10 Minute Home Fat Burning Workout (NO EQUIPMENT KILLER!!)

10 Minute Home Fat Burning Workout (NO EQUIPMENT KILLER!!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. If you’re looking for a fat-burning workout,
the length of the workout is simply not a requirement to make it a good workout. As a matter of fact, as I’m going to show
you here today the most important thing is that you’re getting your body working hard
from the first second until the last. And in this case, we’ll have you working hard
for 10 minutes only. So, the cool thing about a 10-minute workout is you can see the finish
line before you even start. That makes it all that much more motivating
for you to actually get down on the floor and do this. The second thing that makes this even better
is that you can do this right here in a little bit of open space with no equipment at all. Ignore all the stuff against the wall, guys.
All you’re going to be able to concentrate on is that floor because you’re going to be
staring face down on it quite a few times. We have here on tap escalating difficulty
levels of Burpees. That’s all you’ve got to do. Twelve (12) reps within 1 minute. If you can complete all 12 reps of the increasingly
complex version of the Burpee, then congratulations, you’ve made it to the next round. If you can make it all the way through 10
rounds then you’ve done your job and you’ve had a helluvan accomplishment because this
is no easy task. Guys, as I say all the time, you can either
work out hard or you can work out long. We’re going to choose to work out hard here, but
we are going to help you burn fat in the process. I guarantee it. So, with that being said,
I’m going to take you through my version of this. You’ll be able to watch every version
of the Burpee. I’ll name it down below as terribly as I always
do, but the key thing is you watch how I do it. And see if you can do 12 of those each minute
that you can do anywhere. There’s no excuses. This is bodyweight only and you can do this
workout any time you’re looking for that quick kick in the ass. Now, we have a daily kick in the ass for you
if you’re looking for a completely bodyweight program only. The ATHLEAN XERO Program. We say it all the
time. No Bands. No Bars. No Bench. No Bull. Literally nothing, nothing, not even a Pull
Up Bar to work your entire body and build muscle while doing it. And most of those bodyweight workouts, guys,
they’re nothing more than glorified aerobics workouts. They’re going to get you to lose some weight,
but you’re certainly not going to build any lean muscle in the process. ATHLEAN XERO does, and you can find it at
ATHLEANX.COM. In the meantime, if you found this one helpful,
and if you’re going to try some of these Burpees if not all of them, make sure you leave me your comments and your
thumb’s up below and tell me how far you made it. Did you make it all 10 minutes? Did you die
halfway? If you did, let someone else type in for you, how far you made it. I’ll see you guys back here again real soon.

100 thoughts on “10 Minute Home Fat Burning Workout (NO EQUIPMENT KILLER!!)

  1. Me watching the video: easy! I’ve got this😎😤

    Me 50 seconds in: 🥵😰 hyperventilating like crazy

  2. Should I do half the reps for each variation as a female? Quick note- I’m usually lean all year, and also competed in women’s bikini competition several years ago.

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  4. So if he doesn't have a girlfriend or something after all this he has done then I don't know what's wrong with life

  5. Finally done all the variations in one set! Now to get it in under one minute. Awesome workout. I keep it for days when I start rationalizing to myself that I don't need to go out treking or swimming in the morning. Gives me a good kick up the arse.

  6. Couple of questions:
    1. Do you rest 1 minute between each variation? I.e I finish the first set of burpees then rest 1 minute before going to the next set?
    2. If I can't complete 12 reps in a minute do I end the workout there or take longer breaks and continue until I finish the whole workout?
    3. Can I do this everyday?

  7. I'm not gonna remember all this. Ever. I'm gonna have to constantly have this video playing during the workout just to remember what comes next. ;_;

  8. Does anyone have a rough estimate of how many calories would be burned if this was to be completed in 10-12 minutes?

  9. TIP: If this is too hard for you try and go backwards.

    I know that there are some concessions being made in this variation. For example, the cardiovascular stress is being lessened and it does not provide the same gradual intensity increase that the original does. This being said, I highly doubt that these benefits would be seen to their full effect if one is unable to properly complete this workout. So utilize a reversed order to help cross some mental and physical barriers. Thereafter, one can come back and try it going forwards. Hope this helps.

  10. What he says about the floor at the start (45 seconds in) sounds like something great to tell your girlfriend before a session!;)

  11. I have experimented with countless weight reduction programs already but not one of them offered me the results just like I obtained out of this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) method. Even I am not consuming much as I was previously, I still do not feel jittery or perhaps sense a crash I’ve reduce around 15 pounds since making use of this item. .

  12. Squat thrusts (12 reps)

    Squat Thrust Jax Burpees (12 reps)

    Squat Thrust Squat Burpees (12 reps)

    Classic Burpees (12 reps)

    SL Mountain Climber Burpees (6 reps each leg)

    Side Kickthrough Burpees (12 reps)

    Chop and Hop SL Burpees (12 reps)

    Angry Mule Burpees (12 reps)

    Triple Skyfalls (12 reps)

    1 Arm Get-Up Burpees (6 reps each arm)

  13. H.i.i.t. 45 seconds work, 15 rest for 10 minutes. Slider, (low impact) burpees. Jump optional.
    Has you get better, you do more reps in the given time, thus difficulty progression is built in. Job done

  14. Thumbs up? Are you kidding🤣 More like thumbs down. That was a horrible workout… in a good way. Thanks Jeff!

  15. I finished all 10 levels in 17:55 minutes ( Including rest time). All reps of each level, except level 10 reps, I finished with correct form and technique. Must admit my fitness level is not at a position wherein I could do Level 10 with correct form and technique. I am SUPER PROUD of myself. I sweat so much that when I came out of my room, my father asked who asked you take shower at this time of the day 😊😄👍🤣

  16. Late to the party, but 32:19. At least I didn't quit. Gonna try this daily (and quicker), as I report to OCS in 3.5 weeks.

  17. This excersize has been awesome. Ive altered a few. Heres my perfect HIIT exersize that has changed my life.

    10sets 12reps each. push ups every burpee for all but first set

    1squat thrust
    2chest to ground
    3squat thrust jax chest to ground
    4side kickthrough
    5squat thrust squat
    6angry mule (plus push with just hands lifting off ground to land back on feet, makes it super intense)
    7single leg mountain climbers (alternate leg each burpee)
    8chop and hop(but instead of single leg, do 4 side to side jumps before the chop)
    9squat to skii to chest to ground
    10squat to mountainclimber chest to ground

    This has changed my life. Ive been doing this at least once a week for almost a year and am extremely happy with the results.
    In total it takes between 20-30min. 10min total time doing burpees 1 min each set, and 1-2min rest between. If i can get to the next in 30sec good but some times by the end im heaving for 2min.

    I took out the triple skyfalls because my skateboarders knees crack and pop on it, and took out the single arm get up because i don't like the rolling stess on my lower back at the end of the whole gruelling routine.

    Thank you Jeff for your awesome advice not just here but all around. You videos consistantly help me to train smarter and safer

  18. Plot twist: Jeff is a machine. Clearly, there is no movement compensation. Although he fakes to lie down after workout just to look more human like.

  19. About 5 mins in , i accidentally Burpeed in my pants ! Lol aside from shitting myself , it was a great workout ! I might make the full ten if I keep working on it .

  20. Thank you Jeff, Tried this one and saw results the day after !! Easily most reliable and most trustworthy fitness account on YT

  21. I can only make it to triple skyfalls,my hands already shaking pretty bad and i cant push my body. Real killer. You are the man. Salute

  22. 3:53 performing at any pace slower than this is actually killing your gains.

    Note: Jeff is not in fast forward

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