2 Day Fast Results | My Butt + Regret | Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 105]

2 Day Fast Results | My Butt + Regret | Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 105]

hi everyone its Mieka fasting weight loss
today is Thursday January 10th and it is 7:15 a.m. I’m starting day 3 of my fast
I’m fasting for weight loss everyday I share what I ate and what exercise I did
the day before I’m doing Oh mad one meal a day intermittent fasting where you
select an amount of time to eat and then the rest of the time you don’t eat
that’s intermittent fasting fasting with no food I started a hundred and five
days ago at two hundred and seventy three point seventy two hundred and
seventy three point two pounds also every day I come with the quote today I
search for a quote on I come with the quote or I talk about someone
inspirational and I put it in my planner in the shaded area of my goal planner my
daily task planner in this planner I bought it so that I can write five daily
action items that will get me a step closer to my goals or help my life in
some way so every day I’m supposed to write five
things I’m saying supposed to because I haven’t been doing it the only thing I
have been doing is writing a quote which is helping me so today I’m feeling sad
let’s say yesterday evening I was feeling very sad and I’m kind of feeling
that way right now and I kind of want to cry a little bit but after this video
I’m gonna get my composure together and I’m gonna choose to be happy um let me
see so I looked up a sadness quote just to
relate to heart fill and I also regret some things I did yesterday because
it is what made me sad and I do things and I’m not gonna share cuz it’s too
personal and I’m not ready to I don’t want to say every extreme detail in my
life this is yeah I’m just not gonna share some things eventually I might I
don’t know but at this point I probably will in the future when things turn away
the way I need them to be I think I will share stuff I don’t know why but okay so
the quote is from Queen Latifah and you know who she is
if you don’t look her up she’s an actress singer rapper she has a
show called star right now on TV and she’s just been in the entertainment
field for her whole life I’m pretty awesome lady in my opinion um she said I
made decisions that I regret and I took them as a learning experience I’m human
not perfect like anyone else so the reason I chose that it took me ten
minutes to choose a quote the reason I chose that one is because yesterday I
did some things that I kind of regret right now because it’s what made me sad
and I already knew I shouldn’t do it and I just did it anyway and I’ve been doing
this for a couple years at least and I always get the same result which is
sadness so I want to tell you if you’re doing something that you know it’s like
a bad habit stop it learn from it and move on and
stop doing it because you you do this action and it always gives you sadness
why are you gonna keep doing it like it doesn’t make sense so I’m gonna try to
reflect on learning from regrets and try to stop doing this bad habit I have and
I yeah it’s just a really bad habit um and it’s funny because I don’t feel
happy I don’t feel of that happy I feel better
so I came home I went to a gym yesterday I came home I was feeling so sad and I’m
a very sensitive person like above the top sensitive and when I feel this kind
of sadness the best remedy asleep so I came home I
only had like 4 minutes left of the album 20 minutes to do I had already had
my apple cider vinegar in the morning so I just came home got my youngest son to
bed the other tore up the other two middle ones were already in bed
got him in bed and then I went to bed because that’s the best remedy for my
sadness sleep so our what I woke up I feel better a little better now but I
got a snap out of it because you choose your happiness you choose how your thing
is gonna be and there’s too many things to be grateful for I woke up today man I
could have a heart attack I couldn’t anything could I not even wake up for it
like you must I don’t like them sad at all because there’s too much to be
grateful for it and I need to be grateful for this weight loss I had
today because I wanted to lose more than 2 pounds so before I tell you the
results of that I will tell you what I did yesterday I did not eat I did not
drink a lot yesterday that might be why I had this big weight loss again let’s
see I did not thank you much I ate nothing I did have one piece of gum or
two I can’t remember I went to work and I did 3 people yesterday um let’s see I
try to get off work at 3:00 yesterday was easy today it’s gonna be easier
because I need to go run some errands let me see so much of the gym I did some
of my exercise in the morning so that’s I split up my 20 minutes as long as I’m
getting my 20 minutes and I don’t care I believe cumulative exercise weights
whatever works and is just good too so I went to the gym I did the whole gym
except for the ending part on livestream I kept the livestream to about 35
minutes yesterday I’m gonna start doing them lower so that I can have more time
without the camera holding it oh my gosh you guys those of you that watch me do
the deadlifts and the bridges in the room I feel my butt and I said my quads
I don’t know why um I really enjoyed that and I got it I have to do more but
work out like I really believe in my mind like when I have a goal
I see the ending um some goals there’s some things that I want in life I just
can’t get no matter how hard I try there’s no way to put action towards it
so I don’t see it at all in my future but things like my big butt and big is
relevant to me compared to what I have now which is nothing so I could see my
big butt in the future because I know there’s action steps that it could that
could achieve that goal even though it does have a lot to do with genetics in
your own body and your muscles like I know I can grow it through lots of
weights and eat it properly so that was exciting for me um I was feeling strong
we got new equipment there really kind of cool but they will only allow you to
put 33 pounds on each side when I could do like five reps five sets of 15 of
that bar I’m gonna suck it up be it put my big girl panties on and go down to
the big boy area with the free weights because that means I’m ready to go to
the next step so that’s my goal in that room five five sets of deadlifts with
all the weights on 15 reps once that’s easy down to the big boys room then I’ll
get the real bar and put on the real weight because I’m gonna be doing
deadlifts and it works my stomach to like I feel the deadlift is like it
