[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today we are going to be getting a ton done and I’m going to be sharing a lot more than just clean motivation of course that we are going to be cleaning up the living room and the kitchen it’s kind of a mess back there it’s all blurred so you can’t see yet but it is a mess and I’m also going to be sharing a really yummy recipe that my dad shared with me when he came to visit from Japan and so I’m going to be sharing that crock-pot recipe super simple super easy and pretty healthy and then I’m also going to be doing lots and lots of food prep and meal prep and just kind of like setting ourselves up for the week ahead so I figured I would take you guys along with me on this one I’m also planning I know I always like come with these big lists to do but on top of just clean like our main living area and doing the food prep and meal prep and recipe I am also going to be planning to go downstairs and Kyle gets home from work and help him like put together at least one of the big boys beds down in their bedroom because they’ve been begging us to and let me know have company anymore we just need to get that done so I’m going to see if we can try to put at least one of those beds together and if I do or if we do I will take you guys along of course so let’s go ahead and get to it I don’t want to seem all rude but I can’t remember where I am my persona all wood floor and fragments are the night before I don’t wanna waste no time [Music] so before heading into the kitchen I wanted to tidy up the living room really quickly just so I could check that off my list and gets momentum going usually I will start in my kitchen for my Domino chore and if you are new here my Domino tour I’ve talked about a lot but it’s basically the chore that kind of gets you going and gets you motivation to continue on and so usually I will start out in my kitchen for my Domino chore but since I had so much to do in the kitchen I knew I would be in there for so long I just wanted to get the living room done and just check that off of my list [Music] so this was actually some yen that we got from my dad and his wife when they visited us from Japan Noah saw this and he just asked for it so much so my dad and I’m giving it to him but after talking to them about like the culture and everything we just cannot wait to go to Japan we are already kind of like planning a trip it won’t be in the near future but maybe in the next year so and I am just so excited to kind of like experience different cultures so I would love to know where you would love to travel like what is your top place if you go anywhere in the world where would you go or if you have been lucky enough to travel a good bit already where has been your favorite place that you have been I always love hearing these answers from you guys so definitely let me know in the comments below [Music] you look so crafts in those jeans use you sleep [Music] [Music] I just want to show you this how cool is this is actually from Japan when my dad and his life came type the Chinese really loud but it is so so cool it’s like authentic it actually doesn’t look very heavy but it’s like iron and it’s pretty heavy but I cannot wait to find like a place to put this I just think this is like the coolest thing I had to show you guys how it’s taken cute [Music] [Music] so once the kitchen counters and table were all cleared off I needed to empty the dishwasher and if you’ve been with me for a while you know that this is typically a chore that our boys do but on school days if we’re running late I’m obviously not going to make them late just for doing this chore and so that was definitely the case this morning we had some real life moments and we were running very late so I just ended up unloading the dishwasher on my own today since I was going to be immediately needing to turn around and reload it back up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] but I’ll only tell you that [Music] so here I am just cutting some of the stems from the fresh eucalyptus that I got for the first time ever from our grocery store recently and I’m loving the fresh look that it’s giving my kitchen I recently got a life snake plant I shared it in my husband’s office makeover recently if you guys missed that video I will link it up above for you guys to check it out but I am loving that plant so much and I asked you guys for tips and you guys have been helping me keep it alive and so far so good but I have just been loving having a live plant in the house so if you guys have any other live plants that you recommend that are very very easy to keep alive I would really appreciate any recommendations that you guys have because it’s just made me so happy to have one and I would love to add more throughout the house [Music] a lot of patience I’m gonna feel but I guess I’m waiting around for something real I’m going crazy like what’s the deal cuz I want you to show me what you feel you’ll watch me [Music] show me love like it is like it and open my heart like your face [Music] finally finished cleaning it’s so fun when you clean and then you’re going to have to do like but you need to come out start the things faceful I shouldn’t have done this one-handed because after I’m done I’m gonna have to reclaim but it’s okay it’ll be worth it it’s better to do it all now then just throughout the week so alright I am going to share my recipe that my dad made when we were here actually shared it over on Instagram so you guys are already following me over there I didn’t share the recipe but I shared a picture a video of it it was so good so I’m gonna share with you guys today uh me grab I wrote it all down but it is like so incredibly easy I just make sure I don’t forget anything this is technically called a white chicken chili it’s not really super white because my dad has already kind of like changed up the recipe from wherever he got it from and also I am NOT putting in cream cheese which is what would make it like actually kind of white and thicker like that we’re just gonna call it a white chicken chili but just know it’s more of like a colorful chicken chili soup kind of so fresh-tasting it’s so super good so that is what we