1/2 Of American Adults Obese By 2030

1/2 Of American Adults Obese By 2030

mill lancet finds that obesity will
continue to be a problem in the united states and in britain uh… they are
estimating that one hundred sixty five million people will be obese by twenty
thirty which is half of all adults in the united states okay right now there
are a hundred million people who are obese uh… in the united states and if
we don’t do anything if we don’t find policy that deals with the situation is
going to continue to be a problem in fact we’re gonna spend sixty six in
billion dollars on this problem in twenty thirty at his policy we should adopt to deal
with it shot your that could work out that i’m not aware
of kids fitted downplayed yes or a friend of mine is to say like that he
was like uh… it was a p_h_d_ soon on my car ride metabolism out of the work
is a killer wars ship them out deficit that doesn’t work if you shut
your mouth and you know people right your metabolism slows down now this is a really frustrating story
okay because you have a bunch of experts that are saying all my we gotta have
this educational campaign the same kind of thing that we had when he came to
smoking right except there are no are a million different factors that lead
intial bcd aware as with smoking if you don’t want to get lung cancer you don’t
smoke right it’s difficult to do it but there’s a very simple way of preventing
you know the implications of smoking cigarettes you just don’t smoke
cigarettes but if you know me your metabolism slows down and when you
do we because you need to know when you get back using your body hold onto that back in
the future and if you don’t we have you seen hannah’s personally uh… now it you that his explode now look here’s the problem and i know
what the problem is everybody knows it but uh… the food industry is welfare blunt about and they don’t want
people talking about a process that is the process for the use of all ourself course work at it look are we eating more than we used up
the ass right by that is in the primary problem the program that is the food
were eating so one of the things you should do obviously is as much as you can is easier said than
done go back to natural foods so i’m not
buying it or is it ok that’s part of the problem
is that i was pretty obvious for now now now it’s part of the problem but it’s
still not enough there’s something else going on apply because even if you need all the even if
you look at you know people process the sparingly is still unbelievably
difficult to keep in shape you know finding the time the exercise finding a
way to fix a physically active when many of those work these office jobs and we
don’t have treadmill desk fire who first of all kinda tend to you’re not a big step gave his life
you’re taking it like this is like that article was in the u_s_ at the end of
this is what we think of you walked i’ll show you what type of your candidates
please contact ironed out look at i’d hear you is partly desired
bodies are billed for this i mean it’s on were is suffering from something that’s cut a
little bit pas about role as a kid the baseball in the world was conger an
excellent huge huge problem but now our story because we eat too
much ride it’s like interest rates from the in a sense although ironically in
america hits that uh… the poor the hardest cas inordinate sheep they eat at fast food
which is a lot of times the worst mutiny right so i i i get all that power but and looked look that our bodies are built for prayed our bodies a bill to survival on very
little food while we get a lot of exercise running
for ’em saber toothed tigers and and advancers
rebelled against the dinosaurs ever live together but you see my partner and a so and so when we get all of us want
consular authorities decide that washington is that we can candidate for welfare diligent
accidentally seventeen days and that’s a little for or gillen’s announcement and also exercise it’s just that we’re fighting a losing battle a lot of
ways all you can do is he too healthy as you can and you don’t
try to get steady exercise it’s so difficult as on the way the wind
right and you know in this article and in a land so they say you know if you cut five hundred
calories from your diet everyday you can expect to lose about a pound a week
right first of all a pound a week is nothing saginaw in most cases that
doesn’t even happen and and third of all five hundred child five hundred calories
from your diet sulfide apparel at hotmail people whom
you way too much times are not people were a little you know meeting on the media slide andy just
wanna slimmed down a little bit and it’s like a lot more nearly fifteen hundred
calories a day coming out of five hundred dollars made out is gonna make
me go insane had any idea when that is dollars about
a week is the most frustrating thing on the
planet anyway this is now become an isr and who told they aren’t totally
unrelated it is there a better be safe and sane aristide extra five comes up was that there will be soon i think the
hamas is a busy because i’m trying to say is state in average shape which is where i’m at
right now is still unbelievably difficult identity letting it go out of
a political just a little bit before you know it in ten years are massive and i think you can i can handle in a
good day do you know understands that he does ira gershwin prophetic that that’s because the guy
who has let it go another route an issue frederick really back friday defense blaming how i feel your pain but on the outside this week two different times by characters uh… graduations cares are discussed by any carrots ok okay i’m back from onto some tiny man and i
believe of lawsuits somewhere in the neighborhood between
two and three counts of concocted you really five something like that the capital of the way uh… on my belt
that began a little loose because i do overtime for maybe another night so i
went to another night and i was really ecstatic within their mother co excellence in the state that it
didn’t like that dot dot answer but that’s ok will once upon a

64 thoughts on “1/2 Of American Adults Obese By 2030

  1. Hey there, have you heard about "Belly Fat TorchMax" (just search on Google for it …)? There you will find a helpful free video. It made it possible for Mike to get rid of his stomach fat. Hopefully it helps you as well…

  2. But carrots can be used as an easy snack. Can carry one of those wrapped in plastic instead of a chocolate bar.

  3. It's weird… Everything here in Australia is getting smaller. Pizza, burgers, drinks, everything. Yet in America, everything is getting bigger. I guess the American government want their nation to be a bunch of unhealthy, lazy pricks.

  4. Eat less but many times a day. Not 3 times a day but like 1 or 2 times a hour. Example: giant log in a burning fire will take days to burn.while little sticks burn faster so you can put more sticks in.

  5. I bike around 3 hours a day and watch what I eat. People who are obese disgust me, how can you let yourself go like that? At work, half of the people I work with are obese, not just overweight, but obese. Id surmise that 75% of the people at my job are overweight. All they do is go to Chedders fucking everyday for lunch or Taco Bell and have large fries and giant cokes at McDonalds every freaking day for lunch. And they wonder why they are fat asses.

  6. i agree, it far worse to be skinny bones! we need fat!

    And america is not the most obese country in the world, countries like China,qatar have passed america

  7. Ana is vastly exaggerating how difficult it is to lose weight.

    Here's what you do: cut grains and dairy by at least 75%. Eat a fuckload of veggies, some meat for protein (not mandatory, vegans can work around this), fats (oils, nuts, flax etc.) for energy, and fruit sparingly. You don't need exercise for weight loss but it helps body recomposition – do sprints and resistance training 2-4 times a week if you want to get ripped. Cardio for weight loss is a waste of time.

    You will lose weight.

  8. the fuk it doesnt. large fat storages = unhealthy. specially when you eat shti to get large fat cells, the poison you ate is stored in the fat cells. saying your fat but healthy is like saying sky diving isnt falling

  9. Yes but the difference is that the Japanese food system is not working against them. The Japanese System pushes healthy traditional Japanese foods. In all actuality though Japan's obesity rate is actually rapidly increasing as more American Food Industries are going abroad more specifically fast food industries going abroad. The American Food System pushes low cost high fat foods all for money and makes it extremely expensive to eat healthy.

  10. I work in a professional office setting and I get up at 4 am in the morning to exercise before work. I hear Ana's point that it's tough and it's hard to find time, but that is such a poor excuse. So what, it's difficult to live healthy. That doesn't mean it's impossible.

  11. the government has no right to legally take away your right on what you put in your body. honestly I'd be in favor of installing gyms in public libraries, this would definitely increase the amount of fitness and stimulate the use of libraries.

  12. Ana has body image issues. Can we all just agree on that? 1 lb per week in weight loss is fine and completely sane and healthy and fresh carrots are not disgusting.

  13. "Finding the time to exercise" I work a 12 hour day, go to college, and I still workout two to three times a day. The core of the obesity issue, is three fold. Lack of exercise, Lack of discipline, and Lack of motivation.

  14. in 2050 we have 20 billion(!) people who are obese the USA?? in 2050 we will have approximately 9.6 billion people on earth! Is this show meant serious in america? they want to sound like experts, but they only repeat phrases they don't really understand. This is stupid!

  15. I agree. She`s talking about how people don't have time but you have make time for it. Make it part of your daily routine

  16. It's not difficult to stay in shape in America. I'm living in Japan now and actually find it harder to stay in shape here. America has a gym on every corner for reasonable membership prices, and healthy food options are always available. Japanese food is starchy carb heavy with low protein, and gyms are substandard and over 100 dollars a month.

  17. cutting 500 calories is not that hard. 1) cut calorie containing liquids. Only drink water, diet, black coffee, or lemony fruity water. 2) eat 1 less snack bag of chips
    3) take a leisurely walk around the mall for 20 minutes

  18. Maybe if gyms weren't so expensive a lot more people would exercise. (Honestly, many people would rather run on a tread mill than a 400m track.)

  19. I don't agree with Anna's rant at all. She's reciting a lot of pseudoscience about 'starvation mode' which has been consistently proven false. As someone who's never been close to overweight, it hasn't ever been remotely difficult to sustain it, because I simply don't eat that much. What's more, the nutrients in healthy food MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER, carrotts are DELICIOUS and candy has never been what it's cracked up to be.

  20. I visited America a few years back on a skiing holiday and I was amazed at the huge portions of food served at restaurants. I ordered a roast chicken meal that cost 18 us dollars and there was  a huge mountain of fries . the chicken was covered in thick  sauce and there was a huge pile of corn and greens. ok the greens was healthy but t I estimate the calories of that meal was at least 1600 calories and that  is not including the free soft drinks.

  21. "Carrots are disgusting…"

    Is this type of mentality that is destroying the health of the USA and it is very surprising hear this from you Ana…
    Really disappointed… You should be unbiased and spread the word for better food habits.
    Carrots are not disgusting and you can not talk for everyone but I don't blame you for your mentality, I blame your government and parents.

  22. The only way to lose weight is eat less, it's not going to be easy as your body does slow down the rate it processes food, but it's the only way.
    An easy way to eat less is cut out all the snacks, but keep your main meals, just reduce the portions slightly (using slightly smaller plates so it doesn't look less is a useful mind trick)

  23. Um actually, it is not that difficult to lose weight and keep it off. You just need to make it an obsession. In a week most people can drop from 1 to 5 pounds, it is a matter of counting calories and knowing how much energy you expend versus the energy you take in. A very basic principal.

    Average man in 1930 weighed 155 lbs, in 2030 he will scale 210 pounds. 50 pounds gain in 1 century has never occurred in any other culture on earth that I am aware. Diabetes and hypertension, and other maladies will greatly increase if this trend is not decreased.

  24. I'm not gonna be fat, nor will my future children. I'll for a them to play sports (soccer because my whole family plays it and loves it) If they don't wanna play sports that can take dance classes or do yoga. and they will all eat their veggies. If they don't like many veggies like me they drink the V8 juice.. that stuff if amazing and that's the only I'll eat some veggies.

  25. To Ana yes being overweight is unhealthy. A extra five to ten pounds can be okay in fact it's sexy enjoy life and have fun.

  26. Meat and dairy are the problem. I don't know why everyone is so confused about what's making us fat. Just look at our body weights compared to countries that eat primarily a plant/starch based diets.

  27. Why is she complaining…I work for 10 hours every day and still find a way to exercise and eat healthy food…for the past 5 years… it's in Ur mind…

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