works a lot of muscles all at once it’s a really a staple exercise to do the
bridges I don’t know I think I like it because it was easy
but I did feel the burn and I like to feel like cuz I don’t have a lot of fat
there I could actually feel my muscle and that’s why I like to hold it at the
top and squeeze like that’s really getting deep workout to your muscle I’m
and I finished that set off with the hold as long as I could that ending set
let me see I did about 10 minutes on the new boyfriend machine it’s okay I’m
gonna get used to it it’s like you’re used to something is hard to break
habits so I’m gonna stop I’m gonna learn that I don’t have to have that one
machine and I’m gonna move on okay let me see I did a lot of walking I probably
walked a mile karley for probably half the mount and
then at the end half a mile I wanted to do the sauna but I went down there and
it was too full I’m not sitting in there with a whole bunch of people like yeah I
don’t want to so I didn’t do that I want to do sauna before and sauna after cuz I
was told by one of my expert friends online that doesn’t know me but I know
him it’s good to do it before and after I said I want to do that not all I did oh I did 10 bicep curls
super low weights 10 or 15 tricep extensions medium weight and that’s what
I did that’s exercise I did yesterday so for the weight loss um gosh what was the
title of mine what’s the title of my video fasting today fasting weight loss
weight it’s important to say your this is for people trying to build a channel
it’s important to say your keywords that you want to rank for in your video so
you might hear me say it a lot because that’s important so that’s it okay so this videos title is gonna be
two day fast results and I’m gonna make it’s a weight loss blog and it’s gonna
be day 105 so okay you guys the F’s mean I fasted a 24 means I
fasted 20 hours and I ate four hours at fast in 19 hours I ate five hours so I
don’t know if you can see it Oh mad is the one meal a day yes VF
that’s when I was doing snake Oh soft dry fast that means no food our water
here is a 21 21 hours fast with three day eating man I’ve been doing good I
don’t know what I did here I should write it I don’t know maybe I will maybe
I won’t but you could kind of see what I’ve been doing me and I did good on
these sixties and seventies a lot of faster that’s what I need to show you
guys if I really want to crush my weight-loss goals and get some
maintenance oh I want to get to maintenance I need to wake up everyone
and say mica is going to fight daily to get some maintenance Miko will fight
daily to get to maintenance because it’s up to you it’s like whatever actually
put out is what you’re gonna get back and you can see that through my results
I do nothing I gained four pounds I eat one meal a day I can maintain I won
militay I lost a pound I fasted I lost four point four I fasted again with
exercise and today alright um that’s minus 3.2 so that’s seven point six
pounds my 2-day fast results is seven point six pounds that was with no food
drinking any calorie no any non calorie beverages and I did have apple cider
vinegar which not break your fast as far as I’ve
learned I’ve also heard lemon does not but Leah have some carbs I kind of want
to limit in my water today I might um this is not a strict fast for me but
it’s no food um when I say not strict I will be having gum I will probably be
having a lemon um let me see I feel fine I feel a little weak to talk
some for some reason like I feel like I need to talk slower and if I laugh man I
hope a lot today who’s my client oh yeah I’m gonna get
some glass my client your name starts with the M and you are getting ma’am and
I might do another client I might I’m sorry if my clients are watching this I
am NOT taking any more clients this week I have a full schedule um I really don’t
want to do more than 20 people or 15 people a week um and today this these
five days I’m fasting I’m not putting more people in
I’m just not so next week is the next part I am working I am doing a lot of
people this week that’s the wrong appointment book I have a full day
Friday a full day Saturday a full day Sunday Sunday I think is the day I get
to eat so today I’m kind of taking a day off because I feel like I deserve a day
off but I’m still going to work and I’m gonna do one or two people if I do two
people I feel like I have a day off cuz I get to leave like around one or two um
even though I only try to leave three or four so yeah I feel fine physically
there’s no hunger I’ve been toying with the idea of going past five days which I
should but maybe I’ll have a refeed day and then do another five I don’t know
what I’m gonna do you guys what do you think I should do I did both of my
habits yesterday are you doing your habits I need you to do your habits
every day I need you to create these new habits in your life because you want to
be the best person you could be and you’re gonna have 20 if you really do
this like I’m gonna make a video every day
of 2019 if I’m living in my and I have phone service
god-willing so follow and do this 2019 healthy habits go crushing challenge
with me um to new habits every month right now it’s January you should
already have your two habits I should know what they are in the comments and
you should be doing your best to do them daily don’t make it out of a just making
something doable you know I’m an outrageous type of
extreme person but my two little habits which will have a heavy impact on my
life are very simple apple cider vinegar lots of benefits I guess I’ll have to
make a video just on that and 20 minutes of exercise which I should make a habit
I should make a video on that um that would be impactful on my life okay and
I’m still trying to get off these blood pressure medicines I need to see my
doctor I’m kind of nervous cuz you’re gonna see like a 40 pound weight loss in
like a month or two or 50 I don’t even know how much I was when I went there
I’m a little nervous to see her but I want to cut back on the medicine I take
– I’m supposed to take – I want to get down to the one cheaper one lisinopril
is the one I want to take or the other one I just want to take one no I want
the cheap one one is like so much cheaper um so that’s it you guys you
don’t have to comment about my service if you don’t want to because I am NOT
gonna do what I did yesterday that made me end upset last night and going to bed
early even the one to bed early is good no I will not I’m gonna embrace the
state I’m gonna be thankful I’m gonna do my daily action goals
besides my habits and I’m gonna be your happy person today because there’s no
reason not to and that’s it 3.2 pounds you