are going to make right now and then once I’m done with that then I’m going to actually start with the food prep and the meal prep so let’s go [Music] this is all you’re going to need you will just need some chicken this is just one rotisserie chicken that I’ve just actually deboned I did it yesterday just because it’s not easier to do when it’s warm then I have one container of chicken broth I also have five cans of beans these can be totally assorted so I have two black beans two cannellini beans and one great northern being it really doesn’t matter it’s just kind of whatever you like and then you’re going to have one of each color bell pepper so I have an orange yellow red and green you can kind of substitute this if you don’t like peppers or if you’re just like one kind and then also I have one onion and then this is all you’re going to season it with is just one chili white chicken seasoning mix packet super easy and then if you don’t want to do this you can also just add in your own like white chicken chili seasoning mix from your pantry but this just makes it way easier so now we’re gonna go ahead and dump it in the crock-pot and get going [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so now that I have everything in there I feel like it looks like there is a ton which there actually is but this room heats really really well and there is enough liquid in there and kind of see like it is in there too liquid everything like all the beans especially all the vegetables everything like it’s going to kind of like juice up and it will end up being like very very good at the end it’s not gonna be dry or anything but now what you’ll do is just cook it either on high for three hours or on low for about six hours but I’m getting a late start because today was just crazy and so I am going to be cooking it on high for three hours and I will show you the progress of it as it goes but I wish you guys could smell things like already before it’s even cooked I wish you guys could smell things through video because it smells so good like so good so next I’m going to do something that I actually used to do all the time but I used to do this all the time and it’s basically where you just like kind of I don’t what I used to call like dinner starters or something but basically what I’m going to be doing is sauteing like onions I used to do onions broccoli and red pepper red bell pepper and I would just thought to you that a little bit and then I’ll just actually store that in my fridge and then it’s like if I want to add that into eggs it’s already done like you don’t have to kind of up you know to cook it up you want to add it into like some kind of pasta sauce or something it’s already done and so that’s what I’m gonna do really quick it’ll show you how I do that and then I’m actually going to make egg muffins like little egg bites that I can have throughout the week that’ll just make a really quick meal for me I’m eating gluten free and that’s something that’s really quick and easy for me to do so I’m gonna make those and I’m also going to be doing like using some of the the meal starters or whatever that I’m going to be sauteing up now I’m going to be using some of that in and my eight cups can I not talk today oh my gosh anyway so that’s what we are going to be starting now another option for this – if you don’t want to chop it all up and you can just put it in a food processor and I’ll see if I’m able to link one of my favorite food processors down below it’s actually from ninja or shark ninja I don’t know anyway it’s so good so one of the thing I wanted to mention is this is something I used to do all the time I don’t do it all the time anymore but I do still do it occasionally I will actually just kind of like dry sautee them and then water saute my vegetables especially I get a case like this right oh I know like what it’s gonna be going into and it’s gonna be sitting on the fridge and so I am just I put them right into my stainless steel pan I will have like a little cup of water here and as me that I will end up adding it into the pan and it just come to glaze it and you really don’t need oil you’ll kind of find that a lot of times the water will be glazing it funny I find myself fucking the life is one big riddle ah the future and what’s been because it’s the way it goes and I will never know why you let me go [Music] look to the to the right nothing stopped me in the night like I’m leaving all the bad starts and trying to remain strong I know it’s good if I’m wrong also when I do go to make this I don’t usually season it just because I am going to be adding it into different dishes and so I don’t want it to like take on a certain taste anything so I just kind of let the vegetables do what they’re gonna do and then if I need to all end up there seasoning whatever dish and putting it into and that always works so good okay so while that continues cooking and finishes up I’m going to start kind of preparing for my little egg bite so I’m just going to preheat the oven to 350 degrees and then I crack the eggs and just kind of start preparing the little muffin tins [Music] [Music] [Music] and to remain strong I know it’s good and from long [Music] [Music] [Music] look to the [Music] oh the muffins are in the oven they’re going to be cooking for about 20 to 25 minutes just depending it might be a little bit less it seems like our oven seems to go things a little bit faster now I actually was going to put sausage in there but I completely spaced it so that’s okay I’m just a veggie once this time I don’t add cheese but you totally could add cheese to the top of them or inside of them whatever you want you can really customize like the flavors and just whatever you want with them but they are really easy you can just pop them in the microwave for like 30 seconds and they keep for like about three maybe four days in your fridge but they will keep for like three months in your deep freezer in your regular freezer and then you can just straight pop them from there into the microwave that you just have to do it for maybe like I’m gonna in half or something just a little bit longer to defrost them I also would normally like add greens but I totally spaced grabbing