if you’re doing intermittent fasting but
you’re not losing weight you feel like you’re doing all the right things you
might be making certain mistakes that’s actually causing you not to lose weight
and that can get really frustrating real fast because you feel like you’re left
in the dark and you’re just looking for answers listen there are rules to fat
loss there are rules to intermittent fasting and because there are rules
mistakes are bound to happen that’s why some people get amazing results from it
while other people struggle to get that scale moving and in this video I’m gonna
show you the top ten mistakes people make when intermittent fasting because
it’s always good to learn from your mistakes but it’s even better if you can
learn from other people’s mistakes all right let’s dive in what’s going on
guys Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.com if you’re
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to get notified every time I post a new video every week okay mistake number one
and let’s start with a low-hanging fruit you’re eating too much carbs. I’m gonna
level with you on this because some people are metabolically flexible enough
to be able to tolerate some carbs in their diet it really depends what your
goals are where you’re at and what kind of intermittent fasting schedule you
follow but I’m gonna assume that you’re coming at this and your goal is
weight loss and you have a lot of weight to lose if that’s where you’re at, your
lowest hanging fruit is by limiting your carb intake. So a lot of people with a
lot of weight to lose you know they’re overweight or maybe they’re even obese
they all suffer from some level of insulin resistance which is then the
precursor to metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome is an
all-encompassing term for diabetes obesity and cardiovascular disease it
all stems from insulin resistance that’s why intermittent fasting is
incredibly powerful when it comes to reversing metabolic syndrome because it
moderates your insulin levels and again insulin is what controls your body
weight and your job if you want to lose weight is to moderate the insulin
response from the foods that you eat when you’re not fasting. And out of all
three macronutrients, carbs, especially refined carbs and sugar spike the
hormone insulin the most. So if you’re doing intermittent fasting right now but
you’re not losing weight, step number one is to reduce your carb intake and if you
have a lot of resistance when it comes to doing this I totally understand. I
struggled with limiting my carb intake for the longest time. I also struggled
with losing weight. So you just need to be brutally honest
with yourself with where you’re at and where you want to be. And think about it
this way. If you have that much attachment to food,
you’re probably addicted to it. Which means that you need to take back some of
that control over that food and it starts by limiting your consumption of
it number two you’re eating too much protein as I mentioned earlier carbs
spike your insulin the most but protein can be insulinogenic as well. Now I’m
not saying that you need to severely limit your protein intake because your
body needs essential amino acids as a building block to build muscle mass but
we are severely overproteinized as a society and the biggest offenders of
this are protein powders because whey and casein which is what protein powders
are made out of are extremely insulinogenic because they’re highly
processed my general rule for protein is this. Don’t drink your protein. Eat it. For
the average person eating just two meals a 4 ounce serving of protein should
suffice remember you only need 0.7 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass
if you do a little math that’s really not a lot which means that you never have to
supplement with protein powders unless you’re a professional athlete who trains
all day number three you’re eating too much fat. Listen, I’m a big proponent of
the high fat low carb moderate protein diet because it’s the best diet to
moderate your insulin levels. Having said that some people take the high fat part
of that diet a little bit too far listen eating fat isn’t bad for you especially
if it’s healthy fats but if you eat too much. If you eat too much fat bombs or
keto bombs or you’re eating nuts from the bag or you’re eating blocks of
cheese, then your body still has to process all those calories. You just have
to think about it this way. You can either burn fats from the foods that
you eat or your own body fat and if you have excess body fat to lose, wouldn’t
you rather burn that instead? number four you’re eating too much and this is kind
of a summary of the first three mistakes that I mentioned in that calories in
versus calories out still matters but only once you’ve moderated your insulin
levels. For example if you’re doing a 16/8 fast and you’re still eating a lot
of snacks in between meals because an eight hour eating window is still a lot
of time to eat a lot of food. For example you drizzle everything with olive oil
you’re snacking too much on cheese nuts and low carb crackers or you’re making
every low carb dessert that you find then you’re not really giving your
body any reason to tap into your fat stores for energy your body will just be
happy to burn all the calories from the foods that you’re eating listen you
still need to be in a calorie deficit if you want to lose excess body fat that
statement will always be true but again it’ll only work once you’ve moderated