21 thoughts on “2 Day Fast Results | My Butt + Regret | Weight Loss Journey 2019 [Day 105]

  1. I feel fine now. I just will NOT do that thing that I did yesterday that makes me sad again haha. I am stopping, learning, and moving on! 💪

  2. Congrats Mieka you're almost out of your 200's. ACV is good and Lemon is too😁👍🏾 .I'm happy you're not feeling sad anymore. I need to make a workout habit going to think on it 🤔

  3. Wow Mieka, what you are doing is working and I am happy for you. Sorry you were feeling a little low but I know you will bounce back. We all have those down days but it is just temporary. I am on your hurray team and you are doing fantastic.

  4. Good morning gorgeous You absolutely right God as bless you to see another day it’s amazing day keep up the good work have a great day

  5. Congratulations on your 7 pound loss–I just subscribed! This weight loss thing is tough, so I understand you feeling sad. I have been doing 16:8 IF since the summer. I did one 5-day juice fast in December, but I think I would like to try OMAD next. I am about 15 lbs. away from my goal. Looking forward to following your progress!

  6. Hey Miss Mieka… you are NOT allowed to be sad! That is a NEW habit!😁 I too, am extremely sensitive and even as soon as you said you were sad, I already started welling up so no more bc I love your giggly, happy, personality! I actually giggle along with you the whole video bc your energy is very contagious! So I am happy to hear that you CHOSE to push that sadness away and be HAPPY today! Thadda girl! Plus…as you said, how can you NOT be overjoyed with 7.6lbs in 2 days?!? That is incredible! I am still doing my 2 habits & my fasting. So I'm glad to have you along. I am gonna try to only eat 1 OMAD refeed every Monday, that's it. So join along if you can! Hope you have an AMAAAZZING day, you deserve it!! 😁😍🤗

  7. I so uderstand about being sad. This journey can be really hard at times. But you made it through! I need those butt exercises too! 🙂 Have a Blessed Day! Love you!

  8. I've been doing doing OMAD keto for about 12 days and loving it. I started at 272.2 and I'm now around 255. I'm started a YT channel and you're def. A inspiration

  9. CONGRATS sheesh what are we going to do with YOU 7lbs wow IDK what to say….. I feel like I'm moving slow now, no time for that got to much fat to release lol. I have yet this round to do a water fast/0 calorie drinks maybe I should try….I am sticking with my two goals working out and fasting…Don't be sad especially when you can control it.

  10. Great effort Mieka, as always! I did my two habits yesterday. The 20 minutes and sharing my art. Thanks for being you .

  11. Great job girl! I find when I drink at least one cup of hot water with lemon juice and ACV (my spouse calls it stinky tea) per day my weight loss seems faster. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not though lol! Keep up the great work! Go as long as you feel good. If you’re weak then do a refeed and hop back into fasting 😊

  12. Hey Meika, do you feel sick on the days you refeed? I am noticing that when I eat now I feel sick to my stomach. Also do you drink zero calorie gatorade during your water fast? If so does it impact your weight loss? Thanks

  13. Hi mieka. Love the scarf. Why are you sad? Don't cry. But I'll lend you my shoulder to lean on and I'm a good listener. Love queen latifah.

  14. 🌹💜Sorry you was sad. Just remember how happy you make all your subscribers every day and smile 😊 You’re Awesome!🥰

  15. New subscriber! Congrats on the loss! Losing weight is rough. But just like you, when I set a goal I see the ending (most of the time). I’m gonna start (another) weight loss journey. Hope we can stay connected 💕

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