things you’ll first notice with juicing is that you start
to sleep like a baby and when you sleep like a baby, what happens, well, all your hormones
are starting to return back to normal again. Your cortisol levels which cortisol is your
stress starts to go down again, your body starts to heal and starts to repair, I’d like
to say that sleep is like defragging a computer; you remember you used to have to do that?
You’d set your computer to defrag at night and reprocess all the files that you went
throughout the day, kind of like the human mind, constantly processing going in REM sleep
helps your body do that it helps to repair the tissue the cells he organs that gives
you a rest and that’s how it helps your sleep, you’re getting the vitamins, the enzymes the
minerals, things like that a lot of people eat at night so they feel bugged down, they
have the giant portions of big potatoes with giant fatty steak or cheeseburger something
like that and then they’ve had indigestion at night, their internal bodies not working
correctly, then they wake up in the morning they feel tired because they didn’t get deep,
restful, peaceful sleep, so juicing can definitely help with sleeping as well. And lastly how
does it help with cravings? Well, in the book train your taste to trim your waist, I talked
about toxic taste buds when you have enough sugar from carbs, sugar in dairy wheat, things
like that your body always wants to eat that and it feels satisfied for a moment but then
it still goes on to crave more sugar and dairy wheat so you get this process. Even me now,
like if I go on vacation and all of a sudden I have something like a dessert the next day
I’m like ‘you know I want a little dessert again and then before you know it, you’re
on this habit of having something that’s sweet three, four times a day. The problem is not
the sweetness, the big problem is mixing it with fatty stuff as well cause it spikes your
insulin up, and when you spike your insulin up it’s like a gateway, it’s like somebody
holding arms with you as the door to your fat cell and it’s just walking in and saying
‘hey have some more fat in those cells’ and your body gets fatter and fatter and fatter
because you’ve spiked your insulin up and you’re eating fatty food that doesn’t give
you the micronutrients that you really need. So once you start to juice, once, twice a
day and you go through the five day detox you’ll finally start to realize that you don’t
need those things, those toxic, you don’t need toxic taste buds anymore and you can
come in to complete harmony, complete balance, and those are three very physical things I’m
talking about with juicing you guys. There’s many more revelations you’re going to have
okay? So let’s go over the three again, number one, how to juice for weight loss, it’s all
about micro vs. macro and how to get on track for that, I’ve had a transformation thousands
of other people had their transformation of using this as a tool and then also sleep,
sleep is amazing. You know, I tried to get eight to nine hours of sleep at night, many
people get four to five hours and then they wake up in the morning they have two cups
of coffee and then they need a valium or something at night, some pill that puts them to sleep
and makes them rest easier and that functions your whole internal body up, message you up
completely. So, let’s bring your body back, let’s start to sleep more effectively. Number
three, how to crush those toxic taste buds, and stop craving the food that doesn’t love
your body, it’s simple, you know once you start to give what it needs, it starts to
feel fulfilled, you’re totally going to feel like a brand new person, we’ve seen thousands
of people’s success stories, all of them report the same thing, so this is three things I
talked about on a physical level. If you want to take the quiz and see exactly what you
need to do, to bring your body back in the harmony, to bring your body back in the balance,
to bring your body into its ideal form so that you have the confidence, the longevity,
the mental clarity, the focus, everything that you’ve wanted, take the quiz below, real
simple and easy fitlifer, and also check the blog post below, we’re going to be giving
away a four hundred dollar Jay Kordich Powergrind Pro, I’m excited. Over the next week, we’re
going to look more on the results from the quiz and we’re going to see exactly what you’re
interested in. if you’re interested in a certain thing that’s holding you back from really
living the life that you want to live, leave that in the comments, be like ‘Drew this is
really helpful, you know the juicing for weight loss, sleep and what you talked about toxic
taste buds, I feel like I have toxic taste buds but I need help with my hair, you know
my hair’s falling out’. Whatever it may be, you leave it below, and I promise you Fitlifer
the team and I will do everything it takes to make sure that you’re living the best life
possible. Drew Canole, remember we’re in this together, I’ll see you next week.

100 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

  1. Hey Drew, I just watched the video.  I have Renal Hypertension.  I have been on meds since 1998 and I have constantly been trying to find a way to heal my body so I can get off the meds.  I also have kindney stones from time to time.  I went a Chinese herbalist for a while and that cleared up some skin issues I was having in 2012.  I also have been dealing with Seborrheic Dermatitis in my hair line.  I started scuba diving this year and notice that when I dive with Nitrox air my blood pressure gets real low which I like.  I stumbled upon juicing beats and have been doing that with a nutribullet for the last several weeks.  I have purchased a juicer and it should arrive this week.  I am also getting wheatgrass and I'm going to start growing my own and juicing that.So, the question is, any suggestions for Renal Hypertension?  I can't find Any information about that.  It's not just standard blood pressure.  I'm 6 ' and weigh about 185 pounds.  I do have muscle tone and I don't know what body fat content.  Oh, and I'm 53 years old.  I'm sure I don't do enough aerobic exercise, but I do muscle building exercises.  I just found another channel on youtube and I have been doing their triceps exercise that hits all three in one exercise.  I have been doing this for a few weeks and I am amazed at the definition that I'm getting already compared to the exercises that I have done in the past.  So, again, the question is, How do I help my Renal Hypertension and get my pressure low enough to get off the meds.Thanks,Mark

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    Get a job.

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