100 Subscribers Crazy Celebration!! RUN FREDRIK RUN – Trail Running

100 Subscribers Crazy Celebration!! RUN FREDRIK RUN – Trail Running

Hey all you running nerds, training freaks and all you others! And a warm welcome to a very special video here on Run Fredrik Run. Today, we are going to CELEBRATE!! 100 subscribers!!! WE DID IT!! I think we are more than 100 at this moment. INCREDIBLE!! Thank you, thank you so much. I am so glad that so many of you want to follow my training and running adventures. I didn’t think for one second that we were going to make it to 100 so quickly. It felt like a goal that was REALLY far away. But we did it!! So how will we celebrate this? Some of you maybe remember that I promised in another video that if we reach 100 subscribers, I would run/walk up and down Sörbybacken 100 times. This lovely place that we use to train in. I have no idea how long this will take, but I will keep going for as long as I can. Oh right, if this is your 1st video here on my channel, please feel free to like the other 105 people have done and subscribe to the channel. And don’t forget the little bell button to recieve a notification when I upload a new video. I will try to upload more regulary. I have not been to good at that. One can always improve! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, enough talking. Lets head to the hill and I will show you what it’s all about. Ok, we are here. It right there in the background. I can feel it staring right at me. It burns in my neck. The plan is to start here at the bottom, up to the top and back down again. 100 times. My strategy, if it’s ok with you, is to run 1 time and walk the next and so forth. The start is right here by this strange looking stone. When I reach the top I will turn around at the black stone and head back down again. Man, it is so hard!!!! This is really testing my strength. But hey, this is all for you guys!! Can’t thank you enough for all your support. It means so much to me!! Lets keep on fighting!! It is hard as #&%. Down hill is ok, but up hill is SOOO HARD!! The hill is not giving up, but I wont give either. Like I said before, I do this ALL for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lets go!! I am so tired, and I am so hungry!! But I wont let you down. For all your support, and all the lovely comments I have recieved both here and on the trails. That really makes me grow as a person. And this is my way to say THANK YOU!! I have had some supporters here today who has been cheering me on. And now we are down to the final 10, so lets finish this thing!! FINALLY DONE!! I am done!! My body is so sore. It will be some kind miracle if I can walk tomorrow. But, WE DID IT!! It wasn’t fast or pretty, but we did it. I can’t thank you enough. Will probably not do this any time soon. I will probably not run back home. I will take a slow easy walk. If you thought this was just nuts or some something you enjoyed watching. So please give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below. Or share it with your friend, so they too can watch me run like a crazy person. And like I said before, please consider subscribing. Press that button right now. PUSH IT!! Just do it!! Good ๐Ÿ™‚ And the little bell button too. Goood ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, that is all from me. Heading back home to get me something to eat. Really need that now. And I hope I will see you next time. When I will be doing…. Well I guess you just have to stick around to find out. Thanks again for watching. Bye for now!!

10 thoughts on “100 Subscribers Crazy Celebration!! RUN FREDRIK RUN – Trail Running

  1. Well done mate, i have just skipped through and DAMN looks intense! Thanks for the shoutout. I will also do a rewatch when you have subs ๐Ÿ˜‰ CONGRATZ!!!

  2. Well done dude, I know how much time and effort goes into doing this! I'm still only at 46 subscribers but will keep developing the channel ๐Ÿ˜€ Here's to 1000 ๐Ÿ‘

  3. What an effort and an achievement! This is one of the best 'celebration' videos I have seen – your gratitude to your subscribers is so clear to see. A HUGE effort – the hill even looks steep – and I know that the camera tends to make steep flatter. Lucky you don't have a 1000 subscribers:) – tho' it wont be long. Again, massive congrats.

  4. How are those legs doing now? Great work Buddy! I still remember when we 1st met. You at killing it lately. Loved this celebration, I could tell it was a massive challenge

  5. Liked! Congrats on Hitting 100 Subscribers!!
    Keep Up The Great Work!
    When You Get A Chance Check Out My Channel Let Me Know How I Did? I Would Appreciate it Very Much Thank You!
    The First 100 is A Great Feeling!.

  6. Good job sir. You're making this non runner want to get out there and run. I will get out there and run. Thanks

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