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  1. That dr sounds like an idiot! I’m in the uk (London) and we do have the sleeve here. Was he an old fella? 😝Thanks for your total honesty I know from this I’m no way able to cope with this due to anxiety especially that grieving process which I totally would get! I get it on a diet to no doubt a much lesser degree. Food fills more than just hunger for some of us. My pcos my age and my medication means even a liquid diet not working on me it’s very frustrating 🙁 you look amazing btw.

  2. Hi Heather! I've had the gastric bypass surgery 2014. My doctor put me on Omeprazole for life. You probably have already checked into that and I'm surprised that your doctor did not put you on it, also. I take it every morning and I rarely get heartburn.
    One thing that the surgery opened my eyes to is, just how Much food is served in homes & restaurants! Good Lord!!!! They serve portions enough for 4 people! No wonder let's say, Americans, are so overweight! Fast-food is in commercials is EVERYWHERE. You're drive by it, it's in every other TV commercial, radio, every event you go to like movies, every sports event, you name it! Even after funerals.
    Come on!!! Your mind is bombarded with it and people never notice it, because it's a way of life. You could be watching, My 600 lb life…. & There's a stupid pizza commercial on! WHAT? Lol
    We can go on and on. Just don't let it consume you. Just live your life Heather. We can't change other people. Just ourselves. Try not to mention what other people are eating or you'll lose friends as even I have… Because of food. What? Sounds crazy, I know, but true.
    I hope this made some sense, as I'm writing this very early in the morning & my brain isn't working quite up to par, haha.
    You do look great & you do have a neck now, haha.
    Many hugs & good wishes from a lady in Texas!

  3. Awesome and very informative! I can't imagine what you have gone through but I have suffered with yoyo weight issues. Now that I have lost the weight I want and maintained it for over a year I still struggle with seeing myself as fat and not the thinner me. Which I'm sure this would be a problem with those who have had this surgery. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you so much for putting everything on the table!! This really makes people open their eyes and know the real deal about it!! I LOVE YOUR HONESTY, BUT THEN I HAVE ALWAYS HAVE LOVED YOU FOR THAT REASON!! HEATHER YOU ARE ONE SPECIAL LADY!! You my Dear Sweet Friend have been through a battle, but you are a strong lady, and have taken those punches on the chin so to speak, and believe me it has to be tough!! You are such an inspiration in so many ways! Heather I Thank you for you loving me and others enough to tell us your real story!! Love you forever my precious HONEST FRIEND!! XOXOXO

  5. Hear, hear! You are oh so right. Anyone contemplating any kind of “weight loss surgery” needs to be aware of the fact that it is not like waving a magic wand. It like everything else takes sacrifice and determination! Bravo, Heather! You do look FAB-U-LOUS! Bless you. Love and Hugs, Mary 😍🤗

  6. I was wondering when you might give an update. Thank you for telling your personal journey with this surgery. I had but one question you didn't address (or I don't remember your saying) The question(s) are, did you have any counseling / therapy before the procedure with referrals to patients who have undergone the surgery and spoken also to people who have used your particular surgeon? And one other inquiry, Did the surgeon choose how much to remove or was it a mutual decision? You needn't answer until your next update. Your insights on what is going to happen to living afterward with food, relationships and all that entails. ❤️️❤️️

  7. Heather, I had gastric bypass 13 years ago. I have kept off over 100 lbs. While I have gained a few pounds back I so not regret having it done. I feel like if I did not have it done I would be on "My 600 lb. Life" lol. I was cracking up about the gas but mine is uncontrollable at the other exit not burping. I wish it was only burping. You are totally right with all the good the bad and the ugly about gastric surgery. Love your honesty and you look great.

  8. I have noticed some peer groups reject you if you don't participate in their eating culture. Too bad because they're very nice people. Every time they assemble they must eat copiously 😊. It's just about finding people with other interests.

  9. Oh. Heather! Just when I think u can't be more real and lovable – you go and share and are so very honest with us, which I adore, and wish we lived closer. You don't personally know your viewers, but you've come into our lives and changed them for the better – forever! I am a "Cysterwigger for Life" and have been following you for years. You've given me the strength to value myself, dedicate time to me, tell me (and show me!) that I deserve to be pretty and let my freak flag fly (am a fellow A type techie myself). Because of you, I have started (and love!) my wig journey, and have also begun valuing myself as a bigger woman with a "soft jaw" and love my life more, even with Lupus and a whole other myriad health issues that have stolen my life. THANK YOU FOR BEING ONE OF THE MAJOR PEOPLE TO INFLUENCE ME TO CHANGE ALL THAT!!!! Really, youve changed my life! Seriously! As a point of further sisterhood, I totally understand where you are coming from on the social relationship with friends and food/drinking. When I gave up drinking and went vegan 7 years ago, I lost so many friends who "withered on the vine," as you say. I had so many people try to feed me meat and wine with the ubiquitous "ok, come on, just once won't hurt" diatribe, and have been turned away from. When I finally started saying no to these people. This included my alcoholic ex-husband of 20 years who didn't want me to dye my hair, wear any helper hair, no make-up or young clothes, and left me for someone more "fun." It will change, I promise. Nigel sounds like a real keeper, and your basis of deep friendship will help you as you move forward in your lives for sure. I also got a whole new batch of nondrinking, nonsmoking, vegan friends who share my goals, values, and lifestyle. Now, being in LA and Portland helps. It's the mothership combo for like-minded people, but at some point even LA wasn't as lifestyle friendly for me as Portland — so I'm moving! And yes, doctors are ignorant, arrogant, and uppety EVERYWHERE, so I get it. I've caught more air-quotes from physiciand than I can count. As in: "yes, I know you have 'Lupus,' but…." Yeah…. anyway: ROCK ON SISTAH! You are amazing and worth every minute of the struggle. I love having you to look up to in my life! Keep on keeping on, sweetie!!

  10. You should be a pre-surgery coach Heather. I love your frank way of telling it like it is. You were beautiful before weight loss, you are still just as beautiful❤️ “rigid angry marbles” 😝😂

  11. And he doesn’t have a degree in living in your body and you have a damn MD, Ph.D. Yeesch. Even at 95 lbs. I was on Prilosec.

  12. Thank you Heather for stripping it down for us and keeping it real! I very much appreciate your candor. Sincerely, Cheryl

  13. I am so glad you did this video. People need to realize this is not easy at all. You are really getting the word out there about how hard this surgery really is. Best of luck

  14. Thanks for sharing your experience, Heather! The single-most only thing that I can imagine coming close to being as time consuming and in need of unyielding dedication to managing one’s diet is purchasing a LONG human hair wig. 🙄😂❤️

  15. Great content. My sister had the surgery, and after losing 70 pounds she ignored all of the things you talk about here and gained 40 pounds back. I hope she deals with her relationship with food and gets back on track. You look terrific, by the way 🙂

  16. My Gynocologist suggested WLS a few years ago out of the blue at my yearly physical. I was taken aback because I knew I was considered "medically obese" but I really didn't consider myself morbidly obese. She asked her nurse to come discuss the surgery with me because she'd had it several years before and has kept off the weight successfully. After hearing her describe how she lives post surgery I was NOT interested. I remember thinking to myself I'll still have to eat healthy and exercise so what exactly is the surgery gonna do besides f up my normalcy with food lol. I knew myself well enough to know that if I had the power to lose the weight with WLS, I could do it without. (That's not to say for other people it's not a great tool in their fight against obesity. It's just my personal feelings for myself.) It's really hard but I've done pretty well so far and I'll be fighting this weight war the rest of my life. Thank you for being blunt and truthful about WLS and your experience! I'm so happy for your success and wish you a long healthy & happy life 💕

  17. I haven't had gastric sleeve surgery, but something you said about medical professionals not knowing what something is really struck home. I have alopecia universalis. It's an autoimmune disease. About a month ago, I had an eye exam by an ophthalmologist, who is first and foremost an MD. I gave her the heads up not to expect to see eyelashes. She asked why. I said I have AU. She asked, "Why?" I said it's an autoimmune disease. She asked, "Why?"

    I won't be going back… 😂

  18. This is such an awesome and informative video! I had no clue you could never have carbonated drinks again and have to control constipation and heartburn for the rest of your life. I already have to chill on coffee and fried foods because of heart burn and lactose because of digestion.

  19. First, I want to say thank you again. You really got me through my hair loss. It was one of these get real videos and you told me to, “Get over myself!”. I got goosebumps and cried a little. It was exactly what I needed to hear and that is what I did. I really hope even one suggestion here can help in some way. I am 6 years out from having a gastric sleeve. I can say a lot of these things get better. I do remember all this in the beginning. Your stomach does get less noisy over time. Imodium Multi-Symptom worked really well for my heartburn. Magnesium Citrate works excellent for me for keeping things moving along. I really like Calm. You can get it on Amazon and mix it with a little water. My sleeve really made me feel free from food obsession. It was and is liberating. But I didn’t really ever worry about getting enough. I just listened to my body. I was always more hungry the next day if I didn’t get the calories I needed prior. By the way, your pajama videos are always the best.

  20. HEARTBURN REMEDY= BAKING SODA WITH JUICE OR WATER. ( I take a teaspoon 2x da. I never take more than one tablespoon daily) Google this!!♡

  21. Hi Heather, I had duodenal switch surgery in 2003. It's sort of like sleeve, but the intestines are rerouted. I have found a group on FB that has helped me with my regain. If you'd like I can share the name of it with you, but I won't post unless its alright with you. The products are good, but the information and support is what helped me the most. Just let me know. BTW, you look great and I'm very happy for you. 🙂

  22. Dear Heather I thank you so much for responding to my comment and I so appreciate the truths that you displayed on this Video . It definitely had helped to prepare me for the sleeve and for the reality of the after affects on all aspects of life … BTW I love the new line of wigs you are introducing such fun.. I like the mane attraction line so cute on you..👌🤗
    Love your sence of humor awesome!!! Once again thank you. Thank you Sarah

  23. Now we want to hear how great it feels to be thin. Like walking, bending over t clean behind the washing machine. Gardening on your hands and knees. Better center of gravity and balance, better sex. Awesome feeling wearing clothes that look great. No more double chin. No bragging, just share the payoff for all the hard work you have put in. Sure I sound shallow but come on… it has to feel great. Like the girl wrote earlier, you inspire us. ☺

  24. Constipation is NOOO JOKE! I just had my sleeve on April 9th and I can guarantee you that I can count on my two hands how many times I've used the restroom and it's been over 2 months…. if I go to the restroom once a week I feel blessed!

  25. You’re one of my favorite vloggers on WLS I’ve come across on YouTube. I’m ten days post-op (full liquid stage). On 9/4 I’ll graduate to puréed/blended foods. On 9/18 I’ll graduate to soft foods. I’m going to a music festival in Southern California a month from now. What advice to you have for me in dealing with the food (which is mostly vegan) being prepped and sold there?

  26. Yes! One of my exact same symptoms! 🙋🏼 Uncontrollable gurgling coming up making its exit known! Finely! Someone that can relate to an ongoing never ending symptom. Thank you!

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