14 Thinking Thin | Weight Loss Results on Oklahoma’s News Channel 4

14 Thinking Thin | Weight Loss Results on Oklahoma’s News Channel 4

The diet and exercise business in America is a multi-billion dollar industry. This local man says,” If you don’t address the issues and feelings behind weight gain, no diet or exercise program will ever help.” He says his technique is a tried-and-true method that will have you thinking thin. Even a simple task like folding laundry used to be excruciating for Sharon Merrifield. She weighed 240 pounds and was considering back surgery to alleviate the pain the weight was causing. Then she found a simpler way. It’s not magic. It’s not voodoos, not anything like that. It’s acupressure and Sharon says it’s worked wonders. I don’t have to work at it. It’s just, I just eat when I’m hungry. Several people have lost 75, 100 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds. Robert Smith is a self-proclaimed stress expert. He says he can give you control over anything in your life even food. Food is just the symptom that’s what you use to comfort yourself. He teaches his simple tapping technique in seminars. That beside your eyes, release and let go, all fears. Bladder, gall bladder, stomach, kidneys and then of course on the wrist. When you grab your wrist, you at the lungs, large intestine, circulation, heart, small intestine, which are the organs that create feelings, good and bad. Robert says by tapping on these pressure points connected to organs you gain control. The real thing about losing weight is that a relationship you have with food. It’s the emotions and feelings and why you eat, and if you have control inside. He says that’s why traditional diets and exercise programs typically fail. They don’t address what’s really the issue. I drank a lot of pop I drank very little water. and I ate lots of chocolate, fried foods, just whatever I wanted. Robert helped Sharon realize that her addiction to pop and chocolate was really about her feelings for her grandfather who used to give her money every Saturday, to buy the RC Cola and candy. He told me, he said,” Sharon, you know, you love these can, this candy and you love this pop but it doesn’t love you.” And he said,” Really it’s your grandfather’s love that you’re thinking of.” And Robert literally tapped away her addiction. You have a bitter taste that starts at the tip of your tongue. And for me, he had to tap about seven times. And the bitterness went all the way back, on my time. More than a year later, Sharon has had no pop except for one time. And it was horrible, horrible, horrible, I spit it out. She’s lost 65 pounds without diet and exercise and says she has more energy now than when she was a teenager. Sarah Stewart Oklahoma’s News Channel four. We spoke with a medical doctor about Robert Smith’s techniques. He says there are no clinical studies showing acupressures effectiveness on weight loss. But that it has been shown reduced stress which can help with your weight loss. He says the best bet is like with any other weight loss regimen, check with your doctor before you start
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  1. It is funny when it is said and written "Check with your doctor before you start". Most doctors are unhealthy! Well, news flash! You alone can handle you and heal you. We all just need to know where all of those deep seeded emotion came from and the proper technique and remedy to get our body balance! I love Robert Smith's technique. I use it as well for clients. Guess what? Asthma and Pneumonia diagnosed by MD,the same day from a 4 year old, gone within few hours that day! 2 different people's plantar fasciitis completely gone within an hour of the session. These two different people have had their plantar fasciitis issue well over 30 years! What scientific studies do you need?

  2. Really? Check with the doctors? The only thing they will tell you is to take pills like candies. We are their clients. We are their source of income. My doctor told me to not go to for therapy because they are not that effective. He said pills are better. What a jerk!! Doctors know nothing regarding emotions. Were they certified on that?

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