grades of the source I’m just making do it’s what I have but now see how you like use up a lot of that but I have a lot more still so I can add this until like a scramble if I’m making that in the morning or I can add it to whatever kind of dishes I’m making and it’s just like already pre-done for me and it’s homemade it didn’t take me a whole ton of time especially since I was able to do other things wow that was doing like working and cooking so it’s just nice to do that stuff that’s my like meal prepping and food prepping is just so nice time so I think it’ll be like getting back into it and prep some veggies fruits [Music] [Music] [Music] I love is going coaching leaving out the door and say I don’t know when I’ll be home but needles in my heart it’s tearing me apart just trying to find a light in my dark I know that you’re afraid believe me when I say it’s alright we’ll get by I cut up speed oh it’s just a face of town myself there will be so hold on to me baby hold on put your hands in hold on baby hold on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you guys have to tell me if like there’s a certainly good way to pick a good pineapple because I have gotten a few lately and it’s like I will cut them the very next day after I brought them home and they aren’t good like they’re rotten inside they smell good like when I when I try them at the store and it’s not like I wait a week like it’s the next day and then they’re all brown inside they’re rotten inside they don’t smell good they don’t taste good and I’m just like ah it’s happened a few times recently and I’m those are done and I’m just wondering like am i picking them wrong or what is the deal so if you guys have any good tips on how to pick up [Music] hold on so hold on so this is how I do pineapple I will just take the edge of it off and then I’ll just cut it into fours lengthwise and then I actually cut like the inside of a core off kind of like you do an apple and then I slice them just really really thin and then if you do have any leftover core like there’s a little bit of core on the inside of this it’s so thin that it doesn’t bother anybody and I feel like you just waste a lot less pineapple and they’re just fine we just grab a fork and we just eat them like that [Music] [Music] right two broken smiles we’re lost right now so hold on hold on we just got [Music] we just got [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you share your love so easily stay insecure [Music] now once I was all done with the food and meal prep I needed to clean the dishes and I just wanted to get these done now so they did enough to deal with them later it was definitely tempting to be done with the food prep and just call it a day but I knew that I would regret it just having those dishes sitting in the sink waiting for me and I always get asked by y’all how I stay motivated or how I get motivated what I’m having a rough day and lots of times I will either think of how it will feel once I’m done and just kind of let that motivate me or if I’m really dragging and having no motivation that day I will just start by doing one thing and then see if I’m feeling like doing the next thing on my list and more often than not the motivation comes by seeing my progress when I see the floors picked up it motivates me to then pick up the couch and tidy that up and once I see the living room is cleaned then I will move into the kitchen and so on interesting that progress gives you a lot of motivation I feel like it’s almost like your own personal clean with me because you were seeing that progress happened one by one so I hope that little tip helps you out and makes a difference for you [Music] [Music] [Music] you care I do [Music] to pretend [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] kind of simple kind of wish about fate you’re kind of simple like a pistol [Music] so while the boys were putting together Liam’s but I was actually working on editing the other parts of this video that you guys are watching I just wanted to get that done and since Kyle obviously had a lot of help on his hands I felt like I could get away with not helping on this one but I was sitting in the same room and watching the camera sometimes and just making sure that they didn’t have to worry about moving the camera around they could just focus on actually building the bed but it was so sweet to just see all the boys working with Kyle on this I know that sometimes it takes a little bit longer and it definitely takes some more patience to include kids in these projects but I feel like they are always learning so much and making lots of memories so I feel like it is just always worth it to take the extra time and effort to include your kids and these things and I know that it’s something that’s really special for me and Kyle too and I wanted to mention I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you guys about what I’m going to be sharing more basement content and I honestly have been sharing lots of basement content over on my vlog channel now it has been a little bit slower on the vlog Channel but I know a lot of you guys actually didn’t realize that I had a vlog channel when I asked recently and so I’m going to go ahead and link it up above and I always have it linked in my description box that I’m sharing just a lot of family content over there and I have been putting a lot of the basement content over there just because it’s been easier to fit into a casual vlog so definitely go check that out if you were not already subscribed over there [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re such a nice guy [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this video do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already I am going to be continuing on with my decluttering series next week and just sharing lots and lots of decluttering inspiration and organizing with that as well and I’m also going to be continuing my spring cleaning series which I shared last week my first video for that there is just so much content I do not want you guys to miss out on I hope you guys have the most amazing day and I will see you in my next one bye guys


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