your insulin levels number five you’re not eating enough food I know I sound
like I’m contradicting myself here but hear me out
this is the opposite of the last mistake in that you’re eating too little and I
want to build on the calorie deficit point that I made in that if you go on
too big of a calorie deficit that’s gonna have a negative effect on your
body and your body is gonna start slowing down your metabolism and nothing
stops weight-loss progress faster than a reduced metabolism and that is something
that you don’t ever want to happen and a lot of people fall into this trap right
in that they’re already fasting and they think that it’s gonna work faster
if they diet on top of it. You don’t want to do that. That’s crash dieter mentality.
You want to make sure that you’re eating to satiety when you’re doing
intermittent fasting you want to be hitting your daily protein requirement
you want to be eating nutrient-dense foods you want to fill up on green leafy
vegetables and you still want to get all your fat soluble nutrients and just let
intermittent fasting burn body fat when you’re not eating you don’t want to be
absolutely miserable when you do this I want you to delay but don’t deny number
six you’re not tracking your food I know this sounds kind of tedious especially
if you’ve never done it before but here’s the thing you can’t control what
you can’t measure and I use a free app called MyFitnessPal to track my food
and my macros and I have a separate video teaching you how to use it if you
want to know more about it because it’s extremely important to track your food
or at least to just have an idea because there’s a world of difference between a
proper tablespoon of peanut butter for example versus a spoonful. Little things
like that done repeatedly add up big-time
and again this just goes back to you having a free-for-all eating nuts out of
the bag or having blocks of cheese or you not knowing what a 4 ounce
serving of protein looks like the whole point of this is that it’s not a
free-for-all just because something is labeled to be healthy you need to pay
attention to what goes in your body and here’s
thing you only need to do this honestly a couple of times once you have an idea
of how much food you should actually be eating then you don’t need to do it as
often number seven you’re relying too much on crutches I’m
talking specifically about artificial sweeteners and this includes stevia or
drinking diet sodas or zero calorie drinks listen a lot of people are
extremely addicted to sugar I know this because I used to be one of them and
when I was just starting out I was still using artificial sweeteners including
stevia as sort of a crutch and I got to a point where I hit the dreaded
weight-loss plateau even though I was doing intermittent fasting. And the
moment I took artificial sweeteners out of my diet was the moment where I got
the results that I wanted and time and time again I also see this happen to all
my students the moment they gave up artificial sweeteners was when they
really started getting amazing results here’s why artificial sweeteners and
this includes stevia again hold you back from losing weight and there are
multiple studies that prove this. It triggers the cephalic response in your
body in that anytime you put something sweet in your mouth and yes that
includes artificial sweeteners and it doesn’t matter if it comes from natural
sources like stevia your brain lights up like a Christmas tree and it will send a
signal to your pancreas to start producing insulin because your brain
thinks that there’s food coming in because it just tasted something
sweet but there’s no food coming in so your brain gets confused so it sends
even stronger signals that you need to eat something
you’re inadvertently breaking your fast when you take artificial sweeteners when
you take stevia that’s why the idea of diet soda or a zero calorie drink is one
of the biggest lies in the fitness industry but again I’m gonna level with
you on this you can have some stevia when you’re just starting out but you
need to take the high quality stuff not the cheap variety that you can get at
your local coffee shop but again I want you to use it more as a training wheel
but eventually you’ll just want to go without it completely especially if you’ve
hit a weight-loss plateau number eight you’re going from zero to a hundred and
this is a big rookie mistake that a lot of people make is that they go at it way
too fast but they’re not fat adapted yet they’re not metabolically flexible and
this can actually start working against you because you’re constantly triggering
your body’s fight or flight response and we’ll talk about that in a second
and it leads to two things A) you’re miserable and B) it can lead to binge
eating and I think we’ve all been there before because here’s the thing you’re
not a light switch you’re more like a radio knob which means that if you’re at
a 10 you need to bring your level down to a nine first and then an eight and
then a seven and so on again there are levels to this instead of focusing on
going from zero to 100 just focus on going from zero to one
number nine you’re not working out listen it’s entirely possible to lose
weight without exercise one of my students was able to achieve this she
lost 25 pounds in six months without exercise but that was because she was
dealing with some injuries but after that she started working out and she got
even better results the point that I’m trying to make here is that you cannot
