🚫8-HABITS‼ To Prevent WEIGHT GAIN [🇬🇧EN 🇨🇵FR 🇮🇩ID~sub/cc]

🚫8-HABITS‼ To Prevent WEIGHT GAIN [🇬🇧EN 🇨🇵FR 🇮🇩ID~sub/cc]

Hello guys! So pleased to see you again.
If you’re new, click on this icon and please subscribe to my channel. If you like this
video, click the thumb up and share it to those in need. You can also download this video for yourself (in YouTube), so you can watch it over and over again. Well, this video is important to
support my weight loss tips in my first video. Have you watched it? Habit number one. Eating from big plate or bowl. Well, we tend to fulfill our plate or bowl with the served food or dishes. Now, let’s imagine. There are two bowls on the table, big and small. We’re gonna fill them up with oatmeal. Of course,
oatmeal in the bigger bowl is more. It means there are more calories in it. So,
speaking of deficit calories. If we want to maintain the same deficit calories amount,
once we have more calories intake, for consequence, we have to burn more
calories. It means, we need to be more active. Whether more walking or running,
cycling or swimming. Whatever we can do to burn more calories.
Are you ready for that? If so, well, just do it! But, I suggest you
to eat from the smaller plate or bowl to control the calories intake. Habit number two. Put the carbohydrate in the
first order on the empty plate or bowl. Especially for the Asian like Indonesian. Well,
we usually or normally, we take the rice first and then we take the meat and then
continue with the vegetables. So, I suggest you to first take less amount
of the carbohydrate or just skip it. Or, the best thing is you take the meat the
vegetable first, then you take the rice, or the noodles, or pasta, or whatever
carbohydrate served. Well, it will help you to keep the consumption of carbohydrate low. Habit number three. Drink water after eating. In my previous video I’ve
already explained that water is good for hydration. It helps me feel full and
control my hunger. Therefore, I suggest you to take two glasses of water before
enjoying your meal. You’ll feel full and you won’t eat a lot. Habit number four. You hate vegetables,
and eat less fruits. Guys! Vegetable is rich of fiber. We need fiber for our digestion. I know some people think that they can
replace it with supplement. But I prefer to consume natural resource like vegetable
or fruit, to herbal supplement. Well, what about you now? Habit number five. You love to wear
oversized clothes or dress. Oversized clothes makes us over comfortable. Because,
well, there’s still more space to fill. Well, we won’t realize when we gain more,
little by little. So, remember! Wear clothes on your (ideal body) size. So, when you start to feel
tighten, it’s time to watch your diet. Habit number six. You love to wear black (clothes).
I used to. Remember the iconic photo I show you in the first video? Yes. The one
when I weighed about 60 kilogram. Black makes me feel skinnier. But because I wore it oftentimes, I didn’t realize when I gained more. So, be careful! I suggest you
to wear more, lighter color (clothes/dress), so when your body look fuller, you’ll realize, or you’ll
be alerted to watch your diet. Habit number seven. There’s always
another tomorrow. Or, well, “I’ll start it by tomorrow.”
Come on! Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!
Yeah! The more you delay your diet plan, the closer you are to the failure. Trust
me! Habit number eight. Teasing from family or friend. Well, remember, the
success key of my diet plan? One, commitment. Two, self-discipline. You got to stick to it! You must be resistant to all teasing
from family or friend. For example, they buy pizza for dinner.
And then, well, you say, “I’m sorry, I only take…” Let’s say, “…oatmeal.” And then they will say, “Oh, c’mon! Just one bite. It won’t break your diet.” Or, “Please. Everybody eats it.
Don’t makes us feel bad, just because you look skinny and we all look horrible like
a big giant monster!” Hmm, ignore it! Don’t be bothered with that! Once, you commit to your
diet plan, remember! Don’t fall of the wagon!
Keep on track until you reach your weight loss goal! Well, guys! I’m gonna wrap them up for
your kind reminder. Let’s get started! One, eat from smaller plate or bowl.
Two, don’t take carbohydrate as your first order on your empty plate. Three, drink
two glasses of water before enjoying your meal. Four, consume vegetable. Five,
don’t wear oversized clothes very often. Six, don’t wear black (clothes) or any dark color
too often. Seven, don’t say tomorrow but Now! Eight, ignore teasing from family
or relatives. Yes, they love you, but you got to love your body more. Ok, that’s it.
I know you can do it. Good Luck!

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  1. Speaking of #WeightGain, I bring up this issue because I believe most of us tend to blame on eating disorder, junk food, and less #exercise. In this video, I invite you too see the other habits or #lifestyle that give contributions to body weight gain. Disregarding these habits, your #WeightLoss progress may work slowly.
    Do you have different opinion? Let's discuss it.

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