go through life and expect to lose weight and be healthy
without exercising having said that there’s a right way and a wrong way to
do it and a majority of people do it the wrong way now I have a separate video
talking about what the best exercise is for fat loss so you should check that
out but all you need to know about exercise is you don’t want to fall into
the trap of doing chronic cardio patterns where you’re doing workouts
that are a little bit too hard and too frequently I’m talking about workouts
where you’re spending countless hours at the gym just on your favorite cardio
machine and it’s a near-death experience every time because when you do that
you’re constantly triggering the fight-or-flight response in your body
which results in chronically high cortisol levels and I’m gonna explain
why that’s important next. Instead, you want to focus on doing resistance
training like lifting weights and you want to focus on high intensity interval
training style workouts coupled with low intensity cardio workouts and if you
want a proven step-by-step plan on how to do this then make sure you check out
my lean body blueprint 21-day weight-loss challenge. All you need to
know is that focusing on the aforementioned ways of exercise triggers a big growth
hormone response in your body intermittent fasting also triggers a
growth hormone response. A 24-hour fast for example has been shown to increase your
growth hormones like up to a hundred eighty percent from the baseline and
this is something that you want to happen because growth hormones has a lot
of beneficial effects in your body like increased exercise capacity, improved bone
density, it builds muscle mass, it increases your metabolism, and it’s a generally
recognized anti-aging hormone so if you exercise while fasted you amplify those
benefits just remember that fasting is for fat loss exercise is for building
muscle you want both number 10 you’re chronically stressed and I’ve mentioned
this a couple times already so let’s talk about it
chronically high stress levels is a major killer of your weight loss
progress when you’re intermittent fasting and it can come from different
forms whether you’re doing daily workouts that are too stressful again
you’re doing chronic cardio patterns or you’re dealing with too much stress in
your daily life if you’re chronically stressed you’re gonna trigger cortisol
which is your stress hormone so that’s your fight-or-flight response
so your body then floods your system with glucose. It’s usable energy because it
thinks that you’re about to fight a bear or run away from it but if you’re
chronically stressed and this is where it gets bad you always have glucose in
your system so now your body has to produce insulin as a response to this
which means that if you have chronically high cortisol levels because you’re
stressed too much you also have chronically high insulin
levels and chronically high insulin levels leads to insulin resistance and
insulin resistance opens up Pandora’s Box to diabetes obesity and
cardiovascular disease again this is called metabolic syndrome
number 11 I’m gonna give you a bonus one because this is another secret killer of
your weight loss progress when you’re doing intermittent fasting and it’s the
lack of getting adequate and quality sleep every night listen we sleep for
about a third of our lives and there’s a reason why we evolved that way and lack
of sleep messes with important fat loss hormones like cortisol which is again is
your stress hormone it messes with ghrelin which is your hunger hormone and
leptin which is the hormone that signals your brain that you’re full
it also affects the amygdala which is the reward center of your brain so
you’re just way more susceptible to temptations those hormones and your body
in general just doesn’t work the same way when you’re sleep-deprived causing
you to feel hungrier and just crave the worst food like nobody wakes up from a
late night out and says man I’m really craving broccoli no like everyone just
craves McDonald’s for example for example there’s one research that shows
that when participants cut back on sleep over a 14 day period the amount of fat
they lost dropped by 55% and there are tons of other research out there
that shows what lack of sleep does your body and they all constantly show one
thing the less you sleep the more you weigh listen
mistakes are bound to happen that’s just part of life and if you avoid all the
intermittent fasting mistakes I mentioned in this video you’re gonna
give yourself a real fighting chance when it comes to losing all your
stubborn weight the next question then becomes how are you actually supposed to
eat if you want to lose weight because here’s the thing 80% of your body
composition is determined by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do you
have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give you
a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat around
my stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours at
the gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically designed for busy
professionals and it’s the exact same blueprint that I teach to all my private
coaching clients and they’ve all gone to see some amazing results if you want to
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  1. 10 intermittent fasting mistakes that are preventing you from losing weight. Let me know your thoughts below!
    ➡ FREE DOWNLOAD: Get the Lean Body Blueprint here: https://www.newbiefitnessacademy.com/blueprint/

  2. I am 400 pounds doing 16/8 for three weeks now have seen changes in my body but not reallly weight loss yet any helpful hints?

  3. Eating too many carbs. Insulin resistance.
    Eating too much protein. Too processed in powders.
    Eating too much fat. Even the good fats.
    Eating too much. Calories in versus calories out still applies.
    Not eating enough food. Too big a calorie deficit. Eat to satiety.
    Not tracking. Tract food to avoid a free for all.
    Still relying on crutches. Too much use of artificial sweeteners. Signals the brain.
    Going from 0 to 100. Not fat adapted or metabolic adapted. Go gradually.
    Not working out. Do exercise the right way. Weights and HIIT.
    Chronically stressed. Stress triggers cortisol and glucose in the system, metabolic syndrome.
    Lack of quality sleep every night. Messes with hormones and reward centre of our brains.
    80 percent of our body blueprint is determined by what we put in it.

    Excellent video! Thank you! ❤️👍

  4. Eat less carbs ( eat a little portion ) , workout in a fasted state , consume less sugar ( or not at all ) and Omad and ur guarantee to lose weight

  5. Is it ok to drink flavored seltzer water. The kind I drink has no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Its carbonated water and natural flavor.

  6. The artificial sweeteners tip is huuuge! Fasting clean of not only all calories, but all sweet things is so critical!! I'm so happy I found your channel! I'm on a weight loss journey (down 30 pounds!) but I've been plateauing for a little while so I was looking for inspiration! I'm subscribing to your channel and ringing the notification bell! Great tips!

  7. All good points! I also liked the fact you did not diss fruit as part of it. The one thing that people do not talk about enough though is that a person who is a type 2 diabetic or even pre diabetic could have serious issues with their metabolism at the start of any diet plan. It takes a lot more work and exercise to get the metabolism functioning correctly when insulin reactions are out of whack. Diabetics also can have a much more difficult time fasting (especially those that are older). OMAD for example makes it easy for me to lose weight while there are people I know that simply cannot do OMAD. We workout together and the results are amazingly different when it comes to weight loss.

  8. My wife and I have been doing "Clean Keto" for about 3yrs. We slowly got into this lifestyle. First, year was basically cutting out anything with sugar in it (Everything has sugar in it) and limiting our carbohydrates. In my case 5ft 7in male went from 170lbs to 150lbs almost effortlessly. Now as time has past and my wife's baking skills and knowledge has increased I have dropped to 139lbs. So overall I have lost 31lbs without any real exercise. INTERMITTENT FAST….SEEMS LIKE WE HAVE BEEN PRACTING IT WITHOUT KNOWING…WE finish dinner at 5pm and DO NOT EAT again until breakfast which is roughly 8am….so bingo that's a 15HR FAST.
    Exactly one month ago we started training at gym 3 times per week. My strength obviiously due to weight loss it not what it use to be however I am seeing AMAZING results in body definition already. Also I randomly jog whenever in the mood , which usually pans out to once a week. I now seem to be able to do 4 1/2 to 5 mile runs effortlessly whereas before I just never really had the urge to go past 3miles.
    WELL, this is what our experience has been like…..had my bloodwork taken last week…..maybe I will post the results….you know cholesterol and all the other goodies to see how this lifestyle is or rather how my blood is reacting to the lifestyle